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LDR’s & The Experts

Why does there seem to be such a resistance from Council members when it comes to listening to people other than those on the Village dole for advise on the LDRs?

Tony Z asks – Let’s see how the Council responds


Know Who You are Standing With

Maybe we should rename MLK Blvd. to BLM Road.

After all it seems MLK is a thing of the past. Maybe Malcolm X Lane instead?

What your Young Elected have been taught about America is sad.

In the broadest sense, Black Lives Matter refers to a protest movement spawned by recent and repeated instances of black men and women being killed under apparently controversial to outrageous circumstances. It traces its origins to the 2012 fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman (who was acquitted of Martin’s murder) and to “three radical self-avowed Marxist Black organizers—Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi.

Critics blame BLM for worsening race relations in America. Even family members of Jamar Clark, who was shot by police in 2015, have urged BLM to settle the protests because “there’s a fine line between protesting a cause and hurting the community.”

One of BLM’s originating activists, Alicia Garza, has argued that black people cannot be racist, because “Racism is a system” rather than the act of merely judging people based on race.

Then you have Groups like the YEO Networks, that support the same policy platforms of Social Justice and Progressive ideology. They are another offshoot of funding and activism that develop and assist in cultivating young elected officials in small governments to continue the same policy track as BLM is using at State and National levels.

There seems to be a mantra forming here of We no longer need permission – we are just going to do what we want.


The cross over of policy between these two organizations is amazingly identical. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone though when you look for example to how BLM is funded. Very much the same way that YEO is funded and by the same groups and radical far left Marxists that are currently trying to dismantle the American way of life.

Why is that important? Well, it is no longer just in the BIG CITY. Indiantown, you have a sitting Councilmen on the Indiantown Village Council that is a member of both groups. As a matter of fact he has brought BLM to our town. While the gatherings in Indiantown have not been violent, yet. They did espouse the same language of hate and fairytail topics like systemic racism, white privilege and a muddled view of diversity.

Systemic racism is the idea that anyone of NON-COLOR is naturally racist from birth. It is just built in they say. Really? Check your privilege they will say. Uh Huh.

Your Village Council railed on this during their STRATEGIC WORKSHOP as well. Other fairytail ideas like White Privilege and “forced equality through edict or law” were thrown into the mix. As well as forced diversity through contractual and ordinal edict.

They did more than just talk about it. They said it is the STRATEGIC MISSION of your elected leaders in Indiantown to advance these Social Justice ideals. This amounts to nothing more than forced Cultural Marxism through Critical Theory. This is what happens when you do not know the people you elect and then give them the keys after dark.

Long story short. It is unAmerican, It is Socialist at best and Marxist in the light.

So, are all people in the movement bad. No, there are a whole lot of people that are useful idiots that buy into the intersectional tripe that is espoused. There are those that are taking advantage of a situation for their own gain. Then there are those, a large majority, that support the BLM mantra of “Overthrow Capitalism Destroy the Constitution”. Regardless of which type they are, they are standing with an organization that is advocating the overthrow of the United States Constitution.

The same Constitution Anthony Dowling claims to have served to defend. What happened Anthony?

Now if you do not support those things I think it is time to denounce them and show otherwise in your words and actions.

If we have a race problem in this community it will not be solved by allowing elected to mandate your morals and actions in a matter of race relations. You will not solve it by bringing in outside agitators that are burning our Nation Down.

If you really believe their is an issue. Let’s talk. If you want to have a forum to support your radical Marxist and far left leaning BS, then take a hike. We have to begin in a place we all have in common first. We need to build on what we already agree on. Then we can start to talk about the things we do not. Without contrition and reconciliation there can be no Comm-Unity. It is a two way street.

So when your elected Council people start wagging their tongues and fingers telling you that all White people are born racist and that forced equality is the only way they can win, you better know who you are standing alongside. Because you will be known as one of them.

In my circles, we judge a man on the content of his character, not the color of ones skin. There is not a one of us who got to choose our skin color. God decided for us. There is a reason. Try and find it.

it starts with you

You get what you deserve

A Perspective of observation
The Village of Indiantown Council Workshop

The outcome of the recent Village of Indiantown Day long Strategic Planning Workshop should not have surprised anyone. Especially when you understand the underlying lack of maturity and ethical practice of some of the Council members.

Don’t be surprised when you ask yourself how this thing got so out of hand in Indiantown. When you, the citizen allow others to deal with matters for you and you do not oversee those people or their actions, well. You will get what you deserve. Especially when you do not take the time to know the character and philosophy of governance of those you elected.

