Humane Society of Treasure Coast refuses to answer questions on Pet Store Ban

A closer look at the outcomes that are being exposed by the “Pet Store Ban” fiasco

What if we brought the animal control process in house?

Would we save money if we took a more stringent policy on time limits allowed to house a stray?

How much are we spending to support the Humane Societies “NO KILL” policies?

They are your tax dollars being spent and we think these questions and more deserve answers. But who do you ask. The Public Private Partnership means we need answers from the Humane Society and they are not responding. How is this legal let alone right?

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Honesty, Truth, Trust and Relationships



A Win for The People

Pet Store Ban Up For Reconsideration on the 27th What can you do?

Is a Gun Store Ban Next in Martin County?

Pet Store Ban to be brought back for discussion

Exclusive Interviews on The Pet Store Ban

Help Save The Pet Stores From Martin County

Special broadcast today at 3:45 p.m. Martin BOCC vote to ban legitimate businesses!

Save the Pet Stores ~ Martin County Should Grandfather Them In!

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