All The Way – Chin Up America

Don’t Skip The Ending — Beautiful Rendition of Star Spangled Banner

Victory Boyd — “After being canceled by the NFL to perform the Anthem at the season opening game because of my Vaccination status, I decided to sing anyways.  Except this time not for the theatrics of a football game.

This time I sing for America. To remind her who she is — the land of the free and the home of the brave.

This is dedicated to anyone that has taken a stand for freedom. I stand with you.”

Thank You Young Lady !

Howard Brown & Taryn Kryzda – On The SAME PAGE?

Well sometimes reality is closer to fiction than we can expect.

It turns out the County Administrator and The Village of Indiantown Manager are on the same sheet of music. It also appears that there are a lot of people that are not to happy about what the two of them are up to.

Both Taryn and Howard are wanting to punish employees that do not receive a vaccine. How?

Simple, by rewarding the employees that do “Vax up” with monetary bonuses or  time off.

Our friends at WPTV did a short story on the topic.

Given the attention our TAM Alert system has seen on the topic.It seems that a lot of you have questions for Taryn and Howard.

Here is an excerpt of one such alert we received:

ACTION contact Governor DeSantis and tell him that Martin County employees are being discriminated against. Martin County Taryn Kryzda a County Administrator has put into place a process that segregates the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. If an employee that is vaccinated contracts covid, they will be paid sick time. If an unvaccinated employee contracts covid, they must use their vacation time. This is the very definition of the passport. Governor DeSantis struck down vaccine passports in Florida, and this policy directly defies that order.


ALERT HIM ON TWITTER @GovRonDeSantis  For additional assistance, please call the State Assistance Information Line at 800-342-3557

ACTION ALERT ……. send an email to Taryn Kryzda, County Administrator. She put into place a process that segregates the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.  If an employee that is vaccinated contracts covid, they will be paid sick time. If an unvaccinated employee contracts covid, they must use their vacation time. This practice is not only discriminatory, it is morally and ethically wrong.”

Please email Taryn Kryzda immediately her email address is

Here are few questions you have asked and we think they are worth getting answers to.

For Taryn: Can you kindly explain why our County employees are being discriminated against, and under what authority you have to do this?

For Taryn & Howard: An employee with covid is sick, regardless of their vaccine status. To punish an employee by forcing them to use vacation pay if they contract covid is reprehensible. And, it further illuminates that the shot isn’t effective; if it was, the vaccinated employee wouldn’t have to get paid sick time.

The vaccine does not insure lack of transmission, or prevent death. The Vaccines do not even guarantee with any certainty that you will be immune. Besides that, there are serious medical side effects that have taken the life of people.

By not receiving the Vax, I am on a near equal par statistically with the vax’d up crowd and I do not need to worry about the potential side effects of the Vax’d. I know of persons who were in a similar situation of peer pressure as well as employer incentive to “vax up”. Now they are dead.

With that said, the question is, are you willing and ready to take full responsibility for the death of an Employee because they decided the extra money and time would benefit them should they die as a side effect?

For Taryn and Howard: Are your governments prepared for their deaths from a liability standpoint?

Taryn and Howard: It is interesting to learn that the County and The Village has the ability to find out the vaccine status of an employee. That is the very definition of the passport. Governor DeSantis struck down vaccine passports in Florida, and this policy directly defies that order. How do plan on determining the vax status unless you require medical information in order to be able to reward the employee? Or do I just have to be on the Honor system and tell you I am vax’d up?

Taryn and Howard: Can you kindly explain under what Constitutional authority you have to do this?

An employee with covid is sick, regardless of their vaccine status. To punish an employee by forcing them to use vacation pay if they contract covid is reprehensible. And, it further illuminates that the shot isn’t effective; if it was, the vaccinated employee wouldn’t have to get paid sick time.

While we wait for a response please take action yourself. Especially if find you this as offensive as a whole lot of Martin County Residents do.

It is our opinion that this decision needs to be made by the County Commission for their employees and the Village Council for Indiantown employees.

Let them VOTE on it. This is outside the scope of either Managers office powers Constitutionally.

If you would like to contact the Village Council and Howard Brown with one click – here is you link.

If you would like to contact the County Commissioners with one link – here is your link .