For example, your Mayor yesterday could not understand why pushing official Government resolutions through five hours before the June 11th General Council meeting, as well as days after the official agenda had been published was wrong. It is not only wrong it is completely antithetical to the American Spirit.

So, Miss Janet let me explain this really easy for you. Because obviously, your education department at your after-school program failed to include civics as a part of your learning. Here we go:

  • You are elected (that means as a servant & voice not for – but OF the People) and can be recalled by WE THE PEOPLE
  • Before WE THE PEOPLE can decide if we want you to vote yes or no – we need to know about whatever it is you are voting on – regardless of the content.
  • That way We The People have ample time to thumb it up or thumb it down – we may even offer ideas to make it better
  • Then you know what We The People are saying so you can weight your VOTE for us accordingly.

Does that make sense? Probably not or you would not have made so many other ethical missteps along the way.

Let’s try this scenario. It may strike closer to home:

OK, so in this scenario Guy Parker and Tony Z ended up winning. Soon after Guy Parker decides to place a proclamation on the agenda 5 hours before they vote. He is also able to have Tony Z co-sponsor it. The content of the Proclamation was that Indiantown supported Confederate Memorial Day. Would you be as quite about how you were never asked then?

You would be running up and down social media crying about how your voice was not even considered and that its blah blah blah.

See this is the problem. When you automatically assume that EVERYONE agrees with you because somehow you have grown a new brain cell that no one else has because they are not Elected, well you are wrong. The people deserve better. Not doing so is an embarrassment to the American way of governance. You refuse to see how the PEOPLES voice was muted. Here is a deeper look at ETHOS for edification sake.

Not only that, the resolutions were copied from and tailored for the Village from a Progressive Socialist organization by Councilman Dowling. Then somehow you are able to get Anthony to let you co-sponsor, or did he ask you? Either way still the same. All of this happened though in a brief five-hour window without breaking Sunshine laws?  Or was there prior pre-planning that would have accommodated more time in the Sunshine with the matter at question?

Can you see how from out here it looks like this is a last-minute co-originated maneuver?

OK, great logistics, I guess. However, if there was such a fire to do this like you were so emphatic about, then why where you not prepared way in advance? Or where you and just decided until the absolute last minute so there would be no opposition?

These topics are not new. That veil of ignorance of fact you continue to wear is getting a little thin. At least you have a veil because our next Councilman is wearing the Emperors clothes.

The Honorable I cannot remember my name without my Title Anthony Dowling who insists that the Council just needs to drag you all along until they get you where he is going. That is NOT leadership – it is tyrannical. But when you elect a self-avowed Progressive Socialists like Dowling what do you expect.

Anthony may have served in the US Army but that does not mean he sees the Constitution the same way most Veterans do. It does not make him all of the sudden patriotic. No, your Councilman is siding with thugs and anti-American political leaders and organizations whose agenda is the over throw of capitalism and the US constitution. So, when he votes and speaks it should shine a little light on where he is coming from.

While he Drags you along as he likes to say, I hope the shackles are not too tight.

Then we have the self consecrated Ms. Clarke that thinks her relationship with God is somehow superior to everyone else’s. Hiding behind a self-declared false Virtue is not Godly and it is not Holy. So, when people of this nature are in charge it is what they emote. Her activity during the election process was beneath the office she represented and was shameful. But I am sure she will attempt to glorify it by demeaning me for pointing it out. One word – contrition.

Then you have Guyton Stone. This man is in and out of court for financial issues more than a Duncan Yo Yo goes up and down. He acts like a thug and threatens people, myself as one, then smiles at you like he is Mr. Family Man and all about being a Nice Guy.

No, the behavior of Guyton Stone is anything but genuine. He uses his office for personal gain and cloaks it as Virtue. Not to mention, he sat through at least two hours of yesterday’s Public meeting without his mask not even being around his neck let alone his face. Do as I say not as I do.

Wonder why you still have an illegal and unconstitutional face mask mandate in place in Indiantown? So do we.

If it is good enough for us then why do the same self-important people that passed it not honor it. You see, they think they are better than you and I. Somehow, they have a superior Brain Cell that they developed once elected.

No More Excuses – open the Village up and get back to business.

Then there is Howard Brown who is a lifelong career bureaucrat. He is trained in and subscribes to globalist practice and standards of Sustainable governance and he is transforming this once wonderful Indiantown community into a web of Global agendas and policy.

