Am I the Only One?

[Verse 1]
Am I the only one, here tonight
Shakin’ my head and thinkin’ somethin’ ain’t right
Is it just me? Am I losin’ my mind?
Am I standin’ on the edge of the end of time?

[Verse 2]
Am I the only one? Tell me I’m not
Who thinks they’re takin’ all the good we got
And turnin’ it bad, hell, I’ll be damned
I think I’m turnin’ into my old man

Am I the only one, willin’ to bleed
Or take a bullet for bein’ free
Screamin’, “What the fuck!” at my TV
For tellin’ me, yeah, are you tellin’ me?
That I’m the only one, willin’ to fight
For my love of the red and white
And the blue, burnin’ on the ground
Another statue comin’ down in a town near you

[Post Chorus]
Watchin’ the threads of Old Glory come undone
Am I the only one?

[Verse 3]
Am I the only one not brainwashed?
Makin’ my way through the land of the lost
Who still gives a shit, and worries ’bout his kids
As they try to undo all the things he did?

Am I the only one who can’t take no more
Screamin’, “If you don’t like it there’s the fuckin’ door”
This ain’t the freedom we’ve been fightin’ for
It was somethin’ more, yeah, it was somethin’ more
Am I the only one, willin’ to fight
For my love of the red and white
And the blue, burnin’ on the ground
Another statue comin’ down in a town near you

[Post Chorus]
Watchin’ the threads of Old Glory come undone
I’m not the only one
I can’t be the only one

Am I the only one who quits singin’ along
Every time they play a Springsteen song

Am I the only one sittin’ here
Still holdin’ on, holdin’ back my tears
For the ones who paid with the lives they gave
God bless the U.S.A
I’m not the only one, willin’ to fight
For my love of the red and white
And the blue, burnin’ on the ground
Another statue comin’ down in a town near you

[Post Chorus]
Watchin’ the threads of Old Glory come undone
I’m not the only one

I can’t be the only one

30 June 2021 Show Replay and Extra Video

Here is a Replay of today’s show.

We also have for your review, the extra video of Councilman Antony Dowling disowning America and her Birthday. He seems to be setting up a campaign platform of very far left progressive rhetoric and ideas. Let us know what you think below.

Way to go kids! You did it.

Last week GM announced a $35 million march towards ALL E V. GM’s plan back in March 2020 was to invest $20 billion over five years in electric and autonomous vehicles. That money would go toward building and equipping factories, engineering expenses, and other development costs.

At the time, GM aimed to sell more than 1 million electric vehicles by 2025, with dozens of new models based on its home-grown Ultium battery technology.

Now Audi is the latest automaker to express its intent to completely end building combustion engine vehicles. They have said that they will stop building gas and diesel vehicles by 2026. Five short years from now.

As for the Hybrid line? Well from that point forward, no longer either.

According to The Drive; The Audi board chairman offered the deadline to company executives and labor representatives this week. The company said in March of this year that it would stop developing new combustion engines. Ah great.

The company has been in the midst of a “massive realignment” to try and gel with the Biden administration’s intent to subsidize E V production and infrastructure, according to Automotive News. More Public Private partnerships. Oh Goodie!

The parent company is reportedly “gearing up to make and sell considerably more electric vehicles in North America after U.S. President Joe Biden mapped out a $174 billion plan to accelerate the move to electric cars.”

There’s nothing like $174 billion to help motivate a massive business pivot, is there?

Name an auto manufacture that is not running like pigs squealing to the trough of free money. All they have to do is merge with the Federal System and VOILA – they too can have a Public Private PARTNERSHIP with the government. How cozy! How scary and how wrong.

Let’s pause for a bit and take a turn on this whole cluster of a mess. Instead of exposing the obvious and blatant in bed attempt being made here against your sovereignty. Let’s look across the way a bit. Here is a question to get you lined up with the idea. Ready? OK.

If in the next five years we are to flood the market with nothing but electric vehicles available for purchase is that a good thing?

