Corruption, Behavior & Howard Brown

Riding the Tail of Perspective Howard Brown The FBI & Opa-Locka Florida Scott Watson Talks Corruption in Indiantown Imagine if you will a straight line that is directly in front of you. It stretches from your left to your right. In the center of that line there is a framed area. In that frame you can see the […]

Congressional Insider Trading

<<Show Begins at the 2:00 minute mark.>> Kim Jackson’s Website showcasing her new product launch can be found at Not all Veterans view the Constitution the same #BrianMast #Assaultweaponban #cd18    

Free Village Pool for Indiantown

Free is one of those words that hold many meanings. It is also a word that when taken out of context can be very misleading. Merriam Websters Dictionary defines Free as: not costing or charging anything. Sort of like the package of Ketchup you get with your fries. Your receipt does not show a line […]