KC Ingram Show for 26 January 22

We will be updating this page with links to information mentioned in this episode as time permits. There is a ton so be sure to check back periodically to check it out. INDIANTOWN CLEANUP DAY DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE ONE MORE TIME Scott Watson Talks Corruption in Indiantown We Are Better Than This Corruption, Behavior […]


Indiantown has always been a special and blessed place to live. As a demonstration of that fact we would like to bring attention to an event that TAM will be taking part in. It is a cleanup day. Not walking around picking up water bottles and soda cans. No, more than that. The Indiantown Community, […]


We want to welcome all of you back to the action. Let’s jump right in and go down the rabbit hole One More Time Previous Posts on topic:     UPDATE – Confirmed Arrest Made In Robert Burns Investigation Howard Brown The FBI & Opa-Locka Florida Scott Watson Talks Corruption in Indiantown   Excerpts from the last meeting: […]


HERE ARE SOME FACTS TO REMEMBER As we reported yesterday, a Gopher Tortoise has been seen on the Garcia Groups Property. Tonight the PZA Board meets to approve the plans for the LARGEST DEVELOPMENT in Indiantown’s HISTORY. As we promised, we did a little digging and here is what we found out. Because gopher tortoises […]


Here We Go Again Indiantown. The next meeting of the PZA (Planning and Zoning) Board will put the freshmen members in a position that has very strong similarity to the Tractor Supply ordeal. As a matter of fact, a former PZA Board Member is the one that has made the announcement this time. Instead of […]

KC Ingram Show – 22 Sep 21 – Guest Eric Miller

COUNTY POPULATION(est.) COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR SALARY COUNTY ATTORNEY SALARY Martin 161,000 $190,000/$219,000 $180,000/$202,000 Indian River 160,000 $198,414 $173,143 Citrus 153,000 $154,348 $151,068 Charlotte 188,000 $196,280 $211,132 Bay 182,000 $170,000   Hernando 194,000 $173,804 $166,899 Okaloosa 211,000 $160,680   Santa Rosa* 184,430 $147, 430   Average County Administrator (excluding Santa Rosa/Martin) $175,588 Average County Attorney (excluding Martin) […]