BOCC Waste Contract Turned on Some Lights

If we do not watch and hold the elected accountable then they become tyrannical

Guest Editorial Column: by RJ Pozi

Martin County; “We’re Special!”

The last 6 months has exposed two axioms we’re told about Government and power but don’t often see it out in the open. One being; “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

The other is “Government is not the solution; Government is the problem”. The COVID 19 “State of Emergency” has given protection for our Local Board of County Commissioners to over step and misrepresent the Taxpayers.

First, the mask mandates and lock-downs effectively make Martin County a US Constitution Free Zone! Is that what Commissioners Smith and Ciampi mean by our County being “special”?

Secondly, the MC Fire Rescue contract and now the garbage contract process both being decided with clear cronyism and graft. It lowers any semblance of Integrity or decency in bad faith.

Moving the goals posts is this Boards favorite tactic. Where is TCPalm exposing them for it? The commitment of the BOCC to grant a 20% raise to the MC Fire Rescue during a recession or possible oncoming depression is irresponsible and as terrible as was building a Water-park that loses $400,000 a year or remodeling a Public Golf course costing we taxpayers twice what they estimated.

The entire Garbage contract bid process at this past BOCC meeting best exposes the good old boy game and unprincipled way of doing business that is Martin County’s dirty little secret. The meeting was a sandbagged intentional production reminiscent of the erroneous and/or intentional productions that were the early Covid meetings, starring Robert Lord of Cleveland Clinic lying by omission and Caroline Vitani from the FDOH spreading questionable (at best) info from that haphazard collection of incompetence.    

Who casts these “Experts”?

This past meeting was collusion on parade with cronies and their dependents posing heart felt stories of familiarity and charity that doesn’t fool any of us who are on to the game. Donations that come from taxpayer funds to Waste Management who contribute to the Local charities and functions that they get to write off.

Then we get to fund via the higher rates this BOCC has committed us to. This Board of Commissioners and their handlers, Admin Kryzda, and small print Attorney Woods, give the cover for our BOCC to act like a body of despots without any semblance of integrity and honor.

I am appalled by the lack of integrity and decency by this Board. They represent the people of Martin County poorly when they operate without principle and ignore their oaths of office.

I too used to think we were a “Special” County that had wholesome, decent and principled shared values and Government. Evidently with this collection of unopposed Commissioners without integrity and principles, I was wrong.

We’re Special alright, just like PBC, Broward and Miami Dade. Great Job BOCC, that’s your legacy!

#WhereIsTheIntegrity? *

RJ Pozzi – Guest Columnist

RJ is a member of the Martin County 9/12 Tea Party and Freedom Defenders

Editors note: We hope to be able to bring you more from the Martin 9/12 and Freedom Defenders on a more regular basis soon.
*the end link is not a referential link of inclusionary reference to this editorial. It was meant as a euphemistic representation of the "hashtaging" culture. - (TAM Editor)

If you would like to e-mail all of the Commission and send them a message you can do so below with one easy click.

45 Million @ stake with Commission vote

Martin County is considering a Request For Proposal (RFP)  for garbage hauling and they need to hear from you.

Let your voice be heard

The RFP effects all unincorporated parts of Martin county as well as the Village of Indiantown and Sewells Point.

This item is scheduled to be on the Sept. 15th agenda.

You actually pay a whole lot more than the numbers below. The county has an abnormally large Franchise / Administrative fee they charge us to have a third party take care of everything. We are working on a larger article based on this fact. For now though. We need to save some money. hard economic times are on the horizon and we need our money more than the government does.

So here is your chance – make your voice heard with hundreds of others – take a stand – make a difference with us.

By the Numbers

Residential Rates:

As a property owner your Current Residential Rate: $16.08 per month for garbage pickup.

Waste Managements proposed rate: $21.87 per month (36.01% increase)

FCC proposed rate: $16.29 per month. (1.31% increase)

Commercial Rates:

Current Commercial Rate: $11.83 per C.Y.

WM proposed rate: $16.15 per C.Y. (36.52% increase)

FCC proposed rate: $12.70 per CY. (7.35% increase)

So we are going with FCC?

FCC was ranked #1 by County staff in qualifications/service and price

FCC along with WM are both top 5 Waste companies in the world. Either one is qualified.

FCC will have more trucks and personnel

FCC will save taxpayers $45m over the 8 year contract. 

Of the proposals, the current provider was the most expensive.

Martin County Administrator states in the 2021 budget that COVID has resulted in revenue shortfalls and a downturn in the economy causing great future uncertainty. The current provider has been a good local corporate citizen supporting many organizations. FCC is committed to doing the same.