Before we answer that there are a couple of “Mile Markers” we have just passed on this one. Again, the latest being the massive capital infusion into the industry. It is taking place by companies that already have a global manufacturing infrastructure and history of mass production. Chances are pretty good that this thing is going to happen.

This can be evidenced by the fact that the economically advantaged are the early adopters to new markets because of initial price constraint on the manufacturer. So as the deep pockets buy the luxury goods first the price falls for those of less economic advantages.

So, what of those less economically advantaged peoples?

Well, we suppose we will still need our gas-powered cars for a while. Reasonable to expect. It is the way these trends work. Cell Phones were only available for people with money. The Brick. Car Phones, Computer’s blah blah blah. The price starts high and then tapers as more demand is reached.

But what of the oil and gas industry through all of this? If we start reducing the sale of gasoline by millions of gallons a day in a compressed period of time, the edicts of supply and demand are going to drive gas to an astronomical price well beyond what anyone today thinks is even possible. Actions have outcomes.

After we get through what we are being told is going to be a seamless and non-violent transition we still have something even larger to deal with. If that is even possible.

Has anyone besides us been seeing the headlines about Texas, California, Arizona and others. About what? Well, these Greener than thou States are not able to keep up with the Air Conditioners and Heaters for their citizens.

While we are on the whole power thing, did you see the stories about smart thermostats in peoples homes were turned warmer for a three hour period in Texas during a “power shortage”. Nice, they can even control your AC now. Way to go kids!

These are the same States that adopted a green new deal infrastructure infusion of wind and solar as MAJOR sectors of their grid. Makes nuclear look better all the time. Quiet, safe, abundant, always on!

So, answer us this.

How in the hell are we going to charge everyone’s car when we cannot even produce enough power for our basic needs?

See the problem with the common core math?

Alexandria Occasional Cortex can maybe explain it for us.

Now, let’s just say the “gubberment” was not providing a Hundred and Seventy BILLION plus. Do you think the manufacturers would be biting the hook as tight? Yeah, us either. You can receive up to a $7,500 tax credit though if you buy one. Great more money from the Peoples pile.

Can’t you just see the calls now? “Sorry boss, my power was throttled last night and the car only has one bar. I won’t be in today.”

If there is to be no more gas combustion engines then what of Trains, Planes and Trucks? The cost of fuel if they do need to remain combustion is going to be outrageous and will effect your retail and food costs. As well as your travel cost in a major way.

E V technology is promising. It promises environmental nightmares ahead with piles of acid filled heaps of millions of batteries that are out of service. The unicorns are not going to just take them apart and dispose of them with no trace or residue. It promises years of abject poverty and unrequested hardship by many.

So, welcome to the Brave new world. ESG Scores and more for everyone. Including you fellow global citizen. This is just the first of many Great Reset or Build Back Better initiatives that are going to be attempted to be draped upon you – like it or not.

When you see initiatives like this locally in your County and Municipal Governments you know where they stem from. Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development, World Economic Forum & others.

Welcome to the closing chapters of Sustainable everything. Thank you to all that sold your country down the drain and into the pipe dream of global agreeance and outcome. The Great Reset as it is now branded. Way to go kids! You did it. You acted like useful idiots in your ego driven play of power and greed.

All the while you hid behind banner of Party, partisanship and racial division to advance the Global Agenda known as the Great Reset. The early adopters of sustainable development in Martin County opened the gateway to this type of reality in your own neighborhood. Stuart is equally as complicit in their adherence to this ridiculous march towards global everything.

It seems to be the younger among them that are foot to the floor on this stuff. They should consider that there was once a world before them. They may want to know too that as early as 1967 the last cultural revolution of ideas ended in 30 plus million dead.

Hang on kids, the bumps are just beginning! Turbulence and consequences ahead! Standby



It is for the Kids

I know I know – It is for the kids! Right?

Well, OK. We will give you that.

Fine. It is for the Kids, that just graduated from High School as ADULTS. All four of them that participated in the parade and the half dozen others from the class of 21’ that showed up.

