New Smart Phone Capability

SAY HELLO TO 1984 ++ If you’re worried about the capability of government to conduct surveillance of citizens engaged in political assembly and protest, or even just personal activity, then you should be aware the technological capability of government surveillance is about to expand exponentially. The US Air Force’s Research Lab (yes, it has its […]


This is a voice that you are not supposed to hear according to Zuckerbergs’ FB We just wanted you to see this – FB said NO No No ! The Digital ‘Iron Curtain’ Descends

The roots in America

J 69 IS 103d CONGRESS 1st Session S. J. RES. 69 Providing for the United States to assume a strong leadership role in implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit by developing a national strategy to implement Agenda 21 and other Earth Summit agreements through domestic policy and foreign policy, by cooperating with all […]

Trees, LDR’s and the IVC

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO INDIANTOWN? We have had communication with a group of you that are asking the question, “How did this Village get so screwed up so fast?” The reason so many are talking about this is the recent post made by Mr. Scott Watson on Facebook. (see below)  It involves the LDR’s that […]

The Year of Disguises

THE SCIENCE IS IN – THE MASKS ARE OFF The following is an excerpt from a scientific source explaining the useless nature of the masks you think are saving someones life. Well, the science is in and they do more harm than good. The link below will take you too the full story and reasoning […]

Critical Theory

CRITICAL THEORY We have had several readers ask if we could help them understand Critical Theory a little bit better. We have been discussing the term as a cause of of a lot of the disruption we are seeing today. Critical Theory is being taught as Gospel in University level academics. The same colleges are […]

COVID & The Power Brokers

(The following excerpt was reprinted with the Authors permission. ) 3 biggest lies about COVID-19 have all been exposed: But here’s why globalist power brokers can’t let it die Since February, the U.S. media has been pounding Americans with non-stop reporting about COVID-19 coronavirus. Eight months later, the data shows everything the media said about […]