Indiantown Has Failed Policy 101


Why are there no policies for communication, RFP’s, candidate requests for citizen councils?

Why no policy for setting the agenda?

Who benefits from the lack of Council Level Policy?

The duplicity and hypocrisy of belief with certain Indiantown Village Council Members is becoming overwhelmingly blatant.

To demonstrate this point TAM is going to do a little exercise in truth.

So buckle up gang ~  we are going down the Rabbit Hole one more time:

First, let’s take away the identity of the person we are about to discuss. No, I do not mean a good old cancel culture on them. I mean – let’s not use their name just yet. Next let’s put their words in context without knowing who said it. Once we do that you can see the duplicity of their position with much greater clarity.

For example, one of the resounding arguments being made is we need an EXPERT to tell us what to do.

Then in the next statement declare that a candidate’s experience for a Board seat doesn’t matter because the “board” needs more “ethnic diversity” than they do knowledge. This idea “they can ‘learn’ like everyone else” is as complete polar opposite in logic as a position can possibly travel.

This is true especially when the argument is being made to vote for the persons “Ethnicity” or “Race” over a person that actually has professional experience and “expert” credential with the subject matter. Somehow that smells of racism. Favoring one group over another based-on skin color or ethnic background is the definition of racism. We simply have to ignore that the other is a property owner and an “EXPERT” and had they been of the right ethnic persuasion then they could be considered.

If you think that I am just making this up. Here is an excerpt taken from Indiantown Currents & Ms. Barbara Clowdus in a post she made on FaceBook.

….. The council also rejected Councilwoman’s Susan Gibbs-Thomas nomination of Mike Garrett, an Indiantown resident builder, for one of the open slots on the village’s Planning Zoning Adjustment (PZA) board. The PZA reviews all developers’ plans and recommends action to the village council based on their review.

Mayor Janet Hernandez countered by proposing landscaper Amilazar Lopez of Booker Park, instead of Garrett. She appeared to be offended at Gibbs-Thomas’s questions as to Lopez’s experience and qualifications to serve on the planning board.

“He doesn’t have to know anything,” Hernandez replied. “He can learn, just like the rest of us.”

Councilman Anthony Dowling pointed out that the board already had a non-resident developer, Daniel Sehayik, who was elected chairman in December; therefore, he argued against adding a builder, even though an Indiantown resident. ……..

You can read the full quote in context at Indiantown Currents Facebook page.

It shines light on the heart of the belief structure used by those attempting governance. Somehow, race is a more important attribute than experience when lending insight to rules, expenditure and considerations made by the Government in Indiantown.

Here is a real-world example shared by Tom Campenni in his Friends and Neighbors newsletter:

Here he is quoting Janet Hernandez, “Many people were telling them not to do these things. But the real experts are sitting in this room. She has spoken to other elected officials who have been doing this for years and they are amazed at the speed of completed projects. Even if residents are telling her not to do things, they are getting done.”

Actions speak louder than words. This Council cabal being orchestrated by Howard Brown is beginning to show the cut of their jib.

Remember too that these, “copy and paste experts”, are in an industry that has rushed to circle the Village for their next bite of the municipal pie. They have declared that feeding time is open. There are self-declared and paper wagging experts for this and experts for that. It seems that all it takes is a favorable recompense for consideration or a long-standing happy hour relationship at the place municipal regulation junkies gather.  Remind me to stay home that Friday Night!

There are several if not a majority who, like Howard Brown, are from places that have no idea what this Village is about. They see you and the money and the land as game pieces that can be moved around at the expense of others.

Beyond that, Howard Brown and a large majority of the “Village Employees” do not even live in the border of the same place they pretend to care about and have responsibility over. Their playing Simm City with your hard earned money is wrong and is DUPLICIT.

TAM has said for a long time that we need policy in place for matters like this that are subjective and open to corruption, collusion and consideration. As an example; We have been advocating for almost a year for a formal process and policy for setting the agenda. The current process favors the Village Managers ideas, goals and cronies as well as his golden child and cohorts. It does not favor an open in the Sunshine process that Citizens can observe. It does however create a very heavy handed top-down agenda that is out of control.

It seems too that a policy for recruitment, qualification and acceptance of potential citizen review and advisory boards is needed too. We have demonstrated why above.

Then there is the selection of consultants. There needs to be a defined scope of work and a policy to go out for a competitive bid for such services. Many times, competitive bids are not even taken. It is the relationship that Howard Brown has had with these consultants for the past several years that make the grade. No RFP. No real scope of work consistent with Council Policy.

No, first appears a perceived need. Then a perceived expert. Then a vote to do what Howard The Expert tells the Council. How else would the Council know what to do? By their own admission they know nothing and need an expert to lead them.