Fine, it was for the kids. Who asked them though?  Seems that nobody did judging from the turnout. It looked more like a display of power and money than a community sponsored celebration. More like influence than celebration. I guess that had something to do with the fact that the Village Peoples Government was all over the thing. It was NOT citizen driven.

The decorations were over the top. No really – the Tennis Court was draped to make a private area inside of it. The decorations were not inexpensive. It looked like a small time B grade movie set.  It even had costumes.

Yepper – as it turns out “volunteers” were given and dawned shirts that look incredibly like STAFF shirts for the Indiantown Village People.

Village Logo included! Oh how nice. These were paid for by Eva Martinez we are told.

We would like to know. Is it OK with you for your TAX dollars to be paying for events? Not just this one. There have been others. If allowed there will be more too.

Remember too, Dowling made sure that we did not spend any money on the 4th of July, but stunts like this for personal PR are OK we suppose. Is that OK with you?

We have a hard time figuring out how a former Army Reserve officer can attempt to square his Marxism with American Duty and principle.

If I am not mistaken Brown claims a military past as well. Sad really.

For the record, the Garcia group and a few others stroked a check to help defray the costs of the Village Peoples event. This is the same Garcia Group that knocked out an Eagles nest and choked us to near death for two weeks when they burned local acreage to the dirt. But you have to do that when you want to asphalt it and build 250 houses on it.

It is interesting that the Garcia group chose to partner with the Village. Why not partner with the residents for their grass roots celebration tomorrow? This one will be for the kids!

We bet the turn out from the PEOPLES event will be over the top. We will be counting the participants to be sure! Thank you to the organizers Addie and Phil for their efforts. Anna Blake and the Chamber for your participation and the list goes on. Do you know who is absent from the planning & heavy lifting?

The Village People, because they could not take the lead and put themselves in the spotlight for re-election. You can bet Antony and a couple others will be front and center to take pictures and press the palms though.

You know who else is not helping? The Garcia Group. Simply because the people are not who they need to get chummy with. It is the Village People they need to be friends with! How else do you build a thousand homes in no time?

Is this starting to get any clearer for everyone? There are those that do not have your interest at heart and you can actually do something about it! As newly minted Adults so can the class of 21’.

You see, cute shirts and cupcakes may make for a good photo op. They obviously don’t make for a successful event however. The Village is a government. Not a civic rotary club or Kiwanis club. It should not behave as such.

Oh, and are you OK with your tax dollars being spent on Staff to attend and put the thing on?

It means flex time for them. So, they can take off from their job and regular duties of serving you to eat cupcakes instead. The government in Indiantown is out of control. The size and abuses of power are pathetic. This is an example of the abuse of trust and lack of stewardship with your money. We know, it is for the kids !

Now, to all of the Grads. Parade or not. You accomplished your goal.

You have attained life’s first milestone. There are many more ahead of you. Please do not look to the government to be your crutch. Look to God. We are Americans. We rely first on God then ourselves. When we list, we have neighbors and friends.

We do not need government or politicos to provide for us. We need government to get out of the way and let us accomplish our goals on our own merit and hard work! Not with self ingratiating handouts.

We wish you luck on your journey  into the world and welcome you as adults to our community.

Job Well Done Class of 21′

Hopefully you will register to vote and assist us in getting the bums out of office so we can get back to American Values and Tradition in Indiantown. You know, like fire works on the 4th of July.




A list of 10 for the Adults in Indiantown

TAM believes there are some things that need to be said to the adults in the room.


The childish sense of racial empowerment by some members of the Village Council is a problem.


The idea of being owed something and or having an expectation of someone else paying for your things is wrong. Entitlement is amoral and no one owes you a thing.


A door of graciousness in the face of belligerence has afforded an opportunity of amicable end to a divisive matter.


Continued demands are going to cause all lose of any further good faith effort on the majority of the Commission.