FCC is the largest waste hauler in unincorporated Palm Beach County with an excellent and proven track record . If it was a couple of percent difference in price, that’s one thing but it’s 36%, $5m to $6m annually or $45m over the life of the contract. FCC will provide same great service, use local employees with huge cost savings. Commissioners need to hear from the Voters.

The Commissioners work for We The People



What is enlightenment?


Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-imposed Immaturity. Immaturity is the inability to use one’s own understanding without another’s guidance. This Immaturity is self-imposed if its cause lies not in lack of understanding but in indecision and lack of courage to use one’s own mind without another’s guidance. Dare to know! – Sapere aude.

“Have the courage to use your own understanding,” is therefore the motto of the enlightenment.


A Formal Complaint Has Been Filed



Today a formal complaint was filed against the Mayor of Indiantown with the Florida Department of State. We are asking that a preliminary investigation be initiated to determine how the Absentee voter role was allowed to get into the hands of a payed operative for the purpose of Voter intimidation, Voter fraud and illegal use of the Absentee Voter role.

The complaint is public record and once received by Tallahassee will be able to be requested by the public. It has been mailed today. We will keep you updated with any information that we can without breaching legal trusts.

Here is the basic premise of the complaint:

Under section 97.012(15), Florida Statutes, the Department of State has authority to conduct preliminary investigations into any allegations of irregularities or fraud involving voter registration or voting, or candidate or issue petition activities. The Department may then report its findings to the Office of Statewide Prosecution or to the State Attorney for the judicial circuit in which the alleged violation occurred for prosecution, where warranted.

The foundation of this complaint is based on FS. 101.62(3)[i].

Further, it is the belief that the public trust, as well as individual voters’ rights, have been violated by complicit non-statutory use of the Absentee voter role for the purpose of harassment & voter intimidation.

Pursuant to FS 101.62(3) the absentee roll is to remain confidential and is only for the use of a stated few. Further, according to Martin County Supervisor of Elections protocol and practice, an absentee list is only able to be obtained by completing a signed statement of understanding as to the use of the roles.

There were three Candidates in the Indiantown Primary that made the request of the Supervisor of Elections. Those candidates were, Guy Parker, Janet Hernandez and Anthony Zweiner.

Guy Parker was the subject of a character assault levied by Robert Burns III who was hired locally to spread false information and intimidate the voting bloc. Mr. Burns activity is closely tied to the contested Primary election of Florida Representative Fine in Brevard county, Florida. Mr. Burns has used an Illegal PAC and other instruments to levy his paid smear campaign against Mr. Parker.

The use of the Absentee ballot was made public on a Facebook post to continue his character assault on a local resident. The Absentee role could only have been obtained locally by one of the three afore mentioned.

The second person that obtained the role was Anthony Zweiner. As his senior campaign advisor, I know unmistakably that Robert Burns did not receive it from our campaign. That leaves Janet Hernandez. Janet was on the ballot for re-election. She was the opposition to Mr. Zweiner.

There are closer ties to Mr. Burns through then Mayor and candidate Guyton Stone. We are able to fully document his close association with Mr. Burns. We are making this reference to demonstrate Guyton Stone was also involved with the use of the Absentee role for his agent Mr. Burns. Again Mr. Stone never requested the Absentee list. Neither did Mr. Burns.

We are alleging that a conspiracy of planned events culminated in several Sunshine law violations, voter intimidation, illegal electioneering and statutory misuse of the absentee voter role.

Attached are links to journal articles that were compiled during the ongoing violations for referential use.

There are more graphic, written and verbal pieces of information that will aid in the investigation once this request for investigation is initiated. If you require them prior please contact me directly. We have excluded attaching them from this complaint for the sake of brevity.

To that end, Mr. Burns has demonstrated his tactics and illegality. He has also been associated to local candidates and office holders in what, after investigation, will show collusion, sunshine law violation and other irregularities. The Absentee voter role use is the piece that connects all of the other fraudulent occurrences together.

Therefore, we are asking that a preliminary investigation be initiated to determine how the Absentee voter role was allowed to get into the hands of a payed operative for the purpose of Voter intimidation, Voter Fraud and illegal use of the Absentee voter role. The remainder of the criminal and illegal activity will certainly surface during any proper investigation by your office.

