Indiantown Continues to Burn !

OK FOLKS HERE WE GO Part One and Part Two of the KC Ingram Show – Her Guest Robert (Bobby) W. Burns, III. We have already given you example of how he steps through the truth by telling half truths and embellishments. Now it is your turn. If you have any information or would like […]

Selective outrage near and far…

Over the course of the last few months, Martin County has spent considerable time addressing issues of state and national importance. Affordable housing, questionable books in schools, and just today an article about the local NAACP joining the state organization in requesting a travel ban to Florida- all to protest the states opposition to the […]

A Rapist is coward by nature

In this episode of Down the Rabbit Hole we expose more damning information about the history, record and background of Mr. Robert Burns. We also open the door to new questions and exploration as we look at the rapist and con, US Army SSGT. Robert W. Burns, III OD Green one each.   We Are […]

Howard Brown is Back in The News

Here is Howard’s Resume:  Howard_W._Brown Notice in the resume the departments he said he was in charge of: (2010 – 2014) “Directly supervised and managed Police, Human Resources, IT, Finance, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Community Development, Code Enforcement, and Building and Licenses Departments.” (2013-2014) “Oversaw Planning, Community Development, Building and Licensing Departments, […]

Indiantown Is On Fire

Let’s start by looking at the recent arrest made in Indiantown of a man that was luring young women into his van with money – what happens from there is best left to the imagination for most. We have a few directions to take though on this one as we go deep down the rabbit […]

KC Ingram show replay – Rape, No Prayer, Fakes and your future

    Papers   Burns & West Update So, Who Knows Robert Burns? UPDATE – Confirmed Arrest Made In Robert Burns Investigation   Robert Burns III Update Robert Burns III and Your Indiantown Council DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE ONE MORE TIME Scott Watson Talks Corruption in Indiantown Who is Running Indiantown? pt1 Kenny […]

Paying the piper in gallons…

The rainy season has not yet ended. As I write this, I look out my office window and watch as the rains fall. For nearly 12 hours the rain has been falling in an inconsistent pattern- stopping and starting again for a total accumulation of well over 1 inch. For my family’s property, that equates […]