From: Taryn Kryzda <

Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 10:18 AM

To: Howard Brown <>

Cc: Sarah Woods <>

Subject: BOCC meeting direction today


Today, the Board of County Commissioners gave me direction to reach out to you and communicate to you that they are offering $300,000 per year for a 5 year agreement – we will develop an Interlocal agreement for the funds – a total of $1.5M, that will be targeted to be used for your utility improvements that would benefit fire flow in Indiantown – which would enhance fire rescue’s ability to respond when providing fire and emergency services. We would create the Interlocal for the funding, and then we would expect the Village to amend their ordinance to be included in the Fire Rescue MSTU to have a 5-year term – rather than the provision to be terminated upon notice on May 1. Commissioner Jenkins brought this up during his comments and Commissioners Ciampi, Hetherington & Smith approved it. Their hope is that the Council will embrace this, and we can all move forward.

We do not have another meeting until May 11, so if you can get this to your Council, and provide us with a response, then we will begin the creation of the Interlocal.

I am in the meeting today, but if you wish to discuss further, just let me know.


Taryn G. Kryzda, MPA, CPM

County Administrator

Martin County Board of County Commissioners

2401 SE Monterey Road

Stuart, FL  34996

772-288-5939 (o)


A continuation of expenditure, due diligence and any other workshop the Village engage in regarding Fire Rescue will be seen as a waste of the people’s money and a threat to safety setting the stage for potential recall elections.


If the Council does not publicly solidify a deal in the very near future with the County for 2022, it has been said that the political will of the Council majority is to move ahead with privatization next year.


Budget consideration is proposed to the tune of 1.8 million, to be spent between the beginning of the next budget cycle and October of 2022 for further steps to solidify the costs of Fire Rescue privatization.


Allowing the consultant that has a large fiduciary interest in the outcome of the negations with the County to intervene in the negotiations is unethical and reprehensible.



Continued employment of a marginal City manager will cost the tax payers a great deal of money in the near term.

Howard Brown The FBI & Opa-Locka Florida


Lack of involvement on a person’s part to be aware of the actions of the ruling, will lead to lose of freedom as the ruled.

it starts with you


Again We Ask – Who Is Running This Runaway Train Called “The Village”?



What happens when you, we, us promote false virtue in our words and actions?

Things like Critical Theory “happen”.

How about this headline:

Oakland’s Progressive Mayor will exclude WHITE families living in POVERTY from $500 checks.

From the beginning of time fools have perched upon some of the highest thrones man has had to offer.

Proving that being elected does not make you any smarter. These types even make it into high places within the likes of education, governance, law enforcement and the media. The “News” included.

They have been able to do so because of the crazy ideas that have filled the collective conscience of our world from time to time. Guess what, this is one of those times.

Good thing for humans that up until present, we have proven that survival of the fittest is generally true.

Then there are those of course that jump into the boat with the fools and it goes over the edge with them in it, along with the truthful thinking.

Even if you don’t “get in the boat”, the damage these soon to be replaced self-proclaimed salvations of mankind cause are felt by you and I. We are generally the ones on shore that have to deal with their childish and foolish decisions that leave outcome for the rest of us to deal with.

Seriously, what happens when we change our “collective soul” away from the truth?

When we let the ideas of critical theory, social justice, sustainable development, equity and the like be our compass, well, then we will walk in the direction those ideas point too.

In that process it allows for under qualified people to take the reins simply because of their “Progressive Social Score” that is determined by intersectionality.

When we allow for the hollow virtue signaling like we have seen to drive our perspective as a people, it distorts our view of the Truth. When we allow this type of thinking we can easily find ourselves in a position that the “under qualified” with no skill, ability or experience can take charge.

They hold the rudder and run the engine that guide our day to day. The longer they are there the sooner we begin to get lost as a people and breakdown as a community.

We begin making excuses for them and their outcomes. We look to blame others for their short comings while we pay for their actions. Nature being what she is, we are beginning to run out of a required supply of intelligence and the fuel to move us. Our social compass is broken as a “people” and we all suffer because of it.

All of the while there are those that are promising you that it is ok that they know very little, because they have an expert to listen to and tell them what to do. As an example, the Mayor of Indiantown, Janet Hernandez has made this assumption more than once. She actually believes it.