[i] 101.62(3) - For each request for a vote-by-mail ballot received, the supervisor shall record the date the request was made, the date the vote-by-mail ballot was delivered to the voter or the voter’s designee or the date the vote-by-mail ballot was delivered to the post office or other carrier, the date the ballot was received by the supervisor, the absence of the voter’s signature on the voter’s certificate, if applicable, and such other information he or she may deem necessary. This information shall be provided in electronic format as provided by rule adopted by the division. The information shall be updated and made available no later than 8 a.m. of each day, including weekends, beginning 60 days before the primary until 15 days after the general election and shall be contemporaneously provided to the division. This information shall be confidential and exempt from s. 119.07(1) and shall be made available to or reproduced only for the voter requesting the ballot, a canvassing board, an election official, a political party or official thereof, a candidate who has filed qualification papers and is opposed in an upcoming election, and registered political committees for political purposes only.

Just tell the truth to begin with

The truth may take you places you do not expect.

While you may not have thought soemthing to be true, the truth is always the truth. There is but one truth. Truth is not subjective or interpretive. Plain and simple, the truth is the truth.

When the path leads to a place that shines light and it reveals something other than what we believed to be the truth, well, then we have to come to nature with the new found truth.

During the recent Village of Indiantown campaign season there was a question as to the legitimacy of the then sitting Mayors residential qualifications. Many, including myself, indicated that we believed his claim of residency was illegal. The basis for this claim was that the address was zoned as a commercial building. Meaning you work there. You do not live there.

I and others asked both publicly and privately of the Mayor to clear the matter up. As it turned out the way the Mayor wanted to clear this up was to threaten me with legal action for asking the question. He was unwilling to subordinate his position that he was acting as a custodian for the owner and that an old overlay from prior zoning made it closer to legal.

So, instead of answering the question directly with fact, he chose to hide and say he does not live there. The real fact is that neither he nor the Village Staff knew if he could legally live there either.

This is where we began asking questions of Howard Brown and other Village staff members for information about the residency. I will be compiling the e-mail chain for review and posting so check back.

Needless to say, they were less than responsive. A question left with Howard from 6 Aug 20 was not responded to until we called one of the people associated in the e-mail chain on 3 SEP 20. The young lady was able to supply another link in the chain but was unwilling to help complete the chain that was close to the truth. Again, an unmotivated civil servant finding the request to be more than they want to deal with.

The chain of custody was then picked up and passed of to the Village Clerk who identified that she has but a mere copy of minutes and no detail. She said it was before her time. Best she could do I guess.

That opens a lot of other discussions we can have about how the public record is kept in the dark at the Village. Even they cannot find what they need when they need it.

So, the trail went cold. Until an anonymous contributor that had been seeing the exchange supplied TALK ABOUT MARTIN with the final set of documents that close this issue on Guyton Stones legal residency. Again, I will post the docs shortly.

So here was the original question:

Does the property that Guyton Stone claims as residence qualify as such?

Answer: Yes

As long as he is employed in the capacity of a custodian or watchman it can be used as quarters.

How is this possible?

When Indiantown was still a part of the County LDR codes it was designated as a Redevelopment Area. Also known as a CRA. A mixed-use designation was given to several property within the boundary known as the Indiantown CRA. In doing so it enabled for the domicile in question to be used.

But the Village is separate from the County now.

When the divorce took place, the Village decided to not renew the Indiantown CRA. The whole Village would have been a CRA in the case that they retained it and it was counterproductive. It was the right move to make.

There was still the issue of the Zoning Overlay though. If the County trashed the CRA without regard to the underlying LDR’s then everyone that had taken advantage of this mixed-use allowance would be left in a tight spot. So, the County carved that overlay from the CRA before chopping it off. They will remove the County overlay once the Village completes their LDR’s.

It would have been much easier if Staff at the Village would have not been combative and standoffish. All that did was create more suspicion. So, from now on can we all work towards the TRUTH for the sake of the TRUTH please.

There is a myriad of questions that rise from this. One is the lack of transparency and obvious lack of accountability within the Village staff. Another is how the overlay is intended to be dealt with now?

So, I guess the lesson learned here is when you are asked by citizens about something as serious as this topic, just tell the truth. If you do not know the truth say so. Then be willing to try and find it. Only in truth can we all find unity.

Editor – Talk About Martin – 2020

OPEN OUR VILLAGE UP – CDC – Covid only 6%


E-MAIL Your Indiantown Village Council HERE and tell them you want in person meetings NOW

There is no death scare according to experts from the CDC. These are the same experts that Council Members keep saying are who they are listening to. Well the experts you sighted before just said “FALSE ALARM” The WuFlu is not as bad as they have been saying.

