45 Million @ stake with Commission vote

Martin County is considering a Request For Proposal (RFP)  for garbage hauling and they need to hear from you.

Let your voice be heard

The RFP effects all unincorporated parts of Martin county as well as the Village of Indiantown and Sewells Point.

This item is scheduled to be on the Sept. 15th agenda.

You actually pay a whole lot more than the numbers below. The county has an abnormally large Franchise / Administrative fee they charge us to have a third party take care of everything. We are working on a larger article based on this fact. For now though. We need to save some money. hard economic times are on the horizon and we need our money more than the government does.

So here is your chance – make your voice heard with hundreds of others – take a stand – make a difference with us.

By the Numbers

Residential Rates:

As a property owner your Current Residential Rate: $16.08 per month for garbage pickup.

Waste Managements proposed rate: $21.87 per month (36.01% increase)

FCC proposed rate: $16.29 per month. (1.31% increase)

Commercial Rates:

Current Commercial Rate: $11.83 per C.Y.

WM proposed rate: $16.15 per C.Y. (36.52% increase)

FCC proposed rate: $12.70 per CY. (7.35% increase)

So we are going with FCC?

FCC was ranked #1 by County staff in qualifications/service and price

FCC along with WM are both top 5 Waste companies in the world. Either one is qualified.

FCC will have more trucks and personnel

FCC will save taxpayers $45m over the 8 year contract. 

Of the proposals, the current provider was the most expensive.

Martin County Administrator states in the 2021 budget that COVID has resulted in revenue shortfalls and a downturn in the economy causing great future uncertainty. The current provider has been a good local corporate citizen supporting many organizations. FCC is committed to doing the same.

FCC is the largest waste hauler in unincorporated Palm Beach County with an excellent and proven track record . If it was a couple of percent difference in price, that’s one thing but it’s 36%, $5m to $6m annually or $45m over the life of the contract. FCC will provide same great service, use local employees with huge cost savings. Commissioners need to hear from the Voters.

The Commissioners work for We The People



SGT Releases video on voting for Mayor

People have been asking why they do not get to vote for Mayor. Well you can, but you have to change the way your Village Charter is written in order to do so.

The First Mayor of Indiantown Explains in the video below.

Would you like to send an e-mail to the Council Members and let them know who you want as Mayor? Well You can.  After you watch the video vote for who you want as the next Mayor of Indiantown. Then tell the Council who you want by sending an e-mail to them from below.


Send an E-mail to all the Council and tell them who you want as Mayor



New Citizen Helpline

Talk About Martin is pleased to announce our latest addition to your Citizens Horn section.

Do you see something that seems not quite right about your local government and think others need to know too? Well drop a confidential communique  here and we will look at it with you.

If you are not getting response from your Elected or the system, let us know. We will see what can be done to assist a neighbor.

Check out our new Citizen Hotline

The roots in America

J 69 IS


1st Session

S. J. RES. 69

Providing for the United States to assume a strong leadership role in implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit by developing a national strategy to implement Agenda 21 and other Earth Summit agreements through domestic policy and foreign policy, by cooperating with all countries to identify and initiate further agreements to protect the global environment, and by supporting and participating in the high-level United Nations Sustainable Development Commission.


March 24 (legislative day, MARCH 3), 1993

Mr. PELL (for himself, Mr. CHAFEE, Mr. KERRY, and Mr. WELLSTONE) introduced the following joint resolution; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.


Providing for the United States to assume a strong leadership role in implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit by developing a national strategy to implement Agenda 21 and other Earth Summit agreements through domestic policy and foreign policy, by cooperating with all countries to identify and initiate further agreements to protect the global environment, and by supporting and participating in the high-level United Nations Sustainable Development Commission.

From BlnNews: 24 April 13 – Twenty-one years ago, after George Bush Sr. signed onto the Rio Accords adopting Agenda 21, this nightmare began in our nation.  That was close to the end of his Presidency.  As soon as Clinton came in, he doubled down on Agenda 21, creating the President’s Council on Sustainable Development by Executive Order.  The Federal government agencies were then directed to implement Agenda 21 throughout their policies.

The American Planning Association was given millions to create a “Legislative Guidebook” called “Growing Smart,” all based on Agenda 21 policies.  When George Bush Jr. came in, the agencies continued on their march to use Federal money to control the entire United States through these UN directed global planning initiatives.  In spite of all of the terrorism and the ensuing wars, Bush and Congress just kept right on feeding Federal money to implement Agenda 21 across the nation.

Then, Obama was elected in 2008.  What happens?  Obama quadrupled the efforts.  He created the “Sustainable Communities Initiatives” grant program through HUD.  Not satisfied that would do it, he then created “The Sustainable Communities Partnership,” tying the EPA, Fed DOT, and HUD together so that all environmental, housing, and transportation programs laser focused on federally controlling every major population area of the United States.  Not satisfied yet, Obama then created the White House Rural Council.  This time, he figured he would capture all of the rest of the more rural and open land of the United States and bury those areas under the same Agenda 21 policies.