These are the same Global people and Organizations that want to tell you how you have to live your life in AMERICA the SAME way the rest of the World does. Guess what – NO !

We will not keep the secrets of anti-American agendas in the dark. They will be exposed and explained for what they are.

So, while the other reporters and pundits pen their articles, mine has taken a different look. Because, you see, what good is pointing out policy faux pas when the people creating them are who they are.

Systemic Racism along with Diversity where loud themes of Strategic Concern being trumpeted. First of all, DIVERSITY? Really, have you even bothered to look at your Council makeup, let alone the Staff? Give me a break!

Plain and simple – Systemic Racism is not REAL – It does not exist.

You see people do not dislike you or I because of our skin color – no none of us got to choose what color we are. What the anger and criticism have to do with is your short sided immature and arrogant approach to governance. I have seen High School Student Councils that have had more ability than the self-proclaimed little Evita’s, Che’s and Malcom’s.

When you read the other articles and try to figure out  some of the things those authors are pointing out, do not be so quick to blame them or me for automatic racism. Especially if you disagree. Racism is an excuse and a wedge.

These people are willingly elected. In the Public eye. They are open to these reviews and to these criticisms by virtue of their office. I cannot imagine being so weak that I am offended by words. I would like for my words to be used for praise but when there is no reconciliation or even admission of any understanding of blame, well, praise seems hypocritical. We cannot have UNITY without reconciliation.

There was a time when the norm was for men to act in the best interest of himself and his neighbor, it mattered not the wealth or power accumulated by one or the other. The outcome was beneficial to both when each takes consideration of someone besides themselves.

When the elected do right, we have a responsibility to bolster them. As we have done.

We can no longer wait for them to grow into their position. Without your oversight, questioning and involvement you will fail to recognize what is to come.

They rebuked or as they say “removed from the table” at their Workshop the formation of Citizen advisory Boards. Instead Anthony decided that they would wait until they developed everything before they give you a say. Otherwise, it was said, they would just have to drag that group around and it would become too much effort. So – they decided to table Citizen Advisory groups – they will drag you along instead. Anthony’s words not mine.

They decided not to let you see the agenda being created in the Sunshine. They opted to remain in a closed door out of the Sunshine process to develop and present the Peoples Business. Sounds more like Chicago than Indiantown.

What do you all have to hide?

Why do you have to meet behind closed door to develop the people’s agenda?

What are you afraid of?

Being held accountable maybe?

To address the obvious person missing in this review up until now, Ms. Susan Gibbs-Thomas. The primary criticism I have of Ms. Thomas is that she allowed the other four to steam roll discussion like White Privilege and Systemic Racism into a STRATEGIC Planning session for your Village. She showed grace under pressure from a systemic attack on her from the Council.

While I sat and watched how the demeanor and unapologetic accusations of racism where being leveled against Ms. Gibbs-Thomas and every other person of non-color, I began to see the true nature of what she has been subjected too.

Many in that room (Council Members) accused her of being on a side. They are fine ones to talk.

They have insinuated that Susan is somehow a leader of a group or tribe while the tribal nature of their actions are flagrant.

If standing on a ground of Constitutionalism and Grace place her as a leader with like minded people. AMEN. Where do I sign up !

Do not confuse leadership by example with leadership by edict.  The latter being openly demonstrated by Ms. Clarke when she speaks to White Privelage and Systemic Racism. Or When Anthony speaks to Systemic Racism. Then in turn say MY PEOPLE. Who needs to check their privilege?

Who are your people Ms. Clarke?

Are the White people part of that list?

I know we are on God’s list just like you.

So fellow citizens, when you get angry about things do not be surprised why this is all taking place. It is the actions and words as well as the behavior of the people you elected to represent you. When you elect Socialists, children and thugs to represent you, expect what they give you. Tyrannical self-interest is the agenda you can expect going forward.

We already know that we are going to have accusation leveled against us. We know what we say will be called heresy by many. However, what has been said has needed to be said for a long time. The people of Indiantown need to take back their governance and bring it into the Sunshine before the only people living here are like minded people represented by thugs, bullies, children and agenda driven openly avowed Progressive Socialists.

What you cannot do with a self-honest heart is ignore reality.

It starts with you.


