Howard Brown is Back in The News

Here is Howard’s Resume:  Howard_W._Brown

Notice in the resume the departments he said he was in charge of:

(2010 – 2014)Directly supervised and managed Police, Human Resources, IT, Finance, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Community Development, Code Enforcement, and Building and Licenses Departments.”

(2013-2014) “Oversaw Planning, Community Development, Building and Licensing Departments, and directed outside engineering firms, handling the City’s design, planning, and building inspection.” –

The same departments at the heart of the investigation during the time of the investigation.

Someone either thought him a blind fool or they knew he was a “go along to get along” kind of guy. He was in charge of the department during the peak of the corruption.

Also, the Harvard Degree Howard referenced in his interview came through at tax payer expense not only for the course but for the time off to go to school to receive the degree as well. All while in his position of Village Manager in Indiantown. That’s right.


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