When a person is “allowed” to rise to the top of the chain because of Social Justices stigmas, diversity of race, equity instead of equality, then you are promoting those to positions of power without consideration of foundational skill to achieve the post; over those that have the skill but the wrong Social Justice pedigree.

Well, if everyone else believes the ideas then they must be acceptable, right? Wrong.

Social Justice and Sustainable efforts have enabled minority to rise in the leadership hierarchy without any need for merit.

The Boeing 737 Max airplane suffered two fatal accidents. To what extent were the accidents attributable to design work that had been done in low-cost, low work-ethic jurisdictions? Did those in leadership positions discuss the possibility of such risks, or was this deemed too politically incorrect?

To what extent were forest fires in California or the recent power outages in Texas a result of progressive policy, where people have been elevated to positions of authority despite a lack of competence? We will never know the specifics, for people in the West no longer say anything that might be seen as bigoted. Those who dare say something get booted out. Welcome to the cancel culture.

Errors accumulate with no one to challenge them.

The Social Governance concepts pursued in Indiantown are essentially copying the globalist & internationalists model of social change, which is anti-meritocratic and will destroy institutions, the heritage and future of Indiantown

Is it still acceptable to allow this kind of thinking even if the actions required to achieve the outcome are false?

Unfortunately, for most, yes. When the most vocal proclaim mantra, and virtue signal at the same time we seem to bite. Few are willing to voice disagreement because they do not like conflict.

In the mean time you watch what you thought were reasonably sane people begin to justify and hold up nonsense for the virtuous posture.

Think of it this way.

When you elect a person to a position of authority because of their gender or their race over their qualifications, then you are allowing a system without a foundation of merit to grow.

When you elect people that do not have any financial skin in the game you diminish your outcomes as a citizen. Worse yet, when you elect people that cannot even achieve an income that allows for their housing without aide from the tax payer, then you have really done some virtue signaling.

When you elect a person because they are “your people” then you again diminish the merit of the level of skill and thus the outcome that ensues.

This should be a good indication of what we mean.

When you hear someone elected tell you that they are going to vote to raise the amount of money it costs to build a house by 25% overall because it is the responsible thing for government to do, then you know you have elected a Social Justice scorecard instead of an American with skills.

You can verify that by noting they feel it is a waste of Tax Payer Money to hold a 4th of July Celebration for the “PEOPLE” of the Village. All the while flushing your dollars down the drain with unnecessary bureaucratic feel-good BS and consultants to “tell them what to think”.

Then in the next breath they promote a non-existent social justice warriors’ holiday over an American Holiday. Like Juneteenth over the 4th – indigenous people’s day instead of Columbus Day. You get the idea. America is somehow not good enough for them.

When you hear a sitting Mayor proclaim that a candidate’s experience for an advisory Board is not required, because they are a minority and they can learn from the “experts”, that should tip you off.

Then in the next breath, they vote for a person to be added to a community board for the sake of Equity, not Equality. You should know then they are dangerous.

If equality was truly the virtue then the other person under consideration for the advisory board seat, that has credential, a business and experience in the arena of the Boards focus would have been voted on to the Board.

Instead of voting for a person that has no depth of field and their sole qualification is that they are brown, well you tell me, is that American? NO.

When you force decisions to be made on race you are racist. Simply because when you are racist it is required to make consideration of one over another based-on skin color.

When you choose a person by gender for a role instead of qualification you weaken the process and the outcomes as well. You are a sexist and a bigot if you think in this manner, then act on it.

The snowflakes scream of Social Justice, Progressive Liberty and Equity are just getting started by these self-promoting progressive officials that openly admit they are clueless and need experts to be their source of ideas and knowledge.

The brazenness of their lies would take your breath away if we weren’t becoming so inured to them through their omnipresence.

For the moment, at least, progressives are unchained, unrepentant and uninterested in conversation.

They are also in charge.

This is the simple truth.

Most people do not like change or conflict.

But we do not like destitution and having our freedoms trampled even more.