  • we have hours of Audio and Video to share with you soon

Grants are not Free

Village of Indiantown

Good job on the Water Plant and the grants

Usually grants have strings and the TAM  is working to find out what we are  committed to now after we accept the grant –  Let’s hope it is all good stuff
 Nice Job so far guys Keep it up

We are Watching

Giving Credit When Credit is do

There is no right way to do the wrong thing

So when we see truth in change that is for the positive, we need to acknowledge it. Especially when we were one of the voices talking about those changes.

we will still be watching – so keep up the good work. There is a long way to go.


 See more of KJ’s corner here

Indiantown Council Workshop


At a recent private gathering, the TAM had opportunity to discuss some Village issues with the First Mayor of Indiantown, Ms. Susan Gibbs-Thomas.

One of the more important things we learned involved her idea to change the way the Village creates their agenda. We asked a lot of questions and Ms. Gibbs-Thomas was more than happy to answer them in depth.

The video below is our takeaway as to what Ms. Gibbs-Thomas is suggesting.

We believe Ms. Gibbs-Thomas is sincere when she explained how she knows that this is real important for Indiantown. Please take the time to watch and consider the idea. It is important.

If you think that the Council should discuss this topic at their Annual Planning Workshop let them know:

Janet Hernandez Fraud Complaint Update

The American democratic system is not always based upon simple majority rule.

There are certain principles that are so important to the nation that the majority has agreed not to interfere in these areas.  For instance, the Bill of Rights was passed because concepts such as freedom of religion, speech, equal treatment, and due process of law were deemed so important that, barring a Constitutional Amendment, not even a majority should be allowed to change them.

Rule of law is a principle under which all persons, institutions, and entities are accountable to laws that are:

  • Publicly promulgated
  • Equally enforced
  • Independently adjudicated

Confidence in the rule of law is vital to the functioning of any civil society. When a people no longer have confidence in the rulers and their law then we no longer resemble a free society.

The Laws that are placed upon us are equally placed upon those who create the law. Those who create law have a responsibility to not only craft intelligent Constitutionally based rule, they must also live under that law.

When the law giver does not follow their own rule and it is known by those ruled, well without adjudication the ruler’s behavior become tyrannical in nature. The law maker begins to feel as if they can take privilege for gain at the Peoples expense. Therefore, proper adherence and review of the law is required to ensure the domestic tranquility of any advanced civil society.

The title of law maker is not awarded or given for life in our Republic. The title of law maker is passed from those that we elect, then passing the title to the next elected. When an elected representative of the People is elected to office and wears the title of law maker, they are to do so as a guardian of the Peoples trust.

When that trust Is violated and the title becomes tarnished, the rule of law begins to erode Public confidence.

So, when the Peoples trust is violated with flagrant acts of despotism they must be brought before the same light that the ruled must stand before when they violate the public trust (law).

There are other levels of trust that exist between a people and the government. There is a trust and even certainty of privacy that is well written into our laws. For instance, while an absentee voter role may be used for common political activity within a campaign for the purpose of electioneering, it cannot be used for any public type of disclosure of the voter’s information. This law is codified in our State Statues as well as Federal regulations. It is there as a protection of the People.

The right to vote is foundational in our free society. Violations of that sacred right work to tarnish the confidence in one vote – one voice. Therefore, when they occur, they must be repelled and eliminated.

It is the obligation of every American citizen to shine light on those who breach the Public trust and violate our God given rights. To not do so is to capitulate and bend your knee in submission to tyranny.

A Free People cannot exist in a tyranny.

There are other potential election law violations that occurred in the Village of Indiantown Primary election beyond the Illegal handling and use of the absentee voter list.

Let’s stay there for one quick second though. A convicted wife beater and child abuser as well as accused rapist was brought into our community and paid to levy innuendo and rumor for the purpose of influencing the outcome of the election. That fact in and of itself is enough to warrant asking, by whom?

Who paid this dirtball to wage a disinformation war against Guy Parker in the election?

You see, if your elected leaders are even closely involved in this matter then you have to question their ability to make law. If they are unscrupulous enough to stand besides, hire and pay for an attack by a convicted felon, then how will they handle contracts and decisions of the Peoples business?

Further, illegal electioneering by two of the sitting council women was witnessed by many. Fear seems to be a weapon that is scaring people into silence. That still does not change the fact that illegal campaign material telling a person who to vote for was widely disseminated throughout the Village of Indiantown. It was done by two sitting council members. That is Voter intimidation and is a violation of campaign law requirements for handbills.

In Central America and Cuba this technique is widely used by strong arm socialist factions to scare people into voting for their candidates. When presented by a person recognized as powerful, they generally capitulate out of fear. Often times there is then a coordinated effort to take that person to the polling place to cast the party line vote.

