Tony Z & Janet Agree


The Square Footage on these HOMES is usually under 1300 sq feet. So why would a house designed for a family of Four or Five at best have four to five vehicles in the drive and the yard?

We don’t think that this is a planning issue. We know it is a problem. Now, what will we do about it?

There are some obvious questions that need to be discussed on this topic. Standby and Check back. We will have more on this topic for you in the near future.

Here come the changes

30 Year Old Oaks Tagged

After speaking with Two (2) Village Council members and several “in the know” community leaders, we are still not much closer to knowing what the road work project on SR 710 in Indiantown is going to entail. Seems a whole lot of us are not receiving the communication required to keep up to date with the Government projects in town.

We have reached out to Anthony Dowling who sits on the MPO board and should know what the story is. He unfortunately is not responding. Guess he has us blocked in his e-mail like he does on his social media accounts. So sad. Anthony has said in the past, as recent as the last workshop, that “It is easier to drag the public along than to engage them”, so that may have something to do with it. (we have the workshop audio here)

A few days ago it was brought to our attention that a “Tree Survey” company was out tagging trees the other day along side SR 710. (directly in front of W&W Lumber on the North side)  Our sources tell us that One Ribbon means “remove the tree” and two ribbons means “prune the tree”. Well the trees we saw are single ribbon. So we asked Tony Z to follow up on the project and see what he can help us learn. You  never know unless you ask !

If you know what the road project is and what it entails, drop Tony Z a line in the space below – or ask Anthony maybe he will respond to you, then you can let us know.



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Indiantown Civic Center – part II

Here come the Beds

Here is Part Two on our series of updates on the Civic Centers New Comm-Unity Garden & Park.

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We are gaining viewers and readers everyday and welcome the opportunity to help get out the word for any Marin County Comm-Unity event or project.

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