Here We Go Again Indiantown.

The next meeting of the PZA (Planning and Zoning) Board will put the freshmen members in a position that has very strong similarity to the Tractor Supply ordeal. As a matter of fact, a former PZA Board Member is the one that has made the announcement this time. Instead of human remains in the form of Indian Mounds, she has provided a confirmed sighting of a, wait for it, here you go, Gopher Tortoise on the Garcia Groups massive proposed Development of Regional Impact.

The same Garcia Group that has to ask the PZA for approval to start tearing up the land and putting down pads at the next meeting this Thursday. Then it is off to the Council for their input on the matter a short week later, like a screaming rocket with no way to slow before it burns up in the atmosphere.

Will anyone in power speak up this time? Or will the PZA and Council just breeze past it and give it no attention? If they do raise the issue, will anyone else support them in their effort to slow this down a bit until we know the facts. Things like this have derailed more than one developers dream of big bucks.

We are in the process here @TAM of researching the legal and ethical requirements of all the players in this situation and will update you as we find out more. Until then – say hi to Marjorie’s Gopher Tortoise.


While we research the situation go ahead and leave us a comment below on what you think we should name this fellow !


4 thoughts on “IT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN

  1. Hi please print this as a letter to the editor
    Earlier this year went door to door to all the houses around the 55 acre oak hammock (only about 60 properties and about 40 houses) we met twice at Timer Powers park I think in March or April prior to the protests. I collected and submitted to the IVC names and signatures of us -the concerned citizens who live between SW Famel Rd and Fernwood Forest Rd (both neighborhoods on the sides of the 55 acre oak hammock)
    I also spoke with the developer twice and emailed him and his staff and was shocked at his plan of 200 2 story 0 lot line rental houses.
    Ok Thanks
    From: JP Therapy
    Sent: Monday, November 29, 2021 11:13 AM
    To: Susan Owens; Althea Jefferson; Howard Brown
    Subject: To be read at the next village council meeting and sent to the zoning and planning board

    Dear Village Council and Zoning and Planning Board Althea Jefferson and Howard Browne this has been posted on Facebook I grew up in Indiantown and next-door app Booker Park.

    Terra Lago (Garcia Property) the city next to Indiantown is coming up soon at the IVC 12/2 & 12/9
    Please pray show up speak up or send an email to be read at the meeting if you are concerned about our blessed Indiantown

    Yes these properties that are proposing developments in Indiantown are not mine
    however we who already live here in Indiantown can influence what goes in
    I have sent letters that have been read at the IVC meeting and sent to the zoning and planning board that suggest
    1. The developers pay for the infrastructure all types of roads, water sewer etc ( otherwise we who already live here will pay by huge tax increases)
    2. Large tracks of land oak and pine forest set aside for wildlife preservation
    3. A state of the art public park built in every development with ample shaded parking.
    4. 10% or more of all housing coming into Indiantown will be set up for low income families who are current Indiantown residents
    5. Community centers / religious worship centers and green spaces will be set aside in all these new developments.

    Lastly no more than 50 homes to go in to the oak hammock between SW Famel Ave & Fernwood Forest Rd.

    John JP Pasquale & family
    15440 SW Palm Dr
    Indiantown FL 34956

    <🙏✝️ = ❤️😀☮


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