Paying the piper in gallons…

The rainy season has not yet ended. As I write this, I look out my office window and watch as the rains fall. For nearly 12 hours the rain has been falling in an inconsistent pattern- stopping and starting again for a total accumulation of well over 1 inch. For my family’s property, that equates […]

How does the unimaginable happen?

Have you ever wondered how false narrative, untruth & lies can seem like they are just the opposite? We explain this in the latest episode of Down The Rabbit Hole Honesty, Truth, Trust and Relationships Honesty, Belief and Behavior Why am I not of an ideology and political motivation that is liberal or progressive in […]

The feline fight continues…

In the never-ending story of Martin County Pet shops, It looks as if the fight is just heating up. Yesterdays Animal Care and Control Oversight Board meeting focused near exclusively on what recommendations the ACCOB will make to the Board of County Commissioners in regards to the highly contested Ordinance 1181- Retail pet sale ban. […]

What is an expert?

It would seem like an easy question, but like so many, it is hard to answer. The definition is not wholly important, but its application is. The lack of ability to answer a simple question (not just define a word) has led to an ever-growing fault in our governmental system. “Experts”, though allegedly leaders of […]