So, do they listen or do they keep the fear as a tool to manipulate you and the process of governance. Enough is enough. We the people demand you open the Village Hall and have in person meetings. NOW. We have spoken Will you listen?

The CDC’s website clearly and definitively states:

For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.

What is unclear about this?

It is a really pathetic pandemic where only 6% of deaths are due exclusively to COVID-19. Stack that up against the Black Plague, TB or Ebola.

The freak-outs want you to instead focus on the 94% who died with a plethora of comorbidity conditions. Some of the most common ones mentioned in the study are:

Influenza, pneumonia, hypertensive diseases, heart disease, cardiac arrest, heart failure, diabetes, alzheimers, renal failure and on and on. 

Patients with these other conditions also just happened to test positive for COVID-19, and that’s all it took to be recorded as a COVID death. What’s more, the average patient had an average of 2.6 of these other factors when they died.

Even a motorcycle crash victim who died on the scene tested positive for COVID. His death was recorded as COVID until some locals pointed out the sheer stupidity of such a categorization and it was ultimately rescinded.

OK, Look. Dying WITH COVID is not the same as dying FROM COVID.

Only 6% died FROM COVID exclusively. The other 94% died WITH COVID.

Did anybody make an assessment of how many of the 94% would have died anyway, even if they did not have COVID? Nope. Not a one, so we’ll never know for sure. But even a baseball bat could figure out that there has been a significant number who were headed for their earthly exit no matter what else they contracted along the way.

E-MAIL the Indiantown Village Council here and tell them to get their act together and open public meetings – NOW.

Story re-post credit:

Scott Watson Speaks Out

Scott Watson Speaks Out on Facebook

Engineered Incompetence

Dear Indiantown,

I can no longer hold in my frustration and disappointment with what has happen in Indiantown and where it is headed. With that said, I am going to be writing a series of Expose’ on what I see going on in Indiantown, I would put it all in one document but you would be reading for days.

This writing will provide short intro and then I will address the current and very important issue of the Comprehensive Plan and the Land Development Regulations (LDRs) that are being created as we speak.

When we as a Community came together to discuss Incorporation, I could have never imagined the scenario that is being played out today. We all had high hopes and dreams for Indiantown’s future as we knew we had everything we needed to be success right here in our community. I felt so strongly in our community I put my money where my mouth is and was the First person to invest in Indiantown’s future when I wrote a $3500.00 check as a down payment to our consultant to perform the Indiantown feasibility study. I have invested many thousands more and hundreds and hundreds of hours of my time to facilitate Indiantown’s Dream, which leads me to write to you today.

Unfortunately, Indiantown in its infancy has been plagued with incompetence. I, we who started this movement bare some of the responsibility as it was, we the founders who brought some of these people to the table not realizing they were not up to the task until we were well underway. Examples would be our First Village manager , who had no real experience as a Village manager and in my opinion was in way over her head, the same goes for Bonnie Landry who was brought in to head up Growth Management/Planning, and has proven in my opinion to be completely incompetent at all levels. This became painfully clear when she would not work with our Village Council Appointed Comprehensive Plan Committee, then went on to author our first Comprehensive Plan which was an absolute mess. Only after a huge intervention from town’s people and property owners was the Comprehensive Plan Corrected enough to avoid instant litigation and disaster. It was a terribly painful process which for the most part was handled outside of public meetings because we the people were not given ample time in open public meetings to air all of the obvious mistakes, many of which would have stripped property rights from the majority of Indiantown Property owners. Many property owners including myself had to go to extra ordinary lengths to help fix the mess and yet Bonnie Landry still works for the Village, even after repeated promises she would be gone as her conduct has never been and continues to be counterproductive to Indiantown’s wants and needs.

The same scenario is now playing out in the creation the Village of Indiantown Land Development Regulations (LDRs) . The Village has hired a consultant from Miami to write our LDRs. Parts of the first draft of the LDR document has been released and once again, as with the Comprehensive Plan the document is full of mistakes and does not reflect the vision of Indiantown. Quite frankly in my opinion they basically took something that already existed off the shelf, word-smithed the Village of Indiantown into it and sent it to us. So once again it is left up to the citizens and land owners to clear up a Poor document, we are willing and able to do so IF given the opportunity.

In efforts to those ends, the Indiantown Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee has been reviewing the LDR document and submitting our comments etc. to the Village, with no idea if these comments will be acted on, the same scenario that lead to the Mess with the Comprehensive Plan.

