The Newly Awakened

(This article is a reprint from a 2016 discussion)

“The Newly Awakened”

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Here is an excerpt:

…… “They sensed that someone was starting to mess with their happy blind relationship to the materialistic free market American dream. In other words, they are broke for the most part or are working like a beast to stay even. I get it. To quote from a previous post:

“Apathy does not make us stupid.  On the contrary, a great deal of energy is used to offset the world and hibernate in an apathetic state of existence. Apathy requires an acute awareness of the obvious. It is what drives some to having a broken “give a damn”. Many can only cope with the influence of the pressure of reality by excusing themselves from it and gathering in flocks for comfort. They yearn for a sheep dog.”

And now they are awake, angry and wanting revenge against whomever shattered their illusion of American integrity. In most respects some have herded together and really are angry political mobs.” ………..

<<full story here>>

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