April 22nd Council Meeting Council Corner Wrap up

This episode includes some brief commentary and public comments. We also have a slide show of pictures of the protest from our own Local Photography Wiz Jennifer Smith.

So strap yourself in and hang on as we go down the rabbit hole one more time.

Editors Note:Please notice that not one of the speakers violated the 3 minute rule.

Unlike the Mayor Janet Hernandez who when she last spoke at the last County Commission meeting, to which she was not invited, ignored the County Chairman and rambled for minutes over the 3 minutes even after being asked to wrap it up. In that diatribe she blamed the Commission for being racists. What about CIVILITY madame Mayor? – Editor – TAM


Will You Be At The Rally?

Let us know if you will be at the Rally Tonight in front of Village Hall.

Printable Flyer for information about Rally

Flyers we have seen indicate a call to action for people to arrive at 5:30PM so the Council Members can take the opportunity and mingle with the crowd to get their thoughts.

Indiantown Fire Rescue FAQ Answers and Analysis – (Part One of Four)

This is part one of a four part exclusive TONY Z SPECIAL


Editors Comments: When The First Mayor of Indiantown called and let us know that she was “arranging to discuss the fire rescue proposal with Martin County Fire Rescues Chief and wondered if would like to go along?”

Well you can imagine our response.

The following is part one of a four part series that we will be bringing you exclusively from our own Tony Z.  Our thanks to Martin County Fire Rescue and the professionals that explained the in’s and out’s of a very emotional topic, your safety.

We need to mention the dedication to the TRUTH that is exhibited by Ms. Gibbs-Thomas in her role as an elected Servant of the people. Her effort to learn and make decisions in the peoples interest is the way this is supposed to work. Information from one side only is never good. Especially if we swallow it hook line and sinker.

The efforts towards exposure of the facts should never be considered political, racial or anything other than just that, fact finding. Let the truth speak for itself and the politics of nature will take it from there.  Editor ~ TAM

Wow They May Actually Be Listening

This is one of if not the very first exposes on the Village that TAM did on Indiantown several months back.

As it turns out the Council will actually be considering some form of a model that sources close to the TAM tell us has similarity. So, let’s see what they come up with. In the meantime here is a refresher on what we are talking about.

Well like we have said many of times, the seeds you plant today will be the fruit you bare in the future.