Child sex trafficking


TAM has just learned that new State of Florida programs and initiatives will soon be deployed to Martin County. Dist 83 FL REP Toby Overdorf told KC Ingram this evening on her live show that he is bringing resource to the region and will soon be coordinating with Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

TAM has been advocating very openly for more resource to combat this blight on our neighborhoods and community.

Be sure to check out KC Ingram’s show and Check back every Tuesday @ 5:00p for new shows.



Close Local Connections to Indiantown are starting to appear –

We will update you as soon as we confirm more of our information

Does anyone know this person? Do you know who his friends or family are? We would like to know if you do. Please contact us on our tip line if you know this man.

He was accused of and arrested for sending pictures of his penis to minor kids in the past. He did so while he worked in the school district at the time. A six month investigation was done and charges were dropped. He is current Vice Mayor in Palm Bay and we feel he may have a link to the happenings here in Indiantown

<<Background Story Here>> 

<<More Background Here>>

<<More Here Too>>

If you know who he is potentially related to in our area or involved with please help us confirm what we are starting to piece together.

So who is Robert Burns? Well Mr. Burns is the person that used the Illegal methods of displaying the Absentee Voter role to try and DOX (call out) Ms. Clowdus for her voting status in Indiantown. Burns had to obtain that list from a candidate.

The Martin County Supervisor of Elections has already told us he did not receive it from their office. They also said there were only three people who did request it. Guy Parker, Tony Z and the current Mayor of Indiantown.

We still have a mysterious campaign finance payment to look at as well. we will be filing another compliant today to ask the Division of Elections to look into questionable payments made by the recent past Mayor of Indiantown and the current one too. We believe that it may very well help link a few of these already know pieces together and further the effort of bringing the TRUTH to the light.

This is why it is important to know the people you elect to govern you.

Local Recall Elections


If you would like to serve on a citizens exploratory committee to look at the feasibility of recalling elected leaders on local and county level, let us know.

Drop us a line –

MC Fair Update Pt. I

One of  our Founding Members @  Talk About Martin made the suggestion that we start with a visual representation of the MC Fairs Vision for the future. It is called The AgriPlex.

What you will see has been shared with us by The Martin County Fair Association. It is the presentation used at the 20 Sep 20 Town hall that was co-sponsored by the Indiantown Chamber of Commerce, The Indiantown Civic Center and Talk About Martin. We have added visual effects for continuity.

As a note of importance, Village of Indiantowns 1st Mayor Ms. Susan Gibbs-Thomas was on hand. There were also several of your neighbors and friends. We missed all of you that could not make the meeting.

So, with out further delay –  here we go.


Village of Indiantown Strategic Planning Session

Village of Indiantown Latest Strategic Planning Workshop

People have been asking if there are recordings of the Workshop. Well, we have found them. We are sharing them with you.

There are nearly 5 hours of recordings here.

We hope it proves to be insightful.

Remember the comments and topics are the STRATEGIC PLANNING workshop for your Village Council. They are discussing the strategic goals of how you will be governed.

Strategic planning is the process of documenting and establishing a direction of your small business or government —by assessing both where you are and where you’re going. The strategic plan gives you a place to record your mission, vision, and values, as well as your long-term goals and the action plans you’ll use to reach them.

In the first segment we suggest the following times for interesting perspectives of dialogue.

50:00 mark – 56:40 mark – 59:00 mark – 107:00 mark & 126:00 mark


Village of Indiantown Contact List

Village of Indiantown Contact Roster (24 Sep 20)

Code Compliance


Parks & Recreation

Planning & Development

Public Works

Village Attorney

Village Clerk

Village Manager

Know Who You are Standing With

Maybe we should rename MLK Blvd. to BLM Road.

After all it seems MLK is a thing of the past. Maybe Malcolm X Lane instead?

What your Young Elected have been taught about America is sad.

In the broadest sense, Black Lives Matter refers to a protest movement spawned by recent and repeated instances of black men and women being killed under apparently controversial to outrageous circumstances. It traces its origins to the 2012 fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman (who was acquitted of Martin’s murder) and to “three radical self-avowed Marxist Black organizers—Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi.

Critics blame BLM for worsening race relations in America. Even family members of Jamar Clark, who was shot by police in 2015, have urged BLM to settle the protests because “there’s a fine line between protesting a cause and hurting the community.”

One of BLM’s originating activists, Alicia Garza, has argued that black people cannot be racist, because “Racism is a system” rather than the act of merely judging people based on race.

Then you have Groups like the YEO Networks, that support the same policy platforms of Social Justice and Progressive ideology. They are another offshoot of funding and activism that develop and assist in cultivating young elected officials in small governments to continue the same policy track as BLM is using at State and National levels.

There seems to be a mantra forming here of We no longer need permission – we are just going to do what we want.


The cross over of policy between these two organizations is amazingly identical. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone though when you look for example to how BLM is funded. Very much the same way that YEO is funded and by the same groups and radical far left Marxists that are currently trying to dismantle the American way of life.

Why is that important? Well, it is no longer just in the BIG CITY. Indiantown, you have a sitting Councilmen on the Indiantown Village Council that is a member of both groups. As a matter of fact he has brought BLM to our town. While the gatherings in Indiantown have not been violent, yet. They did espouse the same language of hate and fairytail topics like systemic racism, white privilege and a muddled view of diversity.

Systemic racism is the idea that anyone of NON-COLOR is naturally racist from birth. It is just built in they say. Really? Check your privilege they will say. Uh Huh.

Your Village Council railed on this during their STRATEGIC WORKSHOP as well. Other fairytail ideas like White Privilege and “forced equality through edict or law” were thrown into the mix. As well as forced diversity through contractual and ordinal edict.

They did more than just talk about it. They said it is the STRATEGIC MISSION of your elected leaders in Indiantown to advance these Social Justice ideals. This amounts to nothing more than forced Cultural Marxism through Critical Theory. This is what happens when you do not know the people you elect and then give them the keys after dark.

Long story short. It is unAmerican, It is Socialist at best and Marxist in the light.

So, are all people in the movement bad. No, there are a whole lot of people that are useful idiots that buy into the intersectional tripe that is espoused. There are those that are taking advantage of a situation for their own gain. Then there are those, a large majority, that support the BLM mantra of “Overthrow Capitalism Destroy the Constitution”. Regardless of which type they are, they are standing with an organization that is advocating the overthrow of the United States Constitution.

The same Constitution Anthony Dowling claims to have served to defend. What happened Anthony?

Now if you do not support those things I think it is time to denounce them and show otherwise in your words and actions.

If we have a race problem in this community it will not be solved by allowing elected to mandate your morals and actions in a matter of race relations. You will not solve it by bringing in outside agitators that are burning our Nation Down.

If you really believe their is an issue. Let’s talk. If you want to have a forum to support your radical Marxist and far left leaning BS, then take a hike. We have to begin in a place we all have in common first. We need to build on what we already agree on. Then we can start to talk about the things we do not. Without contrition and reconciliation there can be no Comm-Unity. It is a two way street.

So when your elected Council people start wagging their tongues and fingers telling you that all White people are born racist and that forced equality is the only way they can win, you better know who you are standing alongside. Because you will be known as one of them.

In my circles, we judge a man on the content of his character, not the color of ones skin. There is not a one of us who got to choose our skin color. God decided for us. There is a reason. Try and find it.

it starts with you