Howard Brown & Taryn Kryzda – On The SAME PAGE?

Well sometimes reality is closer to fiction than we can expect.

It turns out the County Administrator and The Village of Indiantown Manager are on the same sheet of music. It also appears that there are a lot of people that are not to happy about what the two of them are up to.

Both Taryn and Howard are wanting to punish employees that do not receive a vaccine. How?

Simple, by rewarding the employees that do “Vax up” with monetary bonuses or  time off.

Our friends at WPTV did a short story on the topic.

Given the attention our TAM Alert system has seen on the topic.It seems that a lot of you have questions for Taryn and Howard.

Here is an excerpt of one such alert we received:

ACTION contact Governor DeSantis and tell him that Martin County employees are being discriminated against. Martin County Taryn Kryzda a County Administrator has put into place a process that segregates the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. If an employee that is vaccinated contracts covid, they will be paid sick time. If an unvaccinated employee contracts covid, they must use their vacation time. This is the very definition of the passport. Governor DeSantis struck down vaccine passports in Florida, and this policy directly defies that order.


ALERT HIM ON TWITTER @GovRonDeSantis  For additional assistance, please call the State Assistance Information Line at 800-342-3557

ACTION ALERT ……. send an email to Taryn Kryzda, County Administrator. She put into place a process that segregates the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.  If an employee that is vaccinated contracts covid, they will be paid sick time. If an unvaccinated employee contracts covid, they must use their vacation time. This practice is not only discriminatory, it is morally and ethically wrong.”

Please email Taryn Kryzda immediately her email address is

Here are few questions you have asked and we think they are worth getting answers to.

For Taryn: Can you kindly explain why our County employees are being discriminated against, and under what authority you have to do this?

For Taryn & Howard: An employee with covid is sick, regardless of their vaccine status. To punish an employee by forcing them to use vacation pay if they contract covid is reprehensible. And, it further illuminates that the shot isn’t effective; if it was, the vaccinated employee wouldn’t have to get paid sick time.

The vaccine does not insure lack of transmission, or prevent death. The Vaccines do not even guarantee with any certainty that you will be immune. Besides that, there are serious medical side effects that have taken the life of people.

By not receiving the Vax, I am on a near equal par statistically with the vax’d up crowd and I do not need to worry about the potential side effects of the Vax’d. I know of persons who were in a similar situation of peer pressure as well as employer incentive to “vax up”. Now they are dead.

With that said, the question is, are you willing and ready to take full responsibility for the death of an Employee because they decided the extra money and time would benefit them should they die as a side effect?

For Taryn and Howard: Are your governments prepared for their deaths from a liability standpoint?

Taryn and Howard: It is interesting to learn that the County and The Village has the ability to find out the vaccine status of an employee. That is the very definition of the passport. Governor DeSantis struck down vaccine passports in Florida, and this policy directly defies that order. How do plan on determining the vax status unless you require medical information in order to be able to reward the employee? Or do I just have to be on the Honor system and tell you I am vax’d up?

Taryn and Howard: Can you kindly explain under what Constitutional authority you have to do this?

An employee with covid is sick, regardless of their vaccine status. To punish an employee by forcing them to use vacation pay if they contract covid is reprehensible. And, it further illuminates that the shot isn’t effective; if it was, the vaccinated employee wouldn’t have to get paid sick time.

While we wait for a response please take action yourself. Especially if find you this as offensive as a whole lot of Martin County Residents do.

It is our opinion that this decision needs to be made by the County Commission for their employees and the Village Council for Indiantown employees.

Let them VOTE on it. This is outside the scope of either Managers office powers Constitutionally.

If you would like to contact the Village Council and Howard Brown with one click – here is you link.

If you would like to contact the County Commissioners with one link – here is your link .

What do you think. Give us your comments below and let’s Talk About Martin

YMCA Cleanup Day a “Great Success “

The past year and a half have presented a great deal of challenges for all of us. It is no different for non-profit and commercial businesses alike. As the world went into lock down, the needs did not stop.

Groups like the YMCA and others experienced a lack of volunteers and events. The people and the money dried up real fast. This did not mean that there were not on going needs. So as time passed and the weeds became taller and the limbs grew longer, effort was needed.

Effort is exactly what the YMCA received today. As an Editors note to this story, we would like to take the privilege of thanking Tony Z (Zweiner) for organizing this effort. Weeks of planning and discussion took place way before the cleanup to insure a job well done. Thank You.

