E. Thelma Waters

We are all at the place in our life today because of where we have been and what we have done. Ms. Waters path has brought her to the place she is today. A shining Star of Love and Hope. WELL DONE MS. WATERS The Newest Member of the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame  

The roots in America

J 69 IS 103d CONGRESS 1st Session S. J. RES. 69 Providing for the United States to assume a strong leadership role in implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit by developing a national strategy to implement Agenda 21 and other Earth Summit agreements through domestic policy and foreign policy, by cooperating with all […]

In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Oceans Blue

And so we arrive at the stark truth – there is no running or hiding from the future. It is the task of free citizens to take a hold of the emerging new technologies into their own hands, for their own purposes: to live in society that acts towards human freedom and dignity of the […]

Oppressed v Oppressor

Why the divide When it does not exist. What a sad world to have to be oppressed. Can you imagine living every minute of your day focused on the fact that you have been subjugated, segregated and objectified. Can you imagine spending the entire day knowing the Oppressor is just around the corner waiting to […]