Home rule and its balance with preemption.

Home rule has long been a contentious fight between the state legislature, and local governing bodies. Where local control by the county or city is largely supported by local residents in almost all jurisdictions, we continue to see great support for state pre-emption of laws within the local community. It is no secret that community […]

Find out more about Martin County Rural Lifestyle Comp Plan Amendment and Atlantic Fields. The amendment changes rural density from 1 house per 20 acres to 1 house per 5 acres. But there is much more to it. Tune in Wednesday morning at 10:05 a.m. to find out more.

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Wednesday on The KC Ingram Show

  Eric MIller joins KC in the studio to talk about the increase you are seeing on your tax bill for waste/recycling collection services, a 15% pay raise for the County Administrator, a 12% pay raise for the County Attorney, and the vaccine guidelines for Indiantown and Martin County employees that many feel are discriminatory. We […]

YMCA Cleanup Day a “Great Success “

The past year and a half have presented a great deal of challenges for all of us. It is no different for non-profit and commercial businesses alike. As the world went into lock down, the needs did not stop. Groups like the YMCA and others experienced a lack of volunteers and events. The people and […]

MCSD Voter Referendum (UPDATE)

WE “THINKETH” YOU PROTEST A LITTLE TOO LOUDLY It was interesting yesterday to see where the grievance came from the School District Employees about our story on the Allocation of 2018 Voter referendum funds. It goes to show that no matter how many degrees, pedigrees or experience, the human animal is the same. One would […]