There is also credible discussion taking place regarding the awesome swimming pool at the “Y”. TAM has learned of an effort underway to secure a benefactor for the renovation of the pool. Wait until you hear this story. The pool is just the first part. So Standby !

To all the people in the community that helped, you are the best.


America Rewritten

The Constitution of the United States established the American form of government and radically changed the ideas of where the rights of citizens originate. It’s founded on the idea that the role of government is to protect God-given rights.

Yet now, the doctrine that constitutes America is under assault. Freedom of speech is being worn down through corporate–government censorship, freedom of belief is being suppressed with lockdowns, the right to bear arms is being called into doubt, and the numerous rights of Americans are in jeopardy.

As a new narrative is being taught to America’s youth on the founding stories of this country, and as history itself is being rewritten, what does the future hold for America, once seen as the beacon of freedom and the shining city on the hill?

In “America Rewritten,” an exclusive special feature from The Epoch Times, we speak with leading experts on how history is being falsified and how the system of government is being misrepresented, and we explore what the world would lose if the American Constitution were lost.

Join host Joshua Philipp as he speaks with experts including Dinesh D’Souza, Victor Davis Hanson, Rick Green, Trevor Loudon, Mary Grabar, Thomas K. Lindsay, Kevin Roberts, Craig Parshall, Dustin Bass, and K. Lloyd Billingsley in “America Rewritten.”


Date: Thursday July 15th, 2021 at 10:30PM ET
Where to join:
YouTube: @CrossroadswithJOSHUAPHILIPP

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A Prayer for Freedom

This post was originally written in 2014 on here

For a free man the ultimate act of freedom is to break the chains that bind him. And those chains are not physical and won’t be found binding his wrists or ankles, but rather they are imposed upon his mind and life. Freedom, true freedom, can only begin when he is willing to start down the path of personal sovereignty and total personal accountability.

This has been spoken of in a previous post.

No one rain drop is responsible for the flood, yet it is the rain that creates the flood. Like a rain drop it is incumbent upon each man to remain true to his nature. There are certain unalienable rights he poses by birth right. Man is born into a system of natural law

Those most well known are life, liberty and the pursuit of property, where property is now known as happiness. Another is the natural fact that all men through their birth have equal opportunity to succeed in their life journey. It is the choices they make along the way, and the freedom they enjoy, that determine the outcome. It is equally true too that all men face obstacle in their life and must overcome to succeed.

So, once a man is to understand how free he is, he can then understand that there is a government that has greatly reduced his choices. It is the same government that has lost sight of its charter and has become tyrannical in its actions.

In order for that same man to be a truly free man, he must be unbound by “all” that shackles him. Do not confuse duty with slavery or shackles with choice. It is not a family or spouse, or work, all of which was made by choice that shackles a man. It is those things that other men hold over a man that shackles him the most.

In order to live as a free man, a man must first be honest with himself. For it is when a man is honest with oneself that he is then able to be honest with another. A free man is dependent upon himself and not another man or government. So it is then that a free man is able to identify when his liberty has been infringed upon and protect it. If a man is dependent upon another then he has diminished his liberty and therefore is less capable of defending it. It is for this reason that it is incumbent upon us to honestly ask ourselves to what extent we are dependent and then work to remove those dependencies no matter how daunting it may be. For it is the closer to self-sufficiency one gets that brings us closer to liberty.

Why is it that we as a people consent to things that impede our freedom? It is certain that we have allowed the NSA, IRS, Congress, EPA, DHS, POTUS. Local Elected (and) …… to mandate regulatory restrictions upon our persons and thus greatly limit our personal freedom.

How is it that we have allowed those we have elected of supposed free will to govern in a way that perpetuates these restrictions? How do we remove ourselves from these shackles of oppression and tyranny?

I am advocating for a rapid return to Governance by will. No, will is not short for William or Bill. Will is that energy that allows us to make decisions for ourselves based upon outcome. We are born with a free will. When the forces that surround us exercise strength so great that it diminishes our ability to exercise that free will then the force must be removed. It limits a man’s freedom and must be overcome.

So, do we act in the same way the early Americans did and take up arms against our government? A little early in that stage but that is not to say it could not or should not happen at a point forward should oppression continue or increase. There is an easier and equally effective road to travel to attain this goal.

