Race Attacks in Indiantown (UPDATE) 9a 24 Sep

9a – 24 Sep 20 – TAM was unable to attend yesterday’s event. However we have learned a few things about the event.

First. The person that was the victim of what Anthony Dowling called a “Racial Attack” was working at Dollar Store when it happened. We do not know who the person is at this time. We are working to get a chance to talk with her.

Second. The first social media announcement that made the radar on this event a day prior to the event was posted by a sitting Councilman on his page with integrated graphics. (see below).

Third. The fact that a sitting Councilman uses his official page and title to promote and encourage participation in this cast an impression that the Village was supporting this effort through him. Just another reason for a communications policy to be in place with the Village. We e-mailed Howard Brown at the Village and will share that with you too. (see below)

Fourth: The Village has said they knew nothing of this event. So, a Councilman, using the Village Name promotes an event as Councilman and acts as an organizer and the Village Manager has no idea about it? How is that possible? Seems we should have a communication policy in place so we do not have these types of misleading impressions from Council members. Remember, they are just borrowing the Title of office.

Fifth: An on line FB user has indicated that Anthony had nothing to do with the event either. The same FB user invited us to come to the event to find out more details on the Attack.

Sixth. Our lack of ability to be on the ground was unfortunate. However, we will be working to bring this into focus a little bit better.

Lastly, no person should be subject to abusive language of any kind. What this situation shows us are a couple of things. Unfortunately the way that Anthony Dowling has played a race card and used the Village as a platform to do it from is sad. What was said to the young lady, from what we know, was wrong.

The gathering of the comm-unity to show that Indiantown will not tolerate this kind of action was affirming.

As soon as we have found a way to speak with the young lady we will let you know.

2P – 23 Sep 20 – TAM has received word from Howard Brown.

He indicates that they know nothing about the event other than flyers that they have seen.

So, we at least know that this is not a Village Sanctioned Event as we were led to believe by Anthony’s use of his Title and the Village Of Indiantowns name.

Thank you though Anthony for your comm-unity service on the matter.

12p – 23 Sep 20 – TAM has learned through Councilman Anthony Dowling’s official page that he is promoting and organizing an event for Social Justice Tonight @ 5P

The details follow. There are several questions that many of you have had about this event, and we agree with you. The matter of Race Crime is something that if it is occurring in the manner implied, well then Law Enforcement should be the first place to go.

If this is truly a matter of racial hate crime then we should all be intolerant of it.

However, the details on the event create more questions than answers. So, we have asked them for you.

We have asked Councilman Dowling publicly for a response this time. All other attempts in the past for answers have been met with a demand to “send him a letter and he will get back to us.”

We have also asked the Village for a response or a press release on the matter. Anthony is operating as Councilman for this event so we want the Village to have a chance to express their involvement and support of the event as well.

For those who wish to attend please share this information out as to the date and time.

TAM is planning representation at the event to cover all of the happenings on the ground.

As soon as Anthony responds to your questions we will let you know.

Here is a screen scrape of the event :

Here are the Questions we asked and hope to have an answer for soon:

This event is not a Village sponsored event.

—–Original Message—–

From: Eric Miller <ericxxxx@exxxxting.com

Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2020 1:47 PM

To: Howard Brown <hbrown@indiantownfl.gov>

Subject: RE: Race Attacks

Howard – Thank You for the prompt response. More than Anthony has done. This is the Event I am talking about on Councilman Dowling’s official Social page – He appears to be representing the Village. I have to ask, how could you not know? Is there a policy in place for these types of Communication events that controls this appearance of involvement officially and thus on behalf of the Village? As a personal aside – Oh and sorry for the Harold thing in prior e-mail (mental lapse). – Editor


From: Howard Brown <hbrown@indiantownfl.gov>

Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2020 1:37 PM

To: Eric Miller <ericxxxxxx@xxxxxing.com>

Subject: Re: Race Attacks

I don’t have any information other than what’s in the flyer.

Howard W. Brown, Jr., ICMA-CM

Village Manager

Village of Indiantown, FL

772-597-8282.  (Wk)

On Sep 23, 2020, at 11:53 AM, Eric Miller  > wrote:


We, Talk About Martin, are trying to find out more about the Race Crimes occurring in Indiantown. According to Councilmen Dowling a severe Racial Attack took place in  Indiantown and he and the Village are arranging and facilitating a parade of support. Can you elaborate please on the matter.

Eric D. Miller



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A Neighbor needs our help

A Neighbor Needs Our Help

Please take a minute  to read the following that was sent to us by one of our own, Ms. Kim Jackson from KJ’s Corner.

This is a cry for help. PLEASE HELP my grandmother get rid of the termites that have taken over her home and get her roof fixed. The roof has been leaking for awhile but my granddad was able to patch it here and there. They were both on a fixed income but they still helped with their grandchildren, great grandchildren, and anyone who simply needed a meal or a place to get some rest. On July 12, 2020, my granddad passed away suddenly. Through her grieving now she has to worry about how she will get things fixed around the house. My grandmother suffers from COPD and a number of other health issues. The rain in the house and the termites really make it harder for her to breathe. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

As neighbors, Christians and God Fearing American’s we have a chance to put our effort and or our money where our mouth is.

If you have the skill and are willing to help out on this effort to assist a neighbor in need Please  let us know.

If you can help offset some of the expense, please reach out to the families Fund Raiser Page by clicking <<here>>.

If you or your company can assist with donating time,skills, labor and material please consider dropping us a line here @ TAM and we will work to get you in touch with the people close to the matter. You can e-mail us @ Editor@TalkAboutMartin.com

If you would like to start a community handyman group for these types of needs and others to help assist your neighbors, drop us line.

These are some pictures of the damage that needs repair:


The Newly Awakened

(This article is a reprint from a 2016 discussion)

“The Newly Awakened”

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Here is an excerpt:

…… “They sensed that someone was starting to mess with their happy blind relationship to the materialistic free market American dream. In other words, they are broke for the most part or are working like a beast to stay even. I get it. To quote from a previous post:

“Apathy does not make us stupid.  On the contrary, a great deal of energy is used to offset the world and hibernate in an apathetic state of existence. Apathy requires an acute awareness of the obvious. It is what drives some to having a broken “give a damn”. Many can only cope with the influence of the pressure of reality by excusing themselves from it and gathering in flocks for comfort. They yearn for a sheep dog.”

And now they are awake, angry and wanting revenge against whomever shattered their illusion of American integrity. In most respects some have herded together and really are angry political mobs.” ………..

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