What do you think. Give us your comments below and let’s Talk About Martin

Corruption, Behavior & Howard Brown

Riding the Tail of Perspective

Howard Brown The FBI & Opa-Locka Florida

Scott Watson Talks Corruption in Indiantown

Imagine if you will a straight line that is directly in front of you. It stretches from your left to your right. In the center of that line there is a framed area. In that frame you can see the center point on that line as well as a bit to the left and the right of center.

Now, imagine that the line you are looking at represents how your day is going.

At the furthest point of one end, for discussion’s sake, let’s say that at the left end of the line, there is darkness and despair. Then at the opposing end of the line there is light and hope.

In the frame, we see the place that is in between both the worst of places and the very best. So, when we move it in a direction the frame acts as our window on how our day is going. If we focus on the despair end of the line then we will see despair. If focused on the hope end of the line, we will see hopeful outcomes and our day will get better. Generally, we tend to land as a human someplace in the middle most of the time.

Like any other window, we are able to see what is on the other side of it. So, if we allow our window to be moved in a direction to either side of center, even in the slightest, we move our frame of reference, our window. Then we begin to see the world through the perspective of that window.

As a rule, when we use the window as a lens, a perspective, to view a line of reference like governance, leadership, management, politics, ethics, morals, faith & so on, we can do so with greater success when we know the scale. Simply because, when we know what the worst of the scales end is, we are able to view the outcomes of that end. This gives us an opportunity to move our window along the line to a place that is better suited to providing reward instead of penalty. As you adjust these windows across the many referential lines of life and bring them to bare on a place individually suited to your self-honesty, you build your own reality.

Allowing the window to move in a direction of what we know to be a-moral, even in the slightest, still moves the window. It moves it in a direction of darkness, negativity or what ever desperate label you give it.

If you are let’s say a Village Manager, and you openly break the law, even if it is just a little at a time, you still are moving the window towards lawlessness. In doing so you are limiting the view of lawful outcomes. Do this enough, and as a top Manager, your subordinates start to view things through that same window of your leadership.

It becomes OK to turn your head here, or overlook the tedious and mundane. Whether it is right to do it or not. This has already begun to manifest in the culture managed by the current Village Manager in Indiantown, Howard Brown.

At the last regularly scheduled Village Council meeting, just this sort of occurrence took place. Here are Howard’s own words:

If you think for a minute that the rest of the Staff has not noticed these types of overt slides to the side of breaking the rules because of “the ends justify the means” attitude, you are sorely mistaken. We have documented evidence of the fact. One such case involves some less than detailed oriented procedural laws that have been violated by Code Enforcement. When you are talking about the potential of a home owner having a lien placed upon their home that is reprehensibly excessive, it makes a difference.

We have another documented event that took place by a Senior Director when they wrote scripts for the PZA Board to read in complete favor of one side over another. Thus, not allowing the Board to exercise its lawful choice towards their will & not the “rule makers” will of outcome. The window shifted.

There is example after example of this fact over time.

One small step to one side or the other eliminates an equal view of the other. When we move to far towards the “bad” end of the line, well then, our window shifts closer and our actions reflect the boundary we frame our reality in. So over time, you end up in a place like Opa-Locka, Pahokee, Belle Glades, corrupt and demoralizing with negative outcomes for all involved.

As we move closer to the other end of the scale it is not humanly possible to maintain an achievable level of perfect standard for extended periods. To do so would require every other referential line to be brought into similar proximity of scale to be able to maintain the high degree of perfection represented by the far end of the line’s representation. Some come closer than others at maintaining that light of scale vs. the darkness of the scale.

Said another way. We cannot have portions of our life that conflict with each other. Many tend to allow the dominant window to shadow or draw the blinds on the value and principle-based windows we have open. It is far easier to drift towards the darkness than to the light. The darkness requires nothing of you except the degeneration of your soul, the light requires, education, growth and determinable effort towards the same. It is not easy.

There is not one of us that have all of our windows in the light 100% of the time. It is just not possible. Especially when you are using learning as a line of reference. If one is to learn from living, then we have opportunity to move into a better suited environment that is closer to the light filling the room in every corner.

When you watch for those shifts that we allow to nudge our windows towards the darkness, be aware of them. Why?

They will move your window in the same direction otherwise. Sort of like the life lesson taught by my father. He taught me many years ago that the people you associate with in your life circle will have influence on your perspective. Know who you are standing alongside.

