Down The Rabbit Hole One More Time

The past several days have developed in such a way that time to reflect on what really matters has been uninhibited. The lack of digital noise can really make a difference you know. We understand our good Village Manager, Howard Brown has been down as well with some of the same type of focus-oriented opportunities.

Hi Folks – NoMo here – It is great to be back – There are so many places we need to go on this episode, So, strap yourself in and hang on as we take you down the Rabbit Hole One More Time.

As usual Mr. YEO leads the TAM hit parade of charts with another good old young socialist verbal evacuation. He just can’t stop telling us how bad America is. The same guy that said he did not think the Village should fund the 4th of July. Did you wonder Indiantown why you did not have Village Fireworks? It was Antony.

As it turns out he has a convenient way of excluding certain history though. It is almost like he has been brainwashed into a rewriting of our past. Our past, you know, our history, where some people did something.

Here is an example of the type of things people did. Still, it is excluded from his mainstream historical narrative.

Did you know that in the years 1819 until 1861 “American War Vessels” patrolled the waters of Africa to make certain that NO human life was being taken captive? The only reason it ended in 1861 was because of a small homeland matter we call The United States Civil War. You know the war that had men, white men and black alike stopping slavery.

We doubt too that Mr. YEO was ever taught that up and until the fourth and final version of the Constitution there was a clause abolishing slavery. Thomas Jefferson was adamant about its inclusion as evidenced by the emphasis he added in to the text. As the story goes, From Many One. We had to be resolute among our cause with all 13 of the Colony or we all would surely hang. There were two States that remained against the inclusionary verbiage. In the end, the clause was removed. There are volumes written about this. but do we hear them?

From the year 1776 in our Declaration of Freedom & Independence, until the end of the civil war, we, Americans shed blood, we fought and lived to make sure that no man was enslaved to another. Then a new type of enslavement began. It was the encampment of low-income Americans in 50’s and 60’s disguised as the “War on Poverty”, predominantly but not exclusively, black. The Civil Rights Movement is not to be considered the same thing.

With Dr, King and others, men of all race locked arm and demanded the end to the walls of segregation and opportunity. They demanded a balancing of the scale. Men of all race did so. Men of all race bled. Men of all race made effort towards the same end.

What we did as American’s had never been done by a nation on the face of this planet in mankind’s history. We were the first. The first to fully abolish all forms of slavery. The world soon followed.

America is and was then a brave idea of equality not equity. How any American could vote for a man that hates the same ideals he took oath to defend, is beyond me. That though is Antony.

So, when Mr. YEO emptied his blow hole on Juneteenth about why we should not celebrate the 4th of July you just have to ask yourself if there are more of him out there? Is Indiantown that far gone as not to see the ugly self-serving half-truths he tells?

Remember, this little Socialist was elected. Of course, he was not sporting his YEO flag then either, was he?

We have a hard time here @ TAM believing that there are enough people in this Village a second time to get him back in office. That is unless he gets his $2000 stipend to grease the rails of public opinion a bit. One thing Antony is, is a one ring promoter.

Next on our radar are the numbers from this year’s property appraisals in Martin County. A big shout out to Mrs. Fields for her offices hard work.

As it turns out Indiantown went down a couple points while the rest of the County increased in property assessment values.  What this means in simple terms is that the 288k from residential property taxes will decline even further as a part of the Village budget. FPL reduced slightly too but still will provide enough revenue for safe operations under normal conservative fiscal policy.

It is that last part that we fear may be lost on some. The Conservative Fiscal Policy that is. Given the lack of financial conservatorship shown by Howard Brown and his spend happy Council, we doubt they will let it slow them down.

Now that Fire Rescue’s opportunity for budget building is down the tubes, Howard needs something else to increase his budget numbers.


See his salary uses the annual budget as part of the formula for his wage justification. So, the more he can budget, of FPL’s money, the more he makes. What better to spend your money on than a new Town Hall. We can promise you that the top admin staff will not be sitting on the ground floor either once it is done.

Instantly though one has to ask the question, “What is wrong with the offices that few of you spend much time in anyway?”

What services can you not provide from the current location?

Who does this serve, the Government or the People?

Remember too that in less than eighteen months a re-negotiation with FPL will be in the works. You know, the guys that hold the purse string. The 85% of the purse.

Also, the Villages revenue declined this year. Wouldn’t a normal budgeted family look at that and say, no Disney this year kids!

As a matter of fact, I can all but assure you that it will not be given much consideration except maybe by Susan. You would think Janet as an accounting type for the Church would be slowing this down as well.

Two more quick items. First, after reading Friends & Neighbors Sunday biweekly edition by Tom Campenni we thought that he summed up the whole idea of “personal accounts” for each Councilperson neatly. The following from our friend Tom;

“How do you make something seem nefarious? Just ask Dowling to present it.”

“For some time now, he has been seeking to have each council member have a discretionary fund of $2,000 per year. This would be spent for special events that he or other council members may have through the year…….”

“Dowling brought up that he had to pay for a park rental permit for one of his events. If it is not a sanctioned village event, then he should pay for the permit. Where does the political end and a legitimate public purpose begin? Gibbs-Thomas said it doesn’t bother her to pay when she does something that the village hasn’t sanctioned.”

You can read more here.

Last but by no means least, a bit of good news. As we know this past year and a half have been extraordinary in many ways. The outcome of the recent past events has left many Civic Organizations in lean pasture. Not necessarily money, but from volunteer efforts.

Well as it turns out the YMCA in Indiantown is one of those Civic Groups. On Saturday the 17th at 8AM, local residents are bringing shovel, rake, mowers, trailers and a smile. They will be there to begin the process of returning the YMCA back into her better self. If you would like to help our own Tony Z is organizing the cleanup and he would love to hear from you. Drop him a line in his e-mail . Also Look for an announcement coming soon about a new TAM Contributor that will be joining our team more to follow on that in the days ahead.

Alright – that’s all for now and remember to subscribe for insider updates here on TAM

So, until next time, standby

5 thoughts on “Down The Rabbit Hole One More Time

    1. Joe – “WHO” is Mr. YEO ! – Antony Dowling. He is a member of a very far left Socialist organization called YEO Young Elected Officials. – People like the Squad are mentors to them. Andrew Gillum was a Founder. I will trace down an article I did a ways back on the back ground and add it as a deeper dive.

      God Bless – Good hearing from ya Joe !


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