Your Council has become an over inflated ego of self-importance and has relinquished all oversight and accountability straight in to the hands of the man behind the curtain, Howard Brown. You might as well just have a lottery drawing for your next Council Election. Outside of Susan Gibbs-Thomas there is very little leadership of confidence on the Council.

There is however a gristmill of platitude and Social Justice diatribe. There is a lot of following going on and minimal leadership. Fresh ideas and long-term vision escape the behavior of several. They rely solely on the guidance of the one person that is really in control by his own design.

The Council brought a shark to town and now it his feeding time. As Jackie Clarke asked during the hiring review process, “What Race is he?”. Identity politics and Social justice warrior agendas seem to be driving this fledgling Village.

So long as Howard is allowed to escape directive via the lack of Council driven policy, then there will continue to be exorbitant waste of tax payer money. Beyond that there is a huge risk for abuse of power, collusion, kickbacks, cronyism and just plain old gain for personal sake at the expense of the people of The Village of Indiantown.

Each member of the Village Council needs to ask, am I being led down a path that I did not choose? Who is leading us there? Where are we going?

Even if you did choose the path, maybe you should consider doing the leading and not the following. Because as it stands now all you are doing is following Howard and his expensive tribe of progressive consultants.

The Council has created a system that places the power in the hands of the Village manager and not the Council. There are seven (7), count them, seven (7) more ticks that can be made against property taxes.

There are fee’s, assessments and local municipal taxes that are in the tool kit for your Village government.

Feeding time is drawing near. It is your money that they want. As long as there is a chance of getting more from you, there will be an effort to do so. That is why you need leaders that are of and for the people. The position of Council member is not a dictatorial one. The position is supposed to be there to help protect you and I from the animal that is being raised called runaway government and tyranny.

Each member should ask them self if they really are leading with authority or are being led by design. Why don’t you create the policies that your Experts are supposed to follow?

Then hold them accountable. But to let them tell you what needs to be done and how to do it is foolish. It is also not why you were elected. If you cannot do that because you think you need an expert, then get out of the way and let the adults lead you out of this mess.

As long as the political scene continues to resemble a Junior High School Student Government, Howard and his cronies will continue to get richer. Indiantown will continue to pay for them. The Heritage of this rural community will be plowed under and the new seeds being planted will look more like St. Lucie than Indiantown.

Even if you disagree with the way TAM delivers the message, please take the time to review what other “experts” are saying about the state of affairs in Indiantown. Because if you do not know what the people you elect are doing, then you will end up being the one that asks how things got so expensive and bad for Indiantown in the not too distant future.







Real Issues Deserve Discussion

Why is it that with all of the real issues that face our world we, Americans, do not seem to have the ability to talk about ideas without division? Why are we, Americans, not able to work together in an effort to set things right?

When we, Americans, do have the courage to express our thoughts it is amazing how someone can go from neighbor to avoided in a blink of an eye. Even family seem split on morality, ethic, governance, religion and other top level belief systems to the point of division. Why?

These days we can end up there for pointing out things that need serious attention. Things those in charge do not want to discuss or have us discuss publicly. Even when the questions we ask are reasonable ones.

Since when can a reasonable man not ask a reasonable question without fear of retribution? In America? Today may be the day.

TAM does not purport to have all of the ANSWERS. We are however really good at asking questions and making sure outcomes are foundationally realistic. We speak Truth to reality.

For example:

Indiantown, let’s Talk About illegal boarding houses. I am not sure we can honestly even call them boarding houses. What I am talking about is this; There is a well-known exploitation of illegal human migrants that journey here primarily from Central America. Near 90 dialects exist in this small rural community.

Not all of the exploitation is taking place against illegal migrants. There is a large class of economically impoverished men, women, as well as children, that are being taken advantage of. The advantage is for financial gain as well as sexual. There is economic benefit surrounding this issue at the expense of personhood. It needs to be aggressively addressed.

Landlords have gone as far as to modify their small residential homes into something resembling a third world model of boarding houses. There are several lengths of stay and access levels that you can stay in them too.

Daily, weekly or monthly. You can pay for a cot and shelter for the night or you can pay for bath room privilege and you can also pay for kitchen privileges too. So, the same home designed for a 4- or 5-person family is now serving 10 to 15 or more out of them.

These properties are easily identifiable and very well known on the local streets. Allowing this practice places an additional burden on underrated septic. It places parking out of scope with the designed intent. It reduces privacy by creating an over extended density in neighborhoods designed for single family dwellings. It allows for a transient population to populate family urban housing.

In short it creates demand beyond the design capacity of the infrastructure. This in turn places economic burden on the Village to remediate the short comings, which in turn is the screw you will feel when new fees and taxes are assessed to handle all of this. Prices are going up kids!

Again, TAM has been doing a great deal of on the ground research on these topics and feel it is time we all begin to shed some light on the reality and see if we can agree on a way forward.

