YMCA Cleanup Day a “Great Success “

The past year and a half have presented a great deal of challenges for all of us. It is no different for non-profit and commercial businesses alike. As the world went into lock down, the needs did not stop.

Groups like the YMCA and others experienced a lack of volunteers and events. The people and the money dried up real fast. This did not mean that there were not on going needs. So as time passed and the weeds became taller and the limbs grew longer, effort was needed.

Effort is exactly what the YMCA received today. As an Editors note to this story, we would like to take the privilege of thanking Tony Z (Zweiner) for organizing this effort. Weeks of planning and discussion took place way before the cleanup to insure a job well done. Thank You.

There is also credible discussion taking place regarding the awesome swimming pool at the “Y”. TAM has learned of an effort underway to secure a benefactor for the renovation of the pool. Wait until you hear this story. The pool is just the first part. So Standby !

To all the people in the community that helped, you are the best.


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Send them a message and let us know how the customer service was from the Village. We would love to hear. Good bad or indifferent. If there is something you think we should know use our tip line here to drop us a line. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access and return back to send them more in the future.


We have a time for MC Fair ground Q&A with the Indiantown Chamber (UPDATE


Where: Indiantown Civic Center-15675 SW Osceola – Indiantown, FL 34956

When: Tuesday September 29th, Starts promptly @ 6:30PM

More to follow – Please share this out with your friends and Facebook groups.

The Honorable Councilwoman Miss Susan Gibbs-Thomas will be on hand to represent the Village Council.

This is your chance to ask questions and see what all of the excitement surrounding the Fair is all About !

We are busting with pride to announce to you that the Indiantown Chamber of Commerce will be CO-SPONSORING the Fairground Discussion and Update. We have been working to bring you a whole lot more in the near future that is in partnership with the Chamber in Indiantown. Maybe some open air citizen councils to discuss public matters like Park and Recreation, Beautification, LDR’s etc. In the meantime – Let’s Talk About the Fair with everyone.

Also, we have asked Ms. Susan Gibbs-Thomas if she would please represent the Village Council at this meeting and she has happily agreed to do so.

We welcome all the residents, businesses and interested party – Dates for Palm City and Indiantown to be announced soon.

(16 SEP 20) – Today, The TAM Editor reached out to the Martin County Fair Association Director and asked him a question.

We asked him this.  “If  TAM is able to accommodate a TOWN HALL meeting of citizens in Indiantown and in Palm City would he and his Association come and update us on what the developments are in with the new Fairgrounds”.

Well, Jay, being who Jay is, said OF COURSE. We explained that there is a lot of foggy air and disinformation that the TAM wanted to help clear up. We explained that the best information we could find was a one year old Video from the MCTPA. Besides, no one else is keeping us up to date with the info so we thought we would ask.

So we did. When we did ask the Fair Association agreed.

Jay thought it was a great idea to offer an opportunity to have a discussion and update. Same as John Haddox has indicated on our FB TAM site.

So, standby – we are working with a community partner in Indiantown and Palm City to help make sure this is a worth while educational civic event for the People. We are excited and know that you will not want to miss this opportunity to see what is coming your way – real soon.

We believe that up front discussion will help to prevent after the fact suspicion. We believe up front information and feedback will make for an even more successful MC fair that benefits the community even more so.

Please join us as community members to learn more about our world and the things that will be there in our future and our children’s.

As soon as we have a date we will announce our community partners in the event.

You see, when we all come together around a single mission, well, we are unstoppable. We want to thank the MC Fair Association, their Board and all the people involved. They are doing the lifting. Let’s give them an objective and informative platform to show us what they are doing on our behalf.

MCSD Voter Referendum (UPDATE)


It was interesting yesterday to see where the grievance came from the School District Employees about our story on the Allocation of 2018 Voter referendum funds.

It goes to show that no matter how many degrees, pedigrees or experience, the human animal is the same. One would assume that the argument from people that received money as a TEACHER, just like they claim to be, teachers, would not have been so Defensive.

We indicated that these peoples and others received referendum monies:

Behavioral Specialist, Dean’s, Digital Learning Specialists, Instructional “coaches”, Intervention/Prob solving coaches, Lifelong learning instructors, literacy coaches, Media specialists, Occupational specialists at an alternative school, Program specialists, School Counselor’s, Speech pathologists, Bilingual specialist, Digital learning coach, Headstart program, ESE support facilitator and Transition specialist.  To name but a small few

We even showed from public record how some retained more earning than the formula the Board Set to pay the “QUALIFIED TEACHERS”.

We also have shown how 1,000 NON-TEACHING roles received $1,000,000.00.

We even advocated for the transfer of the $1,000,000.00 to be distributed to the TEACHERS.

Seemed straight forward. Well, not so much, I guess.