If you surround yourself with people that are of a negative ilk, you too will soon become the same. If you associate with those that are graciously achieving and working to do no harm and bring light, then you too will reap the rewards it brings. Most humans find solace in the center of the overall reference line of “life”. It balances.

How?  Well, if your unawareness of “window shifts” take place gradually and over a long period of time, you are less likely to see it occurring. Unless you are paying attention to those reference lines that really effect the parts of life bigger than you, they will have full control over you. What are your end points on these lines of reference?

Where do you see your window on these lines?

  • Freedom
  • Liberty
  • Governance
  • Economics
  • Faith

These things are larger than us. Not focusing on them is self-negligent. If you do not focus on the nudges that shift over time then you are allowing somebody or something else to move the window for you. That is a really big leap for a soul to take. So, know who you are standing with.

The longer you leave the light from coming through your window, the darker your room will become. The longer you leave the “window shifters” to remain in a place they can move the window in a direction antithetical to American Values, Standards and Principles, the sooner your windows will be moved towards the darkness. It Starts with you!

2021 ~ Eric D. Miller

Free Village Pool for Indiantown

Free is one of those words that hold many meanings. It is also a word that when taken out of context can be very misleading.

Merriam Websters Dictionary defines Free as: not costing or charging anything.

Sort of like the package of Ketchup you get with your fries. Your receipt does not show a line item for the packets. They give it to you FREE. Well sort of. While they may not tell you that you are being charged for it, you are. The price is buried in your cost of the French Fry. So, if you are not a Ketchup user then you are paying for the Ketchup users’ packets.

Nothing is really free of cost. Even a person being Free is not without cost.

You are going to start to hear a great deal of discussion in Indiantown about the next phase in the freight train debt and development that are plowing into Indiantown. The discussion I am speaking of is the “Village Hall”.

This is the next big boondoggle the Council is going to try and shove down your throat. Mind you, they will need to take out loans for this to proceed. They will need to go into heavier debt for this process. They will need to make their payments, just like you and me. The only difference is they will use your money. They do not have any. All the money they spend is yours. Tax Dollars.

Not to belabor the point but who has seen falling prices on the cost of food, rent, gas, services, HOA fees and the rest of the runaway inflationary trends that are consuming the Nation. Is this really the best time to be considering long term debt?

While this year has seemingly remained flat in terms of tax increases, the next step is not going to allow for the same. They still have Seven Mil Points to raise your taxes for their little projects.

If the Council decides to move ahead with this Monument to ego and hubris then by this time next year you will be learning about how your taxes will be increasing in the Village. That is how they get their money, through fines, taxes and other people’s money in the form of grants. How humiliating.

There are several questions that need to be asked.

1st ~ What services will the Village be able to provide the residents that they cannot already provide from their current location?

2nd ~ Why is there talk from Jackie, Janet, Guyton and Antony about a “FREE POOL” at the new Village Hall? It seems like that with the recent news of the Garcia Group the residents of their new planned development will already have one. Indianwood already has two and the YMCA is in the process of renovating the pool they have.

So, let’s see – a large segment of the populace will have their own pool in their own community and they will have to pay for something they do not need for those who do not have one? Sounds more like an Equity thing than an Equality thing. See, the taxes will come from those who do not need it. So, it is not free. The people who pay the bills will be paying for the pool for those who do not have one.

3rd ~ If, and we think it is a long shot it will happen, the pool should be approved, consider this. Lifeguards’ salaries are not cheap. You will need a few, let’s say three Lifeguards. The average for a qualified Lifeguard with Emergency training runs in the neighborhood of $38,776 – $49,724. Then there is maintenance of the Locker rooms, towels, grounds upkeep and the pool upkeep. So, add another two to three full time Parks and Recreation Employees at 30k a year. Then there is the additional Liability, electric and on-going costs associated with it.

The new employees will also be receiving, 401k contributions, insurance as well as other long-term benefits from their position with the Village. This project will add more expense to the Village Payroll and to the monthly outlay required to run the pool. For FREE as Jackie, Guyton, Antony and Janet are exclaiming.

They are buying votes with the word FREE. The Free Stuff Army of Indiantown.

You know who benefits from this, Howard Brown. His salary is tied to the budget. He doesn’t even live here. He barely even comes into the office because he is too busy running his outside municipal consulting firm. He finds Consultants he can bring in to the mix so he can make a commission off you.

