COVID & The Power Brokers

(The following excerpt was reprinted with the Authors permission. )

3 biggest lies about COVID-19 have all been exposed: But here’s why globalist power brokers can’t let it die

Since February, the U.S. media has been pounding Americans with non-stop reporting about COVID-19 coronavirus.

Eight months later, the data shows everything the media said about the virus was false. Yet, those posing as “journalists” continue to repeat the lies from February and March as if they are facts rooted in their quest to “follow the science.”

Every one of the BIG THREE lies seems designed to promote panic and an irrational response to the actual threat.

Anyone who even suggests that maybe the governments of the world have been overreacting to a virus that kills at about the same rate as the flu has been immediately shot down as stupid and not worth listening to.

Slowly but surely, however, everything we “conspiracy theorists” said back in March about COVID has since been borne out as not a conspiracy theory at all. It was 100 percent true.

So let’s look at the three biggest lies that are still being used to spread fear of COVID-19, keeping in mind that the media used these same lies to castigate President Trump when he was released from the hospital Oct. 5 and implored Americans in a tweet “Don’t let COVID-19 dominate your life.”

This virus is “not like the flu,” we are scolded. It’s much scarier than the flu because:

1. COVID carries a very high, 3.4 percent, death rate [compared to a flu death rate of 0.10 percent].

This has now been debunked by none other than the United Nations World Health Organization, which the leftist globalists believe is the gold standard for information about COVID. The WHO came out with updated mortality rates this week showing that only 0.13 percent of those infected will die. That’s 26 times lower than WHO’s previously purported death rate of 3.4 percent. We already know that in the U.S. the average age of those who succumb to the virus is 78 and they have an average of 2.6 comorbidities. This 0.13 percent death rate is almost exactly the death rate for the common flu.

2. COVID is spread by asymptomatic ‘super spreaders

This scares people to death every time they hear it, because it suggests that every human being you come in contact with can potentially infect you. This is absolute hogwash. Asymptomatic carriers have a very low viral load in their system, making it virtually impossible to pass the virus on to another person. Even in the rare cases that they might be able to pass it on, it is highly unlikely if they don’t have symptoms, meaning they are not coughing, sneezing or wheezing.

3. COVID is untreatable.

Now that truly is scary! This lie provided the pretext for Bill Gates and Big Pharma to rush to market an unsafe and unproven vaccine, which could end up being mandated by various state governments and corporations. But this “no treatment” lie has been exposed over and over by the facts, most recently seen in the way President Trump was so effectively treated with a cocktail of supplements and drugs. Trump was treated with Rendesivir in combination with zinc, Vitamin D and melatonin. Another option available in some states is hydroxychloroquine.

These three lies were cleverly crafted to refute anyone who brings facts to the table to argue that the government has no business closing down churches, businesses or generally violating the civil liberties of any American.

The authorities say this coronavirus has killed 204,000 Americans but those numbers don’t reflect the fact that hospitals were directed by the CDC to be liberal in filling out death certificates. Some doctors were so liberal that they actually notched deaths from accidents, heart attacks and strokes as COVID related and therefore COVID caused. CDC estimates that only 6 percent of these 204,000 deaths have been caused by COVID alone.

While these are the three biggest lies, they are not the only lies the media has told and continues to tell. What about the risk to young people? A look at the data shows incontrovertible evidence that college-age students have virtually no risk of dying from COVID. The media knows this. That’s why they focus their hysteria on the number of “cases” on campuses, not the number of deaths.

According to a survey by the New York Times, published Sept. 25, at least 130,000 people on more than 1,600 campuses contracted COVID and 70 died, but “most” of those 70 deaths, the Times admits, were not students but rather college employees, who were likely much older. But even if we factor in those older employees, the rate of death on college campuses according to the Times’ own study is a paltry 0.054 percent. Stunning!

One would think that once these scurrilous lies were exposed, the media would be shouting from the housetops that the CDC, WHO, Drs. Fauci and Birks, Gates and the rest of the “experts” who they relied on for their information, and whose misinformation formed the basis for politicians to implement the economy-killing lockdowns, were completely wrong! Isn’t that what good, honest journalists do when they find out they’ve been played? Yes, they go back and correct the record.