A man must remove those impediments to his freedom in order to be a free man. And if a free man cannot remove that barrier individually, then he should do so as a collection of free men. If each free man is to govern himself and his personal territory as a free thinking, free acting and responsible citizen, then is when we may begin to overcome our barriers and return us to a Nation of freedom and liberty for all. Beware though, with maximum freedom there comes a maximum self-responsibility. Responsibility is something a real man knows well.

When each man lives as an example of freedom and advocates to others of their right to be equally as free, then we begin to build a collective of ideas and principles based upon the individual. This is much like how our nation came to be in existence. This is of course short of the uprising.

A free man should in no way allow himself to be told that he is an individual in a collective. That then would be to say that the collective is the dominant keeper. No, let it be said that a free man is individual amongst other individuals that collectively demonstrate the will of the people. Each man must act individually as an individual doing what he can individually accomplish to awaken others, defeat the spirit of progressivism and restore freedom. And as individuals we will create a great collection of individuals not an individual collective.

Free men have a duty and obligation to uphold this value. Free men are generationally predetermined to be the keepers of the “Sacred Fire of Liberty”. A free man must live his life as an example to other men. By doing so he individually begins to recreate the awareness of a foundational and free society.

It is incumbent upon and must be demanded of our elected, that we return to the principle of governing to the will. It is equally incumbent upon all men to elect representatives that share this understanding and way of life.

While a man advocates representation by free will, as a responsible citizen he must advocate free will in his own life as well in order to support his demand of another. That is to say that a free man should be willing to live that which he advocates.

If a man is honest with himself and others and he works to promote the common welfare of a family, community and a nation which by its very design is there to secure his ability to live of free will, then and only then can he say he has upheld the torch of liberty that has been passed to him by his forefathers.

A free man must be of a spirit willing; he must lead through example and begin to retake his community through his example and living leadership. A free man does not govern by edict or proclamation. He governs by action. He should govern by will.

As a people, we must begin to rekindle the brightness that beamed from this great Nation.  A man must go beyond words and begin to take action, actions that are in keeping with Constitutional principle. Actions that are in keeping with Gods will. As a nation we must regain our personal freedom by becoming once again free men in our own lives.

No one rain drop is responsible for the flood, yet it is the rain that creates the flood. Nor has one voice been responsible for a revolution of ideas. We must as free men act as a drop of rain so that we may collectively flood our world with, love, freedom and Gods will.

A Prayer for Freedom

Dear Heavenly Father, Let us shed ourselves of debt and fear. Let us shed our personal shackles that keep us from our freedom. Let us lead by example those around us in a way that is true to American spirit and true to you God. Let us not be afraid to articulate why an action of government is a shackle. Let us do so with sincerity and not spite. Let us do so in a way that teaches, so others may learn too. Above all, let us be honest to ourselves and to you God. Let us be willing to learn so that we may begin to reclaim our rightful positions as free men in a free nation.


~ Eric D. Miller – 2014

Eric D. Miller

For a free man the ultimate act of freedom is to break the chains that bind him. And those chains are not physical and won’t be found binding his wrists or ankles, but rather they are imposed upon his mind and life. Freedom, true freedom, can only begin when he is willing to start down the path of personal sovereignty and total personal accountability.

This has been spoken of in a previous post.

No one rain drop is responsible for the flood, yet it is the rain that creates the flood. Like a rain drop it is incumbent upon each man to remain true to his nature. There are certain unalienable rights he poses by birth right. Man is born into a system of natural law

Those most well known are life, liberty and the pursuit of property, where property is now known as happiness. Another is the natural fact that…

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Way to go kids! You did it.

Last week GM announced a $35 million march towards ALL E V. GM’s plan back in March 2020 was to invest $20 billion over five years in electric and autonomous vehicles. That money would go toward building and equipping factories, engineering expenses, and other development costs.

At the time, GM aimed to sell more than 1 million electric vehicles by 2025, with dozens of new models based on its home-grown Ultium battery technology.

Now Audi is the latest automaker to express its intent to completely end building combustion engine vehicles. They have said that they will stop building gas and diesel vehicles by 2026. Five short years from now.

As for the Hybrid line? Well from that point forward, no longer either.

According to The Drive; The Audi board chairman offered the deadline to company executives and labor representatives this week. The company said in March of this year that it would stop developing new combustion engines. Ah great.

The company has been in the midst of a “massive realignment” to try and gel with the Biden administration’s intent to subsidize E V production and infrastructure, according to Automotive News. More Public Private partnerships. Oh Goodie!