If you gain nothing else from this information, please realize that both parties are responsible for directing our nation’s laws and regulations to comply with the United Nations’ Agenda 21 Doctrine.

No treaty was signed.  The American people were not told.  The media did not announce any of this.  To this day, the media, for all intents and purposes, mocks those of us who expose this and denies there is any such thing as Agenda 21 within the United States of America.

<<full article here>>

In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Oceans Blue

And so we arrive at the stark truth – there is no running or hiding from the future.

It is the task of free citizens to take a hold of the emerging new technologies into their own hands, for their own purposes: to live in society that acts towards human freedom and dignity of the soul. A world where our small children can grow up in a world without unnecessary humility or fear. A world where there is promise and hope, a promise truly justified by a real-existing society around them based upon what is true, what is beautiful, and what is good.


Oppressed v Oppressor

Why the divide When it does not exist.

What a sad world to have to be oppressed. Can you imagine living every minute of your day focused on the fact that you have been subjugated, segregated and objectified. Can you imagine spending the entire day knowing the Oppressor is just around the corner waiting to prevent every positive thing you want to do? Can you begin to understand how it feels? Do you know?

Can you imagine not being able to advance or make a positive change because the oppressor has made things so bad you can only wallow in the scraps of opportunity they throw your way.

Imagine this. Imagine being the oppressor. Imagine taking every waking minute you have to make sure a group of people are oppressed and kept in a place they do not want to be in. Imagine being so strong that your words and skin color prevent an entire group of people from ever being able to achieve anything.

What a sad place that would be.

So, are you oppressed? Really?

Mans oppression is limited to his ability to think. Oppression that is not physically binding, like a shackle or a bottle of gin, is not oppression of the world. It is oppression of the mind.

Your mind, your heart, the belief that sits upon your every second and acts as the fire to drive you in a direction of will is yours and yours alone. If you want, go forth and do. If you go forth with the attitude that every bad thing that happens to you is because another group of people are oppressing you then your world will conform to your belief and fuel. You can convince yourself of most anything. Your mind has more power than most will discover and explore.

Here is the real sad thing though. In order for a person to think that they are being oppressed by another group of people there has to be an oppressor. However, convincing yourself that groups of people are your oppressors so you can blame away your lack of functional ability to do for yourself is sad.

There are technical terms for this human phenomenon. It is considered Cognitive Dissonance.

Ask yourself a couple of self-honest questions with me.

First, do you really believe that hate for another based upon a mans skin color is born into a race of oppressors and they will always be that way?

Second, do you think that your entire race is an oppressor or the oppressed?

Third, do you call yourself a person of Christian faith? If you do and you honestly think that you are oppressed or an oppressor and that skin color is the determinant factor in your life’s station then you have some things to sort out for yourself in your own head.

The opposition to the Spirt of God by belief in false narrative will leave you with knowledge of God but it will lack the spirit of God. The dark cannot live in light. When the falseness of darkness competes for the same foundational stone of belief, the light, it will by nature alone cause internal conflict in the soul of a man.

It is never too late to learn something new. If you care as much about your world as you say you do then join us on a journey to unwrap the facts as they affect you without the bias of oppressed and oppressors. We are your neighbor.

It is time to know who you are standing with and alongside. Equally as important it is time to know why you do so. Before you choose to stand with anyone please ask yourself this.

What are the foundations of their belief?

Are they based on skin color?

Are they based on economic class?

Are they based on political party?

Do they have a bedrock foundation based on truth, justice and the American way?

Are you sure?

Life and the governance thereof are not meant to be a contact sport. The exercise of those decisions is serious and will affect the outcomes of your world for a long time to come.

So, when the Watchdog barks at your neighbor’s house, you better look out your window and see what the reason is. If you don’t, well, without the watchdog you better hope your sources are enough to keep you informed and your family safe from the dangers that threaten you day to day.

One last passing thought on this matter. As a successful, white, American Male in his 50’s I find myself having to answer honestly for myself the foundation and truth of my fundamental core principles and values. Not because I am male, white or in my 50’s. I, like you can do so because I am free of will, I am free in opportunity to fail or succeed. I am free to grow or just stay planted and never fruit.

Defense is a perimeter penetrated. The reason I have to take deep dives on my belief from time to time is because the perimeter of my beliefs is under attack. That tells me one of two things. Either I am under attack or my bedrock is not as stable as I thought.

So with a wise and enlightened self-honesty I can make a decision as to which of the causal actions are responsible for the incursion. Confirmation bias is always an easy blanket to keep honesty snugly and warm. Honesty though is not always pleasant. We need face the demons that we say threaten us and keep us from succeeding.

If I am to be called an oppressor then so be it. I know the truth; I walk in the light and am filled with a burning spirit inside me that wants nothing more than to have my piece of mind, opportunity and liberty.

Know this though. If I am to be used as false narrative so that your ideas you require to make your world whole, then I will rebuke your claims and your false narratives with a vehement passion in order to shine light on the darkness and increase the light of Liberty in my world. If that is what you call oppression, then you are wrong. I am not an oppressor. I am a liberator.