If we continue along this sick twisted path of Social Justice and Diversity for the sake of Diversity then we will fail as a people as sure as there is a real truth.

Wisdom is not given to a man it is earned, and without doing he will not learn.

When he has not done then he is lacking experience, without experience he has earned nothing.

Which in the end leaves him lacking the wisdom of those that have done and do know from their experience.

This is exactly the position some elected politicos find themselves in. The same ones that in their words openly proclaim their lack of knowledge. The same people that you elected to represent you and be your voice.

The same people that openly rely on experts for their ideas because they do not have the experience, knowledge or wisdom to do it themselves.

So, if several on an elected Council have this need for the experts to tell them everything, it is really the experts that are driving this train then. Not you.

In the least, you would think that the pool of knowledge the experts drink from should be considered by the Council member. Instead, they place the “expert” on water and see them walking.

If the knowledge that is offered from “experts” comes from a place of deep toxicity, then one has to discern this fact for themselves. When however, your elected do not question but “take to the bit” like our own Tony Z has expressed, then you have a mindless zombie pack following the will and direction of the “expert”.

The people of the Village should demand that their Council of elected begin looking for an “expert” with American ideas and principles. Unlike the International and Globalist approach being taken by Howard Brown. Seems like a good place to start. Especially if we are going to rely on the “Expert” to tell us what to do. Unless of course you are a Council member and think that the Socialist Progressive economic and social justice path is the way to go.

Again, we ask, who is running this Village?

This is a real problem not only for Indiantown but the entire County.

As extreme Globalist Progressive politicians and experts are given control over millions of tax dollars, they will use it to bolster their camp. In your backyard. In under three years of existence a sleepy six thousand in population little berg has spent over $20 million in tax payer money. They have also committed themselves into deep long-term debt and grant obligations that will cost tens of millions more in the near future.

Scary really, because they could just flip a coin to make a decision and you would be in the same place either way. Screwed.

TAM Editor ~ 2021


Our Money & The Lack Of It

“Money often costs too much.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

As you know Some of the theme here at TAM is “gritty” sometimes.

We can ride the edge of the side that no one wants to see with some topics.

We dare admit from time-to-time what others know but hide from as well.

One thing we have always done though is to be able to build our position on a common foundation of standard and principle rooted in Natural Law. We have placed our ideas in truth.

Since we have been placing our ideas into the public square for discussion and consideration there has been a diverse response. Sometimes to the delight of many and then to the consternation of some at other times. We just refuse to go over the edge with the crowd.

That being what it is, we would like to enter into a place that hopefully we can again find common ground outside of race or political party.

Can you remember the last time you ever saw the Government workforce sector shrink or get paid less, with your “money”?

That is where we will begin. This discussion centers around money.

The root of all evil as the cliché extols.

Money has become a problem. To broaden that statement let’s look at a few facts from recent months.

Here is a good one for you, let’s call it fact number one: “We the People are Broke”.

We are “broke” in more ways than one, but we want to focus on the monetary aspect of this idea for discussions sake. Let’s look at last February’s retail consumer spending numbers that surprised everyone when they dropped from the month before. Of course, America received their stimulus check in January so retail sales boomed then.

The February number is not a good sign. It shows that without a boost in our personal bank account we do not have the money to buy all the crap China needs us too.

When we couple that with the fact that 27% of ALL American Income is being derived at the present from the Federal Government. It kind of takes a new light doesn’t it. The money is a God send for many and curse for us all. As good as it might seem at first glance, creating money “out of thin air” doesn’t bring prosperity.

We have seen this type of massive money printing in the past and it did not end well then either. It ended with an explosion overnight of hyper inflation sending a loaf of bread to what would be in American money 100’s of thousands of dollars.

Currently there is a hidden 9% core inflation build up taking place in the raw materials sector. Raw materials are used to produce the crap you and I buy. Core food cost inflation is setting in as well.

