SGT Releases video on voting for Mayor

People have been asking why they do not get to vote for Mayor. Well you can, but you have to change the way your Village Charter is written in order to do so.

The First Mayor of Indiantown Explains in the video below.

Would you like to send an e-mail to the Council Members and let them know who you want as Mayor? Well You can.  After you watch the video vote for who you want as the next Mayor of Indiantown. Then tell the Council who you want by sending an e-mail to them from below.


Send an E-mail to all the Council and tell them who you want as Mayor



SGT Approved for FLC Board Seat

Way to go SGT

Way to go Councilwoman Susan Gibbs -Thomas on your recent appointment to the FLC’s Board of Directors. Your ethics, standards and values will benefit the group. We would like to see your same principles rub off a bit on some other elected that we know.

Keep the Lantern of Liberty Lit !