Perspective is a wonderful gift.

When we couple perspective with self honesty it takes on a whole new dimension.

When we take it one step further and do not let ourselves encumber Truth, well then perspective grows on a power of magnitude for all willing to see.

This project can be thought of like a sphere. When we stand to one side of a sphere we have a very visible overview of the surface from our perspective. When others who stand from a perspective different than ours look at the same sphere , then hopefully they are able to help us see what we could not otherwise see as easily. That is as long as we are willing to look, with self honesty first. Then we are able to see more of the whole.

This project is a decentralized hub for many voices to come together and address local topics and issues, that need to be discussed, in an adult way. The filters are those of the authors. While we are selective about our contributors we do not control their views. The people you will find here are like minded, God fearing, family loving, Liberty minded people. We come from all walks of life. Our voices will be heard. No longer will we accept being told to sit down and shut up. We will no longer have to be relegated to the back bench for our belief. No, we will be heard.

The time for holding back is over. We will stand as Unapologetic Americans in defense of God, Liberty, Country and Family.

Promise Made Promise Kept
“We The People”

contact: Editor@TalkAboutMartin.com

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