Will You Be At The Rally?

Let us know if you will be at the Rally Tonight in front of Village Hall. Printable Flyer for information about Rally Flyers we have seen indicate a call to action for people to arrive at 5:30PM so the Council Members can take the opportunity and mingle with the crowd to get their thoughts.

Wow They May Actually Be Listening

This is one of if not the very first exposes on the Village that TAM did on Indiantown several months back. As it turns out the Council will actually be considering some form of a model that sources close to the TAM tell us has similarity. So, let’s see what they come up with. In […]

Saturdays Walk In The Park

Yesterday’s Meet and Greet in the park with Council Woman Susan Gibbs-Thomas and County Commissioners Jenkins, Ciampi and Heatherington can be summed up in one word – Wow! Where do we begin – how about at the beginning – so…. let’s talk Fire Rescue one more time – hang on as we prepare to go […]