One thought on “KC Ingram Show and the exposing of BOMB TRAINS in our neighborhoods

  1. dennismartin416381 April 21, 2021 / 3:41 pm

    Excellent interview. Dr.Millar is a highly credible authority. K C. asked good questions. Some of us recall the huge explosion in Harbin, China which coincidentally, followed a confrontation with Beijing. It was either the capture of our plane and crew over Hainan or Cyber Attack. I dont recall.

    The challenge of ordering and conducting a mass evacuation, upwind and out of the orange and yellow zones (red zone would likely be a moot point!) Is improbable without an explicit plan, drills and unwavering command and control.

    Experience with LNG transport by barge to facilities dock side n NYC is very different from tanker cars rumbling through a residential community.

    Dr. Millar has voiced a grave concern. Clearly, all levels of government and yes, even District Seven, US Coast Guard, need to address this lethal danger with a contingency plan to minimize deaths and destruction.

    Good job! What next? Martin BOCC or US Congress that has done nothing on this for ‘fifty years’?


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