Of course, I am not telling anybody anything they do not already know. You are feeling the pinch when you shop. It is not your imagination. The volume of a bag of chips or a bottle of your favorite soda continues to get smaller and the price you are paying for it keeps going up. Your money is stretching thinner and thinner.

Gas prices are up to almost $3 a gallon. Eggs are getting more expensive. So is milk, bread, bacon, beer and every other thing you need or dare I say want. Problem is, if your lucky enough to have a way to earn an income from work, your pay is not keeping up with the inflation and the rising prices for the basics. Unemployment is still running in historic high ranges and the pressure of millions of newly arrived “migrants” will add additional pressure to the work force.

Mandatory minimum wage increase will invariably force businesses to either over inflate the cost of their product, that you and I pay for. Or they will simply lay off work force and modernize to permanently eliminate the jobs. Look at SAMS, Walmart, Amazon, Ford and on and on and on.

Less than 40% of Americans have $500 put back in savings for a rainy day. Significantly far fewer have $1000.00 in the bank.

Housing costs are going through the roof with transitory pressures from people evacuating the socialist States to our North and West.

One thousand new Floridians, a day. Now we will be coveting for the same slice of the pie as others flock here to the great State of Florida.

Lumber prices are at all time highs and the cost to build a house to meet inventory demand is going to price the average Floridian out of the market. We have been warning about this trend with Booker Park, Banner Lakes, Rio and Golden Gate. See, people with money will buy the homes there. Then the people that are living there will need to find a place to live. Won’t be in the same place they just packed up from either. The inflationary pressure actually will have an impact on the potential for gentrifying portions of this County.

The place in the world that was America when I was a boy growing up in Illinois was not dissimilar to what we are entering into now. The 1970’s were a time of great economic upheaval and inflation. We were a family of six then. My Father working two jobs to make sure there was food, milk and a new something for Mom every once in a while. We had an advantage then. We were a traditional American Family. We had a Father that worked. A mother that baby sat to make money and stay with the kids to make sure we did not end up in more trouble than we did. We had each other.

When you look at the single parent family rates among our neighbors younger in year it is scary. If it is near impossible for a two-parent home, the stress for a single parent is incredible.

Day Care costs and Medical cost continue to increase as well. Even with the big government promises of less expensive and open to all. Government is making it worse. We need to look to local Churches and Civic Groups to once again begin organizing a true citizen safety net. Because the Government is not a net and is not safe.

Look, let’s face it. We cannot expect the United States to continue printing money so we can have our Netflix and rims. It will run out of value in the near term.

You see, it used to be that the people that paid taxes were the ones that had their money go out to those who were in need. Neighbor helping neighbor, sort of. Then those dollars dried up and they asked for more and more and more until well, there is no more. We have begun just printing it into existence.

All sorts of extravagant promises could be made back when there were 10 workers paying taxes to support each retiree/state dependent. Now that we’re down to less than 2 full-time workers for each retiree/state dependent, the promises are impossible to keep, with the one exception of printing the trillions of dollars that were anticipated to be paid in taxes–that is, creating near-infinite sums of funny-money out of thin air and hoping the rest of the world will continue to accept it. History doesn’t have any examples of that working, but hey, we’re special and this time it’s different.

A massive devaluation is just around the corner. There are more people with a need for a money bump from Uncle Sam than there are working people that can be taxed to give to the big pot.

So where does the money come from? They print it making the pie that much larger and your slice continues to shrink as the pie gets larger and larger.

The separation of the have and the have not’s is about to do away with those in the middle. If ever there was a time for people to see the need for each other, this is it.

If anyone thinks for a minute that the Grant Machine and river of free money is not going to dry up and blow away, you my good friend will be one of the first to suffer the hardest. If it is your local or County Government that is still playing spend other people’s money then you better tell them to stop it. The end to this current American Chapter we are all living in draws closer to her end. A dramatically new one will soon begin. The starting place for it is not Honey and Sunshine either.

Prepare now for your tomorrow. It will be here whether you are ready for it or not.

Just a thought, but removing the blindfold might be a good idea here. The edge is crumbling and the bottom is a long way down. More to follow … Standby