It has become clear to all of us on the Chamber committee and other wise in the community that the only way to get this document right , protect our property rights and allow the Village to realize the PROMISE that came with incorporation, is to have a REAL OPEN Public Meeting or Meetings that could take an entire day or days with the village staff and the LDR consultant to hammer out the defects in the document while providing local knowledge of conditions that actually exist in Indiantown .

This is an absolute necessity, for the NEW LDRs as presented, will strip existing property owners of their property rights and make it even more difficult to develop affordable housing, the One thing everyone in Indiantown has been screaming for and It’s NOT addressed in this LDR document.

To add insult to Injury, the Property the Village just purchased to build the future Village Hall on, is not allowed to have Government buildings on it according to the NEW LDRs! I don’t know what else to say!

The Indiantown Chamber Governmental Affairs committee has been asking to have an OPEN PUBLIC meeting with everyone in town, where sufficient time is allowed to openly discuss the issues with the Village staff and the consultant, thus far that request has been denied. I personally called Howard Brown our Village Manager and had a discussion with him this past Tuesday 8/25/2020 in which I discussed to myriad of issues that exist with the LDRs as presented. Mr. Brown once again, as with the Comprehensive Plan tried to dismiss my concerns with the excuse, that I am just not used to looking at LDRs that are different from Martin County’s, which is a ridiculous statement to be making to me.

In making my argument I pointed out that the LDRs as written will not allow the Village to build Government buildings on the New Site they just purchased, to which Mr. Brown answered he really has not looked at the document. After the drawn out “Dodge Ball” of a discussion, Mr. Brown agreed to take the request for a Special Open Public meeting with Village staff and the Consultant to the Village Council for consideration at the regular Board meeting 8/27/2020. To make a long story Short, no real effort was made by Mr. Brown to facilitate this meeting and none was approved by the Village Council. This I find absolutely absurd! We the people of Indiantown are doing our best to correct a document that we are paying a consultant to create and yet we are being treated like an unwanted step child. I have spent thus far over 25 hours reading and preparing written comments to the Village yet have no idea if they will even be looked at or considered.

As I stated above, I have had Enough of the Engineered Incompetence! Why in God’s name does something this important to the Community have to be so difficult? Why are we letting consultants from Miami and a City Manager from Opa Locka drive our Village into a Ditch, with this insanity!

There is NO BOOGEYMAN lets have OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS and get this right for Indiantown!

I guess Mr. Brown and a few of Our Village Council enjoy turmoil, I don’t know. One can only speculate as to why anyone would intentionally allow avoidable Problems to be created, I believe we all need to think REAL HARD about that.

Scott Watson

CLICK HERE to Send an E-mail to the Council Telling them we want in person meetings

Editors Note: We are hoping to convince Mr. Watson to be a contributor with Talk About Martin. If you see him please tell him you would like to see him here more often. Thank You Scott for caring about the world we live in and being willing to do some heavy lifting to clean out the garbage and get on with the peoples business !







Getting elected to office does not make you smarter than WE THE PEOPLE all of the sudden.

There are those who think otherwise, they are usually elected. They think themselves ELITE.

NO MORE EXCUSES – here are some facts for the side-stepping politicians in Indiantown

  1. analysis of deaths in Palm Beach County medical records late last month revealed that “most” of the county’s Covid-19 deaths cannot be attributed to Covid-19 alone. Many of the deaths “involved comorbidity like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, and more,” according to an I-Team investigation by CBS 12.  The investigation spanned 658 of the county’s “Covid deaths”. Investigators found that of the 658 cases, just 86 listed “Covid-19 pneumonia” without contributing causes as the reason for death. 3 were listed as “COVID-19 respiratory infection” without contributing causes.
  2. CDC Reports that only 6% of all Deaths were caused by The WuFlu
  3. Martin Commission is already doing regular and workshop meetings in person. So can we.
  4. The lack of transparency is shocking. Who knows who is behind a camera while a Council Person is in their ZOOM meeting. Are they being coached? Is somebody pressuring them? Are they talking with one another in chat on another monitor while they are discussion Council business? You don’t now because they are not in PUBLIC to watch.
  5. As soon as Nov 3rd is over, the virus will soon be over too. At least as a political tool.
  6. The Village has spent tens of thousands of your money on equipment to allow for just this scenario. Instead they are using ZOOM embedded on their website. As a human with a degree in Computer Science I have one word for the scenario: LAME .

If you want to tell your Elected Councilpersons to LISTEN and ACT according to the peoples willhere is your chance. Add your name to the list and send a message to All of the Council and Village Manager in one easy click.