Indianwood, you are the last line of defense in this Village. You have the numbers of voting Americans that decided the last election. You put both Janet and Guyton back in office. How would things be different if you had made a different choice. Would this still be a topic of conversation?

There is an election in one year from now almost to the day. May we humbly suggest that you take another look at your Incumbents like Jackie and Antony and decide if they really have your interest at heart or the interest of the few. See the many, you, will soon be funding the few. Why? Well as Jackie says, you “OWE US”.

Elections have consequences and votes count. So, make sure you are certain who you are voting for this next time around or kiss the quaint lifestyle you have good-bye and welcome in Wellington 2.0.



YMCA Cleanup Day a “Great Success “

The past year and a half have presented a great deal of challenges for all of us. It is no different for non-profit and commercial businesses alike. As the world went into lock down, the needs did not stop.

Groups like the YMCA and others experienced a lack of volunteers and events. The people and the money dried up real fast. This did not mean that there were not on going needs. So as time passed and the weeds became taller and the limbs grew longer, effort was needed.

Effort is exactly what the YMCA received today. As an Editors note to this story, we would like to take the privilege of thanking Tony Z (Zweiner) for organizing this effort. Weeks of planning and discussion took place way before the cleanup to insure a job well done. Thank You.

There is also credible discussion taking place regarding the awesome swimming pool at the “Y”. TAM has learned of an effort underway to secure a benefactor for the renovation of the pool. Wait until you hear this story. The pool is just the first part. So Standby !

To all the people in the community that helped, you are the best.


Down The Rabbit Hole One More Time

The past several days have developed in such a way that time to reflect on what really matters has been uninhibited. The lack of digital noise can really make a difference you know. We understand our good Village Manager, Howard Brown has been down as well with some of the same type of focus-oriented opportunities.

Hi Folks – NoMo here – It is great to be back – There are so many places we need to go on this episode, So, strap yourself in and hang on as we take you down the Rabbit Hole One More Time.

As usual Mr. YEO leads the TAM hit parade of charts with another good old young socialist verbal evacuation. He just can’t stop telling us how bad America is. The same guy that said he did not think the Village should fund the 4th of July. Did you wonder Indiantown why you did not have Village Fireworks? It was Antony.

As it turns out he has a convenient way of excluding certain history though. It is almost like he has been brainwashed into a rewriting of our past. Our past, you know, our history, where some people did something.

Here is an example of the type of things people did. Still, it is excluded from his mainstream historical narrative.

Did you know that in the years 1819 until 1861 “American War Vessels” patrolled the waters of Africa to make certain that NO human life was being taken captive? The only reason it ended in 1861 was because of a small homeland matter we call The United States Civil War. You know the war that had men, white men and black alike stopping slavery.

We doubt too that Mr. YEO was ever taught that up and until the fourth and final version of the Constitution there was a clause abolishing slavery. Thomas Jefferson was adamant about its inclusion as evidenced by the emphasis he added in to the text. As the story goes, From Many One. We had to be resolute among our cause with all 13 of the Colony or we all would surely hang. There were two States that remained against the inclusionary verbiage. In the end, the clause was removed. There are volumes written about this. but do we hear them?

From the year 1776 in our Declaration of Freedom & Independence, until the end of the civil war, we, Americans shed blood, we fought and lived to make sure that no man was enslaved to another. Then a new type of enslavement began. It was the encampment of low-income Americans in 50’s and 60’s disguised as the “War on Poverty”, predominantly but not exclusively, black. The Civil Rights Movement is not to be considered the same thing.

With Dr, King and others, men of all race locked arm and demanded the end to the walls of segregation and opportunity. They demanded a balancing of the scale. Men of all race did so. Men of all race bled. Men of all race made effort towards the same end.

What we did as American’s had never been done by a nation on the face of this planet in mankind’s history. We were the first. The first to fully abolish all forms of slavery. The world soon followed.

America is and was then a brave idea of equality not equity. How any American could vote for a man that hates the same ideals he took oath to defend, is beyond me. That though is Antony.

So, when Mr. YEO emptied his blow hole on Juneteenth about why we should not celebrate the 4th of July you just have to ask yourself if there are more of him out there? Is Indiantown that far gone as not to see the ugly self-serving half-truths he tells?

Remember, this little Socialist was elected. Of course, he was not sporting his YEO flag then either, was he?

