Selective outrage near and far…

Over the course of the last few months, Martin County has spent considerable time addressing issues of state and national importance. Affordable housing, questionable books in schools, and just today an article about the local NAACP joining the state organization in requesting a travel ban to Florida- all to protest the states opposition to the […]

Paying the piper in gallons…

The rainy season has not yet ended. As I write this, I look out my office window and watch as the rains fall. For nearly 12 hours the rain has been falling in an inconsistent pattern- stopping and starting again for a total accumulation of well over 1 inch. For my family’s property, that equates […]

The feline fight continues…

In the never-ending story of Martin County Pet shops, It looks as if the fight is just heating up. Yesterdays Animal Care and Control Oversight Board meeting focused near exclusively on what recommendations the ACCOB will make to the Board of County Commissioners in regards to the highly contested Ordinance 1181- Retail pet sale ban. […]

Sky high potential- if we can plan for it

The Martin County Airport is a topic that invokes so many emotions. For our aviators, it is a well-positioned and highly convenient location to depart and arrive at. Couple in the addition of the new customs facility a few years back, and Witham Field is now an even more convenient location for Martin County aviators […]

What is an expert?

It would seem like an easy question, but like so many, it is hard to answer. The definition is not wholly important, but its application is. The lack of ability to answer a simple question (not just define a word) has led to an ever-growing fault in our governmental system. “Experts”, though allegedly leaders of […]

Home rule and its balance with preemption.

Home rule has long been a contentious fight between the state legislature, and local governing bodies. Where local control by the county or city is largely supported by local residents in almost all jurisdictions, we continue to see great support for state pre-emption of laws within the local community. It is no secret that community […]

Comp plan: do we follow its purpose?

Martin County has a long and storied history of holding our comprehensive growth management plan in high regard. This 1985 guide map to future growth management has been lauded as the holiest of works by some, and used as the justification of highly contested votes by others. But how much do we actually follow this […]

From Martin County to the Moon:

How local business is effecting positive change at home and interstellar   Author: Michael Syrkus (TAM Contributor) On December 14th, 1972, U.S. astronauts lifted off of the lunar surface following the final moon walks of the Apollo program. Now, just short of that 50-year anniversary, NASA is preparing to return. With a schedule net launch […]