The Martin County school district is currently offering enrollment to students in other counties. The program called Controlled open enrollment, allows districts to offer enrollment as long as it is under their capacity restriction as is required by Florida state statute. The statute requires school districts to set capacity restrictions for each school and accept […]

Am I the Only One?

[Verse 1] Am I the only one, here tonight Shakin’ my head and thinkin’ somethin’ ain’t right Is it just me? Am I losin’ my mind? Am I standin’ on the edge of the end of time? [Verse 2] Am I the only one? Tell me I’m not Who thinks they’re takin’ all the good […]

30 June 2021 Show Replay and Extra Video

Here is a Replay of today’s show. We also have for your review, the extra video of Councilman Antony Dowling disowning America and her Birthday. He seems to be setting up a campaign platform of very far left progressive rhetoric and ideas. Let us know what you think below.

Way to go kids! You did it.

Last week GM announced a $35 million march towards ALL E V. GM’s plan back in March 2020 was to invest $20 billion over five years in electric and autonomous vehicles. That money would go toward building and equipping factories, engineering expenses, and other development costs. At the time, GM aimed to sell more than […]

It is for the Kids

I know I know – It is for the kids! Right? Well, OK. We will give you that. Fine. It is for the Kids, that just graduated from High School as ADULTS. All four of them that participated in the parade and the half dozen others from the class of 21’ that showed up. Fine, […]