A Sunday Message of Hope


God Bless America


3 thoughts on “A Sunday Message of Hope

  1. The dissertation is thought provoking. We have one theme that critiques the impotence of the failed Libertarian persuasion, not a movement, it never matured into anything more than a minuscule following of narrowly focused dogmatists. Their impact has been a side show that appeals mostly to those fixated on the Second Amendment and Free Market Capitalism. Most Americans have not been recruited to Libertarianism. There is no future in the past.

    The second theme tells us that facts and logic are irrelevant because they never instigated the necessary passion, vision and move to action that would explain the American Revolution. Indeed, even the Populist and Nationalist upheaval that today have captured the Presidency are driven by a visceral conviction that change is needed, change is possible and We the People are the authors of this upsurge.

    The Declaration of Independence is not a legal document. Granted. It is contradictory and in light of its age and the changed nature of America today-make no mistake about it-America is today very close to being a totally secular, Liberal society now at a cross roads: will our economy embrace Socialism or retain Consumer Capitalism?

    Many of the signers of the Declaration were in fact wealthy and slave owners. Agrarian property owners. Others of the signatories, were Northern , Mercantile and professional gentry. The Industrial Revolution that would further transform America and heighten the tension between North and South (culminating in a horrific civil war 1861-1865) would not commence for decades later (1820-1870).

    But be they merchant, planter, tradesman or merchant seaman, farmer or pioneer settlers, there was at least for one third of the colonial population, a burning desire to be FREE of Europe, the Crown, an established church and oppressive laws. Context is important and I make no apology for the reference to Men, because Women were not prime movers or leaders in the epoch unfolding in 1776. Spare me the myth of Betsy Ross! It was a Man’s world and the continent was a savage and often unforgiving landscape.

    The Men that signed the Declaration understood that those ‘rights endowed by their Creator’ were the justification for their grievances and direct action of rebellion. They did not extend to Slves or the Native Americans, I call them Indians, that the Declaration refers to as ‘Savages’ because of the ‘depredations inflicted upon those along the frontier that the Crown did little to curtail. This was their world. Their reality. It was a struggle for survival and action was needed. Indeed, action preceded the formulation and refinement of those principles drawn from the Enlightenment, the Christian religion and the predominantly Scot-Irish experience of individualism and rebellion from the Old Country now transplanted onto the New World.

    I would not entirely discount logic and oratory. After all, Thomas Paine, the Pamphleteer was the fire brand for our Revolution. Benjamin Franklin, was our acclaimed Renaissance Man of global stature, along with Jefferson and Patrick Henry was as succinct in his eloquence as Nathan Hale and countless others all fueling the conviction that as we say today, ‘where law is tyranny, resistance is necessary.’ And resist they did. The grievance became a cause, the cause became an open rebellion and the principles generally invoked in the Declaration became our enduring Constitution and our incomparable Bill of Rights.

    The rebellion had given birth to the fledgling democracy of a Republic akin to Ancient Rome.

    The yeoman patriots and steadfast leaders tenaciously fought the British super power of their age and with help from France, Netherlands and Spain, drove the British Lion from our shores and liberated the destiny of the awakening Continent.

    Faith and humility before a professed Creator devoid of denomination was meant to assure all newly minted and free Citizens that the individual was sacred in HIS sight and EQUAL before the Law.

    No, the Declaration did not answer all the desires or questions left for future generations to confront. Nor did the Constitution attempt to implement the Social Contract of Rousseau and the French Revolution. Neither document suggests that Americans today embrace the tenets of Marxism found in Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Our governance does not advocate Classless society or collectivism. Our system of self rule advocates the sanctity of the individual, the Rule of Law and an orderly succession of power in a tripartite form of government framed with checks and balances.

    God is ever present though we have seen HIM driven from public discourse or reference. We have not relinquished the sovereign right of FREE Men and Women because of that neglect. We shall perhaps see the mortal storm further direct the course of this ship of State on the course wisely chosen by our Founders and paid for with the blood of heroes, martyrs and yes, victims. Memento SEMPER AUDERE.


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