The parent company is reportedly “gearing up to make and sell considerably more electric vehicles in North America after U.S. President Joe Biden mapped out a $174 billion plan to accelerate the move to electric cars.”

There’s nothing like $174 billion to help motivate a massive business pivot, is there?

Name an auto manufacture that is not running like pigs squealing to the trough of free money. All they have to do is merge with the Federal System and VOILA – they too can have a Public Private PARTNERSHIP with the government. How cozy! How scary and how wrong.

Let’s pause for a bit and take a turn on this whole cluster of a mess. Instead of exposing the obvious and blatant in bed attempt being made here against your sovereignty. Let’s look across the way a bit. Here is a question to get you lined up with the idea. Ready? OK.

If in the next five years we are to flood the market with nothing but electric vehicles available for purchase is that a good thing?

Before we answer that there are a couple of “Mile Markers” we have just passed on this one. Again, the latest being the massive capital infusion into the industry. It is taking place by companies that already have a global manufacturing infrastructure and history of mass production. Chances are pretty good that this thing is going to happen.

This can be evidenced by the fact that the economically advantaged are the early adopters to new markets because of initial price constraint on the manufacturer. So as the deep pockets buy the luxury goods first the price falls for those of less economic advantages.

So, what of those less economically advantaged peoples?

Well, we suppose we will still need our gas-powered cars for a while. Reasonable to expect. It is the way these trends work. Cell Phones were only available for people with money. The Brick. Car Phones, Computer’s blah blah blah. The price starts high and then tapers as more demand is reached.

But what of the oil and gas industry through all of this? If we start reducing the sale of gasoline by millions of gallons a day in a compressed period of time, the edicts of supply and demand are going to drive gas to an astronomical price well beyond what anyone today thinks is even possible. Actions have outcomes.

After we get through what we are being told is going to be a seamless and non-violent transition we still have something even larger to deal with. If that is even possible.

Has anyone besides us been seeing the headlines about Texas, California, Arizona and others. About what? Well, these Greener than thou States are not able to keep up with the Air Conditioners and Heaters for their citizens.

While we are on the whole power thing, did you see the stories about smart thermostats in peoples homes were turned warmer for a three hour period in Texas during a “power shortage”. Nice, they can even control your AC now. Way to go kids!

These are the same States that adopted a green new deal infrastructure infusion of wind and solar as MAJOR sectors of their grid. Makes nuclear look better all the time. Quiet, safe, abundant, always on!

So, answer us this.

How in the hell are we going to charge everyone’s car when we cannot even produce enough power for our basic needs?

See the problem with the common core math?

Alexandria Occasional Cortex can maybe explain it for us.

Now, let’s just say the “gubberment” was not providing a Hundred and Seventy BILLION plus. Do you think the manufacturers would be biting the hook as tight? Yeah, us either. You can receive up to a $7,500 tax credit though if you buy one. Great more money from the Peoples pile.

Can’t you just see the calls now? “Sorry boss, my power was throttled last night and the car only has one bar. I won’t be in today.”

If there is to be no more gas combustion engines then what of Trains, Planes and Trucks? The cost of fuel if they do need to remain combustion is going to be outrageous and will effect your retail and food costs. As well as your travel cost in a major way.

E V technology is promising. It promises environmental nightmares ahead with piles of acid filled heaps of millions of batteries that are out of service. The unicorns are not going to just take them apart and dispose of them with no trace or residue. It promises years of abject poverty and unrequested hardship by many.

So, welcome to the Brave new world. ESG Scores and more for everyone. Including you fellow global citizen. This is just the first of many Great Reset or Build Back Better initiatives that are going to be attempted to be draped upon you – like it or not.

When you see initiatives like this locally in your County and Municipal Governments you know where they stem from. Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development, World Economic Forum & others.

Welcome to the closing chapters of Sustainable everything. Thank you to all that sold your country down the drain and into the pipe dream of global agreeance and outcome. The Great Reset as it is now branded. Way to go kids! You did it. You acted like useful idiots in your ego driven play of power and greed.

All the while you hid behind banner of Party, partisanship and racial division to advance the Global Agenda known as the Great Reset. The early adopters of sustainable development in Martin County opened the gateway to this type of reality in your own neighborhood. Stuart is equally as complicit in their adherence to this ridiculous march towards global everything.

