How does the unimaginable happen?

Have you ever wondered how false narrative, untruth & lies can seem like they are just the opposite? We explain this in the latest episode of Down The Rabbit Hole Honesty, Truth, Trust and Relationships Honesty, Belief and Behavior Why am I not of an ideology and political motivation that is liberal or progressive in […]

Letter to the Editor – The recent school board election results are energizing.

Editors: The recent school board election results are energizing. We had a candidate, Liz Bernstein, hand picked by the retiring Ms. Defenthaler, who was pushing CRT, LGBTQ agenda on our traditional American culture and community. Martin County parents have expressed their renunciation of these assaults by homeschooling, seeking private and charter settings. Ms. Bernstein has […]

Letter to the Editor ~ School Board

Editor: It was both surprising and disappointing, to say the least, reading the answers of a current board member and a challenger for the same position on Martin County School Board. Let’s review the current status of MCSD:  the district dropped from the A rating it enjoyed for years, to a B overall score, but […]


BE SURE TO JOIN TAM 17 AUGUST 22 ON WSTU Our topic THE SCHOOL BOARD REQUEST FOR MORE OF YOUR MONEY & WHY YOU SHOULD NOT SUPPORT IT We will be taking your calls as we take apart the clip linked below by one of the instigators of the reallocation of the money last time […]

MC Property TAX INCREASE & More

ELECTION UPDATES Did you know that every elected position in Martin County will be decided this August 23rd in the Primary election ? YEP – Do not wait for November to vote folks – be sure to vote August 23rd in the Primary here in Martin County – A Special Thank You TAM Nation and […]