Many have witnessed and spoken about this practice that took place in our Village during the last Primary.

Then you have the question of collusion between sitting Council people for the purpose of endorsement to influence the election. Why? Was it a planned agenda they were trying to protect?

A win at any cost effort was mounted and played out in front of all that had their eyes wide open and are awake. It seems that the outcome was the goal not the integrity of the conclusion. To that end let me ask you a question now. If your elected leaders actually acted in a way that was devious and calculated so they could maintain their personal power over your rights, what will you do? Will you watch more closely? Will you ask more questions? Will you make sure the light is not turned off? Will you stand with your neighbor and say “No Longer” ?

It begins with you.

~ NoMoMrNiceGuy – 2020

Authors Note: Once the complaint has been received and verified by Tallahassee, protocol mandates that my participation in the public space on this matter will draw silent while the investigation takes place. It is the proper behavior for me to take. The words above will probably be the last for a period of time while the Florida Department of State considers the matter we have placed before them. That does not mean that I will not be actively involved in the process.

A Formal Complaint Has Been Filed



Today a formal complaint was filed against the Mayor of Indiantown with the Florida Department of State. We are asking that a preliminary investigation be initiated to determine how the Absentee voter role was allowed to get into the hands of a payed operative for the purpose of Voter intimidation, Voter fraud and illegal use of the Absentee Voter role.

The complaint is public record and once received by Tallahassee will be able to be requested by the public. It has been mailed today. We will keep you updated with any information that we can without breaching legal trusts.

Here is the basic premise of the complaint:

Under section 97.012(15), Florida Statutes, the Department of State has authority to conduct preliminary investigations into any allegations of irregularities or fraud involving voter registration or voting, or candidate or issue petition activities. The Department may then report its findings to the Office of Statewide Prosecution or to the State Attorney for the judicial circuit in which the alleged violation occurred for prosecution, where warranted.

The foundation of this complaint is based on FS. 101.62(3)[i].

Further, it is the belief that the public trust, as well as individual voters’ rights, have been violated by complicit non-statutory use of the Absentee voter role for the purpose of harassment & voter intimidation.

Pursuant to FS 101.62(3) the absentee roll is to remain confidential and is only for the use of a stated few. Further, according to Martin County Supervisor of Elections protocol and practice, an absentee list is only able to be obtained by completing a signed statement of understanding as to the use of the roles.

There were three Candidates in the Indiantown Primary that made the request of the Supervisor of Elections. Those candidates were, Guy Parker, Janet Hernandez and Anthony Zweiner.

Guy Parker was the subject of a character assault levied by Robert Burns III who was hired locally to spread false information and intimidate the voting bloc. Mr. Burns activity is closely tied to the contested Primary election of Florida Representative Fine in Brevard county, Florida. Mr. Burns has used an Illegal PAC and other instruments to levy his paid smear campaign against Mr. Parker.

The use of the Absentee ballot was made public on a Facebook post to continue his character assault on a local resident. The Absentee role could only have been obtained locally by one of the three afore mentioned.

The second person that obtained the role was Anthony Zweiner. As his senior campaign advisor, I know unmistakably that Robert Burns did not receive it from our campaign. That leaves Janet Hernandez. Janet was on the ballot for re-election. She was the opposition to Mr. Zweiner.

There are closer ties to Mr. Burns through then Mayor and candidate Guyton Stone. We are able to fully document his close association with Mr. Burns. We are making this reference to demonstrate Guyton Stone was also involved with the use of the Absentee role for his agent Mr. Burns. Again Mr. Stone never requested the Absentee list. Neither did Mr. Burns.

We are alleging that a conspiracy of planned events culminated in several Sunshine law violations, voter intimidation, illegal electioneering and statutory misuse of the absentee voter role.

Attached are links to journal articles that were compiled during the ongoing violations for referential use.

There are more graphic, written and verbal pieces of information that will aid in the investigation once this request for investigation is initiated. If you require them prior please contact me directly. We have excluded attaching them from this complaint for the sake of brevity.

To that end, Mr. Burns has demonstrated his tactics and illegality. He has also been associated to local candidates and office holders in what, after investigation, will show collusion, sunshine law violation and other irregularities. The Absentee voter role use is the piece that connects all of the other fraudulent occurrences together.

Therefore, we are asking that a preliminary investigation be initiated to determine how the Absentee voter role was allowed to get into the hands of a payed operative for the purpose of Voter intimidation, Voter Fraud and illegal use of the Absentee voter role. The remainder of the criminal and illegal activity will certainly surface during any proper investigation by your office.