What we have not done is to be the arbiter of who is more equal or worthy than another. The questioned asked of us, the VOTER, never included those options. PERIOD.

We have not said that we feel anyone person for their effort or dedication should not be paid. No this is not about merit. It is about honor and stewardship. Plain and simple.

If those two words still mean anything today then that should be all that need be said. Seems like the  words don’t mean the same thing to some though. Just sayin.

The people that actually received the money in that list were more upset that we suggested they may not meet the technical definition of QUALIFIED TEACHER than the fact that there is a Million Dollars that is due TEACHERS still allocated inappropriately. It is not hard to consider  it would be more in the teachers interest to have consideration about the money on the table. Not by demonstrating an insecurity  over their certainty of their position, but by seeing the shortfall they had from the hands of others. See, it is your UNION that robbed Peter to pay Paul.

Is there a UNION member that would like to talk about what you know from the inside that others should know? We would love to talk. editor@TalkAboutMartin.com

We never said take the ESE and other roles money away. But if the shoe fits, I suppose.

You would have thought that the same people in the list above receiving the original Stipend would have been supporting another $1,000,000.00 into the pot for the TEACHERS. Seeing as to how they already are more equal than others and received a Stipend.

Nope, they had to defend whether or not they are teachers.


This matter is not about castigation of anyone’s qualifications or credentials. This is not a judgement on your work ethic, skill, importance, mission or anything of the sort. This is about doing the right thing as it was sold to the VOTERS.

This matter is not just about the personnel of the School District or the Union. The matter at hand is bigger than the MCSD, which is pretty darn big already.

On the other hand there was the rush of accolades from people wanting to support the effort to clean this boondoggle up.

Overall, outside of a few hot-headed ego damaged persons that received the money and are still whining, Martin County is on the side of the Truth in this matter, as are we. All the VOTER citizens of this County want are transparency, accountability and Stewardship with the MILLIONS of dollars taken from our pocket.

So, if you think getting to the bottom of this mess in the SUNSHINE is important, well so do WE THE PEOPLE.

There should not be one person in the School System that for one minute should feel a personal attack from the facts. The facts are the facts. You did receive the money, under the QUALIFIED TEACHERS moniker, did you not? So, why the uproar?

Maybe some education of the Public, a little TEACHING and less defense would help to clear this Union/District Made muddy water. When you  involve yourself with Unions, this kind of a mess is inevitable.

More to follow.

Know Who You are Standing With

Maybe we should rename MLK Blvd. to BLM Road.

After all it seems MLK is a thing of the past. Maybe Malcolm X Lane instead?

What your Young Elected have been taught about America is sad.

In the broadest sense, Black Lives Matter refers to a protest movement spawned by recent and repeated instances of black men and women being killed under apparently controversial to outrageous circumstances. It traces its origins to the 2012 fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman (who was acquitted of Martin’s murder) and to “three radical self-avowed Marxist Black organizers—Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi.

Critics blame BLM for worsening race relations in America. Even family members of Jamar Clark, who was shot by police in 2015, have urged BLM to settle the protests because “there’s a fine line between protesting a cause and hurting the community.”

One of BLM’s originating activists, Alicia Garza, has argued that black people cannot be racist, because “Racism is a system” rather than the act of merely judging people based on race.

Then you have Groups like the YEO Networks, that support the same policy platforms of Social Justice and Progressive ideology. They are another offshoot of funding and activism that develop and assist in cultivating young elected officials in small governments to continue the same policy track as BLM is using at State and National levels.

There seems to be a mantra forming here of We no longer need permission – we are just going to do what we want.


The cross over of policy between these two organizations is amazingly identical. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone though when you look for example to how BLM is funded. Very much the same way that YEO is funded and by the same groups and radical far left Marxists that are currently trying to dismantle the American way of life.

Why is that important? Well, it is no longer just in the BIG CITY. Indiantown, you have a sitting Councilmen on the Indiantown Village Council that is a member of both groups. As a matter of fact he has brought BLM to our town. While the gatherings in Indiantown have not been violent, yet. They did espouse the same language of hate and fairytail topics like systemic racism, white privilege and a muddled view of diversity.

Systemic racism is the idea that anyone of NON-COLOR is naturally racist from birth. It is just built in they say. Really? Check your privilege they will say. Uh Huh.

Your Village Council railed on this during their STRATEGIC WORKSHOP as well. Other fairytail ideas like White Privilege and “forced equality through edict or law” were thrown into the mix. As well as forced diversity through contractual and ordinal edict.

They did more than just talk about it. They said it is the STRATEGIC MISSION of your elected leaders in Indiantown to advance these Social Justice ideals. This amounts to nothing more than forced Cultural Marxism through Critical Theory. This is what happens when you do not know the people you elect and then give them the keys after dark.

