KC Ingram Show and the exposing of BOMB TRAINS in our neighborhoods

One thought on “KC Ingram Show and the exposing of BOMB TRAINS in our neighborhoods

  1. Excellent interview. Dr.Millar is a highly credible authority. K C. asked good questions. Some of us recall the huge explosion in Harbin, China which coincidentally, followed a confrontation with Beijing. It was either the capture of our plane and crew over Hainan or Cyber Attack. I dont recall.

    The challenge of ordering and conducting a mass evacuation, upwind and out of the orange and yellow zones (red zone would likely be a moot point!) Is improbable without an explicit plan, drills and unwavering command and control.

    Experience with LNG transport by barge to facilities dock side n NYC is very different from tanker cars rumbling through a residential community.

    Dr. Millar has voiced a grave concern. Clearly, all levels of government and yes, even District Seven, US Coast Guard, need to address this lethal danger with a contingency plan to minimize deaths and destruction.

    Good job! What next? Martin BOCC or US Congress that has done nothing on this for ‘fifty years’?


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