One Down – Several More To Go !

Put one in the win column for the good guys!

Well, the sensical outcome of relative sanity seems to have prevailed in the Fire Rescue scrum that concluded last night in Indiantown. The conclusion was brought on in true self serving and ego driven fashion by the Village People too.

What do we mean?

When you review the previous meetings that Janet has Chaired as Mayor, she has a pattern. It is actually a pattern we noticed and even laughed about because of its obvious nature of selfishness. It seems to stem from a position of control.

Every meeting the Council has opportunity for each Council person to make whatever remarks that are germane to the business of the Village prior to conducting the people’s business.

As Mayor, during the “Council Comments” section young Janet has had a record of calling on her peers in the same order, meeting after meeting.

The person filling the top slot every meeting by Janet is done by calling on Susan Gibbs-Thomas first. Unless there is a topic of priority then she calls on Antony. You can see it yourself; it is all there to watch.

So, last night, why the shift to Antony as the first to speak? Well, that should be obvious to anyone that has half a clue. Antony will try and play the Fire Rescue as a positive for him in the upcoming election. He will fly the banner of being the one to ride in on a “White Horse” and save the day. That’s what makes us laugh.

The blatant nature of the selfishness to deny Susan the opportunity to make the motion was an obvious decision for the cornered and beaten Village People. At the end of the day, it was politics. Dirty, but politics.

There is another facet to this as well though outside of the politics.

Janet and Antony are not supposed to be discussing things like this between them. It is known as the Sunshine Law. So, how did the arrangements get made? Well, we have our own thoughts on that one.

What is most important though is Truth.

The truth is that the success of Susan Gibbs-Thomas is a threat to the personas being dawned by the Village People.

The truth is that between a lot of unselfish dialogue and prayer, Susan Gibbs-Thomas and Harold Jenkins held the thin thread together that allowed for Antony to grab the political spot light and try to shine it.

What was done last night by the Village people is a blatant and self-serving ploy that is deserving of the political gutter that they have to live in to assert it.

At the last Regular Council meeting Ms. Gibbs-Thomas made the same motion to accept the deal from Martin County. Because it was Susan, there were no takers for a second on the motion.

The truth, they could not bring themselves to allow Susan the role of leadership that she has earned through her behavior and outcomes.

It is not the posing with goodie bags, and painting a mural with the youth group that make you. It may be a thinly veiled marketing effort, but leadership it is not.

Leadership is allowing the hard work and the dedication you have demonstrated stand on its own merit and foundation. Because in the end it is that which we build upon the stone that lasts.

That which is built on sand will pass.

So, when the time comes, let the record reflect that we all know who was standing in the way and who was holding things together. In case anyone forgets we will be here to remind them later. Loud and clear.

Second, it is the loud and clear portion of this that needs some clarity as well.

Fire Rescue like every political matter has a beginning a middle and an end. The involvement of the People at the beginning of the matter will generally have a better chance of stopping bad ideas before they get out of hand. Like Fire Rescue did.

When the citizens are involved prior to the ideas, bad ideas are harder to plant and water.

Unfortunately, it seemed like too many were hoping someone else was doing the watching and standing up. Too many thought somebody else would make this all better for them. In the end, they were right. The few again stood for the many.

As the severity of the outcome continued to build a few braved the sticks and stones and began barking. We were called Racist, White Supremacists, Loud Mouths, troublemakers, blah blah blah.

We even stood outside the meetings, we protested, we made our voices heard, loud and clear.

Many from the Hispanic community that wanted to attend were told by so called men of God and Faith that they should not join the protestors because they would go to jail. The bullying and thuggery associated with the oppressive tactics for political victory are below the bottom. Especially for self declared disciples.

In the end the best of America showed up at the protests. People from all walks of life. People that found common ground of truth.People that together had a loud voice and made the difference.

If you looked even halfheartedly you saw what made this work.


So, let’s take a Victory lap for Indiantown and then get ready to focus on what are sure to be bigger challenges in the days ahead. Hopefully we can continue to build common ground for the common good.

Until Next time – Standby

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