Long story short. It is unAmerican, It is Socialist at best and Marxist in the light.

So, are all people in the movement bad. No, there are a whole lot of people that are useful idiots that buy into the intersectional tripe that is espoused. There are those that are taking advantage of a situation for their own gain. Then there are those, a large majority, that support the BLM mantra of “Overthrow Capitalism Destroy the Constitution”. Regardless of which type they are, they are standing with an organization that is advocating the overthrow of the United States Constitution.

The same Constitution Anthony Dowling claims to have served to defend. What happened Anthony?

Now if you do not support those things I think it is time to denounce them and show otherwise in your words and actions.

If we have a race problem in this community it will not be solved by allowing elected to mandate your morals and actions in a matter of race relations. You will not solve it by bringing in outside agitators that are burning our Nation Down.

If you really believe their is an issue. Let’s talk. If you want to have a forum to support your radical Marxist and far left leaning BS, then take a hike. We have to begin in a place we all have in common first. We need to build on what we already agree on. Then we can start to talk about the things we do not. Without contrition and reconciliation there can be no Comm-Unity. It is a two way street.

So when your elected Council people start wagging their tongues and fingers telling you that all White people are born racist and that forced equality is the only way they can win, you better know who you are standing alongside. Because you will be known as one of them.

In my circles, we judge a man on the content of his character, not the color of ones skin. There is not a one of us who got to choose our skin color. God decided for us. There is a reason. Try and find it.

it starts with you

The New MC Fair Grounds (UPDATE)

The video below as it has been pointed out By David Hafner is over a year old. We realize that, however the Martin County Taxpayers Association was the nearest place we could find much of any other information about what is going on with the fair. It worked I guess because we have also learned from discussion with David that he sits on the MC Fair Board. That is a reassuring thought. Especially given David’s Political aspirations and his public service interest. He’s a good guy. One of us.

David has also informed us that the meetings are a 70 mile round trip and we can attend if we want. Thank you but making a day trip of attending is not going to happen for most of the people in Western County. Which leads me to our next idea.

If the Fair is coming to Indiantown – then shouldn’t you guys be meeting here too?

Former Commissioner John Haddox thinks this is a good idea too.

Shouldn’t Indiantown and even Palm City be the epicenter of discussion, planning and presences? It just seems logical I guess. I mean we are going to be the epicenter of the fair shortly.

The East Coast has decided to off load the fairground property after decades of maneuvering and financial manipulation. Now it is going to happen. Thanks to a deal between Kevin Powers, the South Florida Water Management District and the Fair.

The question we have for the residents of the area most effected by the decision are:

  1. Were you asked to begin with?
  2. Are you being asked now about design, implementation, or impact?
  3. Have you been asked and are you one of the driving forces in the process?

These are not complaints. They are adult observations. If you want to make great things happen then ask the people you are going to drop this on what they think, before the plan is done. Not after the fact. We are asking for the respect that Western Martin County has been screaming for the past several decades.

Well, you have a chance now to participate and make a difference. So what will we do? Will we just get all excited because we can have elephant ears and roller coaster rides closer to home like little kids? Or will we ask the tough questions about the fact that not if, but what and when these impacts will be felt. Not all the potential impact is negative either.

But folks, if we do not address the issues before they become issues, they are going to be real problems later. Lawsuits, crime, traffic, noise. If you do not represent your interest now then when will it get represented? See this is a group effort people. If you think electing people and then having a “give me party” is the way this works, well guess again. Those type of things only benefit one group. It is not the people either.

Is there anyone out there that thinks having a voice in their future is a good thing? That is all we are asking for is a voice. Just like every other little guy out there that feels like the system is steam rolling them for others benefit. It is our turn now.

Are you you hearing us MC Fair? Can we talk? Editor@TalkAboutMartin.com

We would like to help arrange meetings and discussion forums with the Western County folks. Will you assist us in this process?

This is a video from The Martin County Tax Payers Association. You can see it and others here:

One of the arguments for moving the Fair Grounds is the Congestion on A1A. I can’t wait to see how Palm City and Indiantown are bottle necked and effected by loud music and other events besides the Fair.

The video is an interview with the Fair Director and explains the process and ideas that are being proposed.

Do you think we should request a Town Hall Meeting, not with the Village Government, just the folks and the Fair to discuss the project and begin asking questions before we are locked into whatever they decide goes?

Stay informed. The agenda of those in charge is not always your agenda. Keep Watching!

HERE is a link to our recent FB Discussion on the topic



Giving Credit When Credit is do

There is no right way to do the wrong thing

So when we see truth in change that is for the positive, we need to acknowledge it. Especially when we were one of the voices talking about those changes.

we will still be watching – so keep up the good work. There is a long way to go.


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