[i] 101.62(3) - For each request for a vote-by-mail ballot received, the supervisor shall record the date the request was made, the date the vote-by-mail ballot was delivered to the voter or the voter’s designee or the date the vote-by-mail ballot was delivered to the post office or other carrier, the date the ballot was received by the supervisor, the absence of the voter’s signature on the voter’s certificate, if applicable, and such other information he or she may deem necessary. This information shall be provided in electronic format as provided by rule adopted by the division. The information shall be updated and made available no later than 8 a.m. of each day, including weekends, beginning 60 days before the primary until 15 days after the general election and shall be contemporaneously provided to the division. This information shall be confidential and exempt from s. 119.07(1) and shall be made available to or reproduced only for the voter requesting the ballot, a canvassing board, an election official, a political party or official thereof, a candidate who has filed qualification papers and is opposed in an upcoming election, and registered political committees for political purposes only.

Just tell the truth to begin with

The truth may take you places you do not expect.

While you may not have thought soemthing to be true, the truth is always the truth. There is but one truth. Truth is not subjective or interpretive. Plain and simple, the truth is the truth.

When the path leads to a place that shines light and it reveals something other than what we believed to be the truth, well, then we have to come to nature with the new found truth.

During the recent Village of Indiantown campaign season there was a question as to the legitimacy of the then sitting Mayors residential qualifications. Many, including myself, indicated that we believed his claim of residency was illegal. The basis for this claim was that the address was zoned as a commercial building. Meaning you work there. You do not live there.

I and others asked both publicly and privately of the Mayor to clear the matter up. As it turned out the way the Mayor wanted to clear this up was to threaten me with legal action for asking the question. He was unwilling to subordinate his position that he was acting as a custodian for the owner and that an old overlay from prior zoning made it closer to legal.

So, instead of answering the question directly with fact, he chose to hide and say he does not live there. The real fact is that neither he nor the Village Staff knew if he could legally live there either.

This is where we began asking questions of Howard Brown and other Village staff members for information about the residency. I will be compiling the e-mail chain for review and posting so check back.

Needless to say, they were less than responsive. A question left with Howard from 6 Aug 20 was not responded to until we called one of the people associated in the e-mail chain on 3 SEP 20. The young lady was able to supply another link in the chain but was unwilling to help complete the chain that was close to the truth. Again, an unmotivated civil servant finding the request to be more than they want to deal with.

The chain of custody was then picked up and passed of to the Village Clerk who identified that she has but a mere copy of minutes and no detail. She said it was before her time. Best she could do I guess.

That opens a lot of other discussions we can have about how the public record is kept in the dark at the Village. Even they cannot find what they need when they need it.

So, the trail went cold. Until an anonymous contributor that had been seeing the exchange supplied TALK ABOUT MARTIN with the final set of documents that close this issue on Guyton Stones legal residency. Again, I will post the docs shortly.

So here was the original question:

Does the property that Guyton Stone claims as residence qualify as such?

Answer: Yes

As long as he is employed in the capacity of a custodian or watchman it can be used as quarters.

How is this possible?

When Indiantown was still a part of the County LDR codes it was designated as a Redevelopment Area. Also known as a CRA. A mixed-use designation was given to several property within the boundary known as the Indiantown CRA. In doing so it enabled for the domicile in question to be used.

But the Village is separate from the County now.

When the divorce took place, the Village decided to not renew the Indiantown CRA. The whole Village would have been a CRA in the case that they retained it and it was counterproductive. It was the right move to make.

There was still the issue of the Zoning Overlay though. If the County trashed the CRA without regard to the underlying LDR’s then everyone that had taken advantage of this mixed-use allowance would be left in a tight spot. So, the County carved that overlay from the CRA before chopping it off. They will remove the County overlay once the Village completes their LDR’s.

It would have been much easier if Staff at the Village would have not been combative and standoffish. All that did was create more suspicion. So, from now on can we all work towards the TRUTH for the sake of the TRUTH please.

There is a myriad of questions that rise from this. One is the lack of transparency and obvious lack of accountability within the Village staff. Another is how the overlay is intended to be dealt with now?

So, I guess the lesson learned here is when you are asked by citizens about something as serious as this topic, just tell the truth. If you do not know the truth say so. Then be willing to try and find it. Only in truth can we all find unity.

Editor – Talk About Martin – 2020