We have a hard time here @ TAM believing that there are enough people in this Village a second time to get him back in office. That is unless he gets his $2000 stipend to grease the rails of public opinion a bit. One thing Antony is, is a one ring promoter.

Next on our radar are the numbers from this year’s property appraisals in Martin County. A big shout out to Mrs. Fields for her offices hard work.

As it turns out Indiantown went down a couple points while the rest of the County increased in property assessment values.  What this means in simple terms is that the 288k from residential property taxes will decline even further as a part of the Village budget. FPL reduced slightly too but still will provide enough revenue for safe operations under normal conservative fiscal policy.

It is that last part that we fear may be lost on some. The Conservative Fiscal Policy that is. Given the lack of financial conservatorship shown by Howard Brown and his spend happy Council, we doubt they will let it slow them down.

Now that Fire Rescue’s opportunity for budget building is down the tubes, Howard needs something else to increase his budget numbers.


See his salary uses the annual budget as part of the formula for his wage justification. So, the more he can budget, of FPL’s money, the more he makes. What better to spend your money on than a new Town Hall. We can promise you that the top admin staff will not be sitting on the ground floor either once it is done.

Instantly though one has to ask the question, “What is wrong with the offices that few of you spend much time in anyway?”

What services can you not provide from the current location?

Who does this serve, the Government or the People?

Remember too that in less than eighteen months a re-negotiation with FPL will be in the works. You know, the guys that hold the purse string. The 85% of the purse.

Also, the Villages revenue declined this year. Wouldn’t a normal budgeted family look at that and say, no Disney this year kids!

As a matter of fact, I can all but assure you that it will not be given much consideration except maybe by Susan. You would think Janet as an accounting type for the Church would be slowing this down as well.

Two more quick items. First, after reading Friends & Neighbors Sunday biweekly edition by Tom Campenni we thought that he summed up the whole idea of “personal accounts” for each Councilperson neatly. The following from our friend Tom;

“How do you make something seem nefarious? Just ask Dowling to present it.”

“For some time now, he has been seeking to have each council member have a discretionary fund of $2,000 per year. This would be spent for special events that he or other council members may have through the year…….”

“Dowling brought up that he had to pay for a park rental permit for one of his events. If it is not a sanctioned village event, then he should pay for the permit. Where does the political end and a legitimate public purpose begin? Gibbs-Thomas said it doesn’t bother her to pay when she does something that the village hasn’t sanctioned.”

You can read more here.

Last but by no means least, a bit of good news. As we know this past year and a half have been extraordinary in many ways. The outcome of the recent past events has left many Civic Organizations in lean pasture. Not necessarily money, but from volunteer efforts.

Well as it turns out the YMCA in Indiantown is one of those Civic Groups. On Saturday the 17th at 8AM, local residents are bringing shovel, rake, mowers, trailers and a smile. They will be there to begin the process of returning the YMCA back into her better self. If you would like to help our own Tony Z is organizing the cleanup and he would love to hear from you. Drop him a line in his e-mail . Also Look for an announcement coming soon about a new TAM Contributor that will be joining our team more to follow on that in the days ahead.

Alright – that’s all for now and remember to subscribe for insider updates here on TAM

So, until next time, standby

America Rewritten

The Constitution of the United States established the American form of government and radically changed the ideas of where the rights of citizens originate. It’s founded on the idea that the role of government is to protect God-given rights.

Yet now, the doctrine that constitutes America is under assault. Freedom of speech is being worn down through corporate–government censorship, freedom of belief is being suppressed with lockdowns, the right to bear arms is being called into doubt, and the numerous rights of Americans are in jeopardy.

As a new narrative is being taught to America’s youth on the founding stories of this country, and as history itself is being rewritten, what does the future hold for America, once seen as the beacon of freedom and the shining city on the hill?

In “America Rewritten,” an exclusive special feature from The Epoch Times, we speak with leading experts on how history is being falsified and how the system of government is being misrepresented, and we explore what the world would lose if the American Constitution were lost.

Join host Joshua Philipp as he speaks with experts including Dinesh D’Souza, Victor Davis Hanson, Rick Green, Trevor Loudon, Mary Grabar, Thomas K. Lindsay, Kevin Roberts, Craig Parshall, Dustin Bass, and K. Lloyd Billingsley in “America Rewritten.”


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