Saturdays Walk In The Park

Yesterday’s Meet and Greet in the park with Council Woman Susan Gibbs-Thomas and County Commissioners Jenkins, Ciampi and Heatherington can be summed up in one word – Wow!

Where do we begin – how about at the beginning – so…. let’s talk Fire Rescue one more time – hang on as we prepare to go down the rabbit hole one more time.

Our own Tony Z has interviews to share and we have some footage as well that we will share as we continue to document yesterday’s events in the Park.

To begin, there are a couple of key points that need to be made about yesterdays event in the sunshine. The first is that after listening to the KC Ingram Shows interviews on the topic, live, I have a hard time understanding why any of the Council would want to fall on this Political Spear. Actually, our good friend Tim compared it to a political grenade! He couldn’t see the sense in a Councilperson dying on this topic either. Especially when there were enough people there yesterday to sign recall petitions of every one of the rascals that votes for this thing. If they want to stay in office, they really should think it through!

People DO NOT want the fire rescue changed at present. And that should be overly apparent by this point to the Council. If not however, we are told another 200 or 300 people will be in front of Village Council an hour before the next Village meeting this coming Thursday @ 5:30p. The idea is to allow enough time for those council people that had scheduling conflicts during the meet and greet on Saturday to have a chance to mingle with their constituents before they sit on their laurels and vote.

It was suggested, by many, and seemed like an acceptable option, to hold a voter referendum and let the people decide. Of course, that takes all of the power out of certain people’s hands and we are pretty sure they want to maintain a tight grip while they, the consultant and Howard Brown drag this Village along for a ride to ruin.

We encourage you to listen your neighbors like Ms. Lynda, Brian Powers, Holly Garrett and others. Fire Rescue, at this point in time is a rush to disaster. Slow Down on the after burners. Put down the pipe and step away from the “EXPERTS” for a bit.

The people are speaking, they are saying NO to changing Fire Rescue – Are you listening Council? Open your ears and oh while we are on ears, can we enforce the noise ordinances please. Until next time, keep up the good fight and stay true. More to come in the days ahead. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us at Until then – Stand By !

One thought on “Saturdays Walk In The Park

  1. Perfectly stated, NoMo! It was a tremendous outpouring of popular support for common sense. True solidarity with the MC Fire Rescue Professionals. An inspiring example of Indiantown vitality in pursuit of Justice. Brown and his sock puppet, Janet, need to drop this crazed obsession to destroy the best Fire Safety provided by the entire County that we call home. Right now, it costs $4,700,000 and FPL is paying 87%. Indiantown Taxpayers are paying $231,665, If this hairbrained scheme succeeds, you can thank Weeping Janet and her Puppet Master, Brown, when your taxes sky rocket and the service you get is like the Three Stooges comedy act.

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