It seems to be the younger among them that are foot to the floor on this stuff. They should consider that there was once a world before them. They may want to know too that as early as 1967 the last cultural revolution of ideas ended in 30 plus million dead.

Hang on kids, the bumps are just beginning! Turbulence and consequences ahead! Standby



It is for the Kids

I know I know – It is for the kids! Right?

Well, OK. We will give you that.

Fine. It is for the Kids, that just graduated from High School as ADULTS. All four of them that participated in the parade and the half dozen others from the class of 21’ that showed up.

Fine, it was for the kids. Who asked them though?  Seems that nobody did judging from the turnout. It looked more like a display of power and money than a community sponsored celebration. More like influence than celebration. I guess that had something to do with the fact that the Village Peoples Government was all over the thing. It was NOT citizen driven.

The decorations were over the top. No really – the Tennis Court was draped to make a private area inside of it. The decorations were not inexpensive. It looked like a small time B grade movie set.  It even had costumes.

Yepper – as it turns out “volunteers” were given and dawned shirts that look incredibly like STAFF shirts for the Indiantown Village People.

Village Logo included! Oh how nice. These were paid for by Eva Martinez we are told.

We would like to know. Is it OK with you for your TAX dollars to be paying for events? Not just this one. There have been others. If allowed there will be more too.

Remember too, Dowling made sure that we did not spend any money on the 4th of July, but stunts like this for personal PR are OK we suppose. Is that OK with you?

We have a hard time figuring out how a former Army Reserve officer can attempt to square his Marxism with American Duty and principle.

If I am not mistaken Brown claims a military past as well. Sad really.

For the record, the Garcia group and a few others stroked a check to help defray the costs of the Village Peoples event. This is the same Garcia Group that knocked out an Eagles nest and choked us to near death for two weeks when they burned local acreage to the dirt. But you have to do that when you want to asphalt it and build 250 houses on it.

It is interesting that the Garcia group chose to partner with the Village. Why not partner with the residents for their grass roots celebration tomorrow? This one will be for the kids!

We bet the turn out from the PEOPLES event will be over the top. We will be counting the participants to be sure! Thank you to the organizers Addie and Phil for their efforts. Anna Blake and the Chamber for your participation and the list goes on. Do you know who is absent from the planning & heavy lifting?

The Village People, because they could not take the lead and put themselves in the spotlight for re-election. You can bet Antony and a couple others will be front and center to take pictures and press the palms though.

You know who else is not helping? The Garcia Group. Simply because the people are not who they need to get chummy with. It is the Village People they need to be friends with! How else do you build a thousand homes in no time?

Is this starting to get any clearer for everyone? There are those that do not have your interest at heart and you can actually do something about it! As newly minted Adults so can the class of 21’.

You see, cute shirts and cupcakes may make for a good photo op. They obviously don’t make for a successful event however. The Village is a government. Not a civic rotary club or Kiwanis club. It should not behave as such.

Oh, and are you OK with your tax dollars being spent on Staff to attend and put the thing on?

It means flex time for them. So, they can take off from their job and regular duties of serving you to eat cupcakes instead. The government in Indiantown is out of control. The size and abuses of power are pathetic. This is an example of the abuse of trust and lack of stewardship with your money. We know, it is for the kids !

Now, to all of the Grads. Parade or not. You accomplished your goal.

You have attained life’s first milestone. There are many more ahead of you. Please do not look to the government to be your crutch. Look to God. We are Americans. We rely first on God then ourselves. When we list, we have neighbors and friends.

We do not need government or politicos to provide for us. We need government to get out of the way and let us accomplish our goals on our own merit and hard work! Not with self ingratiating handouts.

We wish you luck on your journey  into the world and welcome you as adults to our community.

Job Well Done Class of 21′

Hopefully you will register to vote and assist us in getting the bums out of office so we can get back to American Values and Tradition in Indiantown. You know, like fire works on the 4th of July.




Hello Indianwood, Are You Out There?


Last week the Village of Indiantown Planning, Zoning & Appeals Board met to hear the details that were all worked out by staff so they could be rubber stamped and given to the Council. They are set to rush through the approval with necessary formal consideration of legality, with little to no consideration of the PEOPLE affected directly by this. Well, you know what they say, “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

Guess who the eggs are this time Indianwood?

As the Clerk said “We already have it in the Minutes that way”. (prior to discussion or voting) It was their meeting, not mine. You can’t make this stuff up. It is all there.

