Save our small country town

LETTER TO THE EDITOR ALSO SENT TO Indiantown Village Council

(From Mr.  John Pasquale)

Dear Village Council members, Zoning Board , Althea Jefferson and Howard Brown:

I congratulate you on the award from the Florida League of Cities. I know you are all working hard and I remind you with a quote from the 2002 Spider-Man movie “with great power comes great responsibility.”

I am compelled to help you see that Indiantown is already unique and will become just another South Florida city unless all of you stop, look, listen to the locals and pray, then obey.

My grandfather JP Taravella was a powerful real estate developer in the 60 and 70s.
I remember finding an old newspaper clipping stating “Taravella Bullishly Buys Broward.” He was ruthless and by finding legal loopholes he filled in part of the intracoastal water way in Fort Lauderdale, rapidly and drastically had farm lands and protected areas rezoned and had cypress heads in Coral Springs bulldozed to squeeze in more homes for huge profits.

I respectfully warn you – the developers who seek to build here are not our friends.

Earlier this year locals between SW Famel Ave and the Fernwood Forest Rd community met, prayed, and signed a petition and submitted it to the village in favor of protection of the 55 acre oak hammock and against a zero lot line, 200 unit, 2-story rental home community.

I urge you to carefully develop this awesome village natural resource of 55 acre oak hammock by requiring large areas set aside for town park and wildlife preserve and no more than 50 homes.

Thanks. God bless you and Indiantown.
John “JP” Pasquale
15440 SW Palm Drive
Indiantown, FL 34956

Slow it Down

Dear Village Council:

I appreciate your work and efforts. I am very concerned about the culture, woods and wildlife and I care about what happens to Indiantown.

The facts are, plans for urbanization were put together years ago without local resident discussion, examination or approval. Then in November of 2020 during a controversial presidential election and with severe local Covid restrictions in place preventing the majority of Indiantown residence from attending the meetings related to plans that completely undo all current deed restrictions that protect Indiantown from urbanization were quickly pushed through.

The village council has done a great job informing us about our water, DPW issues, Covid testing and vaccinations and about fire and police matters.

However the Village council was silent about the drastic urbanization plans and only within your website and in a small section in the newspaper was what was used to notify the residents you love and care for as our Village Council representatives.

I request that the Village Council investigate why the drastic urbanization and land use changes were put into place that pushed aside all the current Martin County deed restrictions that protected us the residents of Indiantown. After the investigation and examination I urge you to take action and scrap the drastic rapid urbanization plan and open up the meetings to discussion and allow the Indiantown residents to decide If we want Indiantown to become a city like West Palm Beach or an area like Jupiter Farms and remain a small country town.

God bless Indiantown

John JP Pasquale- 15440 SW Palm Drive