Small cottage industries have sprung up around these migrants and their flop houses. Prostitution is one of the most observable. Then there are the kitchens that sell daily prepared meals for a fixed price.

There are numerous ethnic restaurants and grocery that serve the domestic goods of these migrant laborers. It is the free market working it’s magic. To bad it is having to occur in the shadows.

The protections for those affected are nonexistent because the authority that is supposed to be safeguarding residents and others from these exploitations is turning a blind eye.

The exploitation is also causing secondary health and welfare effects on the humans that are caught up in the mix. What is worse is the blind eye that local elected and governmental enforcement apparatuses use to ignore a real problem that is outside of micro-asphalting, raising fees or making rules. In the meantime, those involved with the illegal exploitation collect and consolidate power into the hands of those closest to it. The problem gets larger when ignored. It is nature.

As we have said for a very long time, it is important to know and understand the ideology of governance that are used by those who you vote for to govern you. After all, they are the ones making the rules you will either follow or avoid.

We can quickly leave this topic of migrant exploitation in housing and move very quickly to prostitution and child trafficking. These are two other real-world issues that face the Indiantown community on a daily basis. Not that there is any real acknowledgement or effort from those in charge to help administer an end. A large portion of the offensive nature of these affairs occur in the illegal flop houses and migrant boarding houses. Prostitution and child exploitation are by no means limited to one section of Indiantown. No, there are others too.

The administrative requirements for a prostitution bust can take Law Enforcement off their primary patrol for hours. From conversation TAM sources have had with local LEO, prostitution violations are generally not given the level of investigation and containment as one might expect. Simply because the office work involved reduces the number of immediate causal actions they can take in a shift. Meaning – the perp is back on the street before the Deputy can finish the reports and get back to being the sheep dog and protecting.

Recently TAM talked with State Representative Tobin Overdorf who is a Gubernatorial Appointee to a special Committee to deal with child trafficking and exploitation. TAM is set for a follow up discussion to focus on resources available for Indiantown along the lines of education and enforcement. TAM is doing our part.

Here is another concern. All one has to do is look at Facebook and other socials and see the number of illegal ghost kitchens that are cooking up food, outside of the legal licensed food system. TAM has reported on this and taken a position. Why doesn’t this massive local government use their resources to address the real issues that affect the health, safety and general welfare of their Village.

From the outside looking in their time is spent with feel good initiatives and self-promotion for re-election.

Outside of one Councilwoman there does not seem to be anyone that really gives a damn about Indiantown’s future. Unless of course staff recommends it then we are all unthinkingly enthusiastic and eager over it. As was blatantly evident in the discussion that ensued over the issue of raising building permit fees.

There is also the eager beaver attitude to approve any and all development efforts in Indiantown. It seems the approach being taken is with blatant disregard for Indiantown’s small business owners and her Heritage as a small historic berg. That is how it appears. Soon you will have the opportunity to see what reality is. That is because an application for development has been submitted for a Tractor Supply store on the corner of 710 and 609.

The negative impact on the local business market will be greater than the few employee hires that the new store will provide. It will also increase the traffic from out-of-town consumers as it becomes the “closest” to a large region of people. Like Palm City, Jupiter Farms, Hobe Sound and others.

The transient traffic will add congestion and impact without any real deliverable benefit to the Village. For starters there are 18 Oak trees that help line Warfield Blvd. that are going to be removed for an asphalt turn lane. Traffic lights and delays will continue to increase with this type of big box mentality. Keep it local.

There are votes coming, and they will show who is who and what they are thinking, or not. The fact that the application has made it to the level it has is an indication of a sense of approval from within. If there was not will for this type of big box conglomerate here the app would have never been signed.

That leads us to another question TAM has for you and the elected. What is your development plan? There is one other real-world issue that goes hand in hand with this question. The issue is gentrification.

While many would like to pretend that they can squeeze low-income housing from a developer, the reality is that they are not in the business to lose money. The government is not in the business of mandate either.

This is where the development plan comes into play. Top Village officials are already projecting a three to four thousand increase in the number of people living here within three years. That’s right, three to four thousand more people in Indiantown. They are not going to flock here for any other reason than they can because they have the money. With the money come ideas, demands, votes and candidates.

The express lane effort being implemented by the Village Council will more than likely end with the gentrification of large parts of this diverse rural ethnic community. New residents are going to demand better standards of care and repair. The cost of living will increase because of the added impact and demand. Taxes will be raised to handle the influx and on and on and on.

The net effect is that the lower and even what little middle class we have in Indiantown will be squeezed out of the market and the Village will be forever changed and governed by a new mindset and people. Adding three thousand people will and could easily double the voting base.

With this “new money” come new wants, needs and desires. So, while the majority of the Council plod along dragging you with them in an effort to advance their identity politics and social justice agenda, beware the “change” is just around the corner. Are you ready for it?