The lead staff member, Althea Jackson, even went as far as to script out the motions for approval for the Board members. No sign of the way to make a motion to table it. How convenient. No, no rubber stamp or nose ring there. It is sad that the Village staff thinks so little of the intelligence level of their Boards that they have to script things for them. But I guess that is the case.

Not only that but when you watch the playback of the meeting and listen to the condescending tonality of Althea towards the Board members it is telling.

The Board itself did a half way decent job of pointing out most of all of the fallacy with the plan, that was to be sent forward with minor recommendations from them. Sad really. Especially when the fact of an Indian Burial Mound existing on the property was disclosed it seemed not phase a soul. Even that was not enough for the Board, of your neighbors, to say they thought it should be tabled until there is more time for further discussion. Somehow the platitudes and empty replies of “Expert This” and “Expert That” was enough to sit the self-initiated down and vote against their own judgement.

All but one, Tony Zweiner.

Beyond the news that there are real people buried out there, it was also shown that the diversity and healthy Eco environment that is about to be replaced with 4 acres of asphalt is certain to cause another Eco – imbalance in our Village as well. Just like the slash and burn operation a few weeks back that took out an Eagles nest. Then there is the remaining list of water runoff, lighting issues as well as the noise issues that will affect the residents of Indianwood and the Village as a whole.

Only one Board member voted not to approve the variances that were required to meet the Villages own LDR or building codes. That’s right, the list of special exemptions from the letter of the law (LDR/Code) had to be made to fit the project in.

This project that will displace a whole lot of known wild life, level a burial mound, get rid of over 250 trees, create light pollution and prepare for a phase two build out to cover the entire 35-acre plat one asphalt load at a time.

Not only is it not in keeping with the Village it will promote the big box store urban style pollution that is today’s urban planning. Aren’t we better than this Indiantown?

Besides, what about the existing businesses that already provide for these services? What consideration is being given to your neighbors and fellow community members over the interest of a NASDAQ listed big box profit center with no interest in you or this community beyond your wallet.

For what?

The estimated 5k a year in additional revenue for the Village?

TAM has been asking The Village and Council members for over a year what the activity on the property was about. Especially the 18 oaks along Warfield that will be removed for this concrete nightmare. They knew, they refused to say. Well now we know. We also know and can say that The Village is not even close to being forth coming with information that is averse to their planning. Another Howard Brown creation we suppose.

We did not hear about how they plan to keep transient foot traffic off of the Indianwood Community Property either.

  • How tall of a wall will they have to build?
  • What kind of a fence will need to be used?
  • Are they as worried about your security as they are theirs?
  • What types of toxic chemicals and in what quantity will they keep?
  • How will a fire affect the residents?

They have openly said the overly bright lights are for Safety. It is so, people do not steal things. People like CRIMINALS that are attracted to Big Box environments. The same Criminals that can walk across the parking lot and now into your streets and homes in Indianwood.

It is OK to say no sometimes and this sure seems like one to us. Just to make clear Indianwood, your neighbors on the PZA except for Tony Zweiner, voted to tell the Council it all looks good to them.

It also meant that they told the Council it is OK to violate the light rules because it is for SAFETY. Well, glad to know you have our safety at heart while you turn a wildlife area into an urban light, sight and noise polluted corner.

What can you do?

Speak Out and Speak Up. Write to your Village Council, e-mail them, call them and show up at meetings and make YOUR VOICE HEARD! There are more of us than there are of them. Stand on common ground with your neighbors for the good of your life style and the future of those still to come.

If not you, then who? If not you, then say hello to the first of several new Urban Neighbor’s you are going to share a property line with. Don’t say nobody told you.

Until next time – Standby

Got Gas?

Welcome to President “Applesauce Brains” woke and brave new America.


 And just like that, the Southeast of the US is heading down a dark path similar to one of the 1970s gas shortages from Virginia to Florida to Alabama following the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. Even with Colonial set to restore systems by the weekend, shortages have already materialized as people panic hoard.

The real panic has yet to begin as millions of Americans are waking up for work, hopping into their vehicle across the Southeast, and are hearing fuel shortages on the radio or reading push notifications on their phone. Driving down the street, they see rising fuel prices, signs at pumps that either read shortage or pump restrictions, or even see some gas stations closed.

This is beginning to look like the 1970s gas shortage. If the panic just started hours ago – just wait until tomorrow. People will freak.