But instead we see no corrections of their previous false reporting. No, they double down on the lies.

This is not news. This is the hallmark of a propaganda operation. Another name for it is information warfare.

If they corrected their false reports and began to prominently report the truth about COVID, this would put pressure on political leaders to end the destructive restrictions on human activity. Those leaders could then turn their focus to protecting the vulnerable, which are people over 65 with multiple serious pre-existing health issues.

But that would require an honest press – something that no longer exists in America. They will continue to repeat the same old lies, that COVID is a killer disease unlike any other faced by mankind; we must “not let our foot off the pedal” of containing it, people of all ages and conditions must stay masked up at all times, indoors or out, and we must stay separated and isolated from our loved ones.

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We are not Going Away – We are Americans

What is our role as Legal Citizens in the United States of America?

  The United States of America is a Republic of States. With each State independent in their own governance with the US Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.

Unlike a dictatorship, a democratic government exists to serve the people, but citizens in democracies must also agree to abide by the rules and obligations by which they are governed.

Democracies grant many freedoms to their citizens including the freedom to dissent and criticize the government.

Citizenship in a democracy requires participation.

American citizens recognize that they not only have rights, they have responsibilities. They recognize that democracy requires an investment of time and hard work — a government of the people demands constant vigilance and support by the people. There are more of us than there are elected.

Legal American Citizenship is the common thread that connects all Americans.

We are a nation bound not by race or religion, but by the shared values of freedom, liberty, and equality.

In our Republic, civic participation means that citizens are required to serve on juries, or register with the Selective Services for potential national military service. Other obligations apply to all democracies and are the sole responsibility of the citizen — chief among these is respect for law. Paying one’s fair share of taxes, accepting the authority of the elected government, and respecting the rights of those with differing points of view are also examples of citizen responsibility.

Democratic citizens know that they must bear the burden of responsibility for their society if they are to benefit from its protection of their rights.

There is a saying in free societies: you get the government you deserve. For democracy to succeed, citizens must be active, not passive, because they know that the success or failure of the government is their responsibility, and no one else’s. In turn, government officials understand that all citizens should be treated equally and that bribery has no place in a democratic government.

In a democratic system, people unhappy with their leaders are free to organize and peacefully make the case for change — or try to vote those leaders out of office at established times for elections. Or by organizing Recall Elections for the overtly corrupt.

Democracies need more than an occasional vote from their citizens to remain healthy. They need the steady attention, time, and commitment of large numbers of their citizens who, in turn, look to the government to protect their rights and freedoms. They do not look to the Government to give them things, (largesse).

As a citizen it is our responsibility to be active in our government. It is our responsibility to make sure that the elected are honoring their oath of office. It is our responsibility to make sure that the elected are acting in our interest as the People.

These are not quaint colonial precepts. They are fact. So, when you decide to vote on popularity or skin color you are being irresponsible as a citizen. You are setting aside the precepts that have made this Republic the greatest experiment in Freedom that mankind has ever taken forward.

Our day to day walks in life are hard enough without malevolent and immature leaders that are self-serving and have no idea of the precepts of Constitutional Governance. The action of the few, and the lack of interest by the many has brought us to the place we are at today.

That is changing. As more citizens wake to find themselves in the clutches of immature, tyrannical race baiters and progressive politicos, we will be here to educate and organize the angry and hardworking Americans.

We are not going away.

We will not let this go. It is our duty and right as Americans to scorn those who violate the precept of Constitutional Governance. We will expose those that are dealing in the dark. We are the Light of Liberty. We are The American Citizen. Join us in an effort to Reclaim Freedom from the Tyrants.

God Bless America –

Child sex trafficking


TAM has just learned that new State of Florida programs and initiatives will soon be deployed to Martin County. Dist 83 FL REP Toby Overdorf told KC Ingram this evening on her live show that he is bringing resource to the region and will soon be coordinating with Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

TAM has been advocating very openly for more resource to combat this blight on our neighborhoods and community.

Be sure to check out KC Ingram’s show and Check back every Tuesday @ 5:00p for new shows.

Local Recall Elections


If you would like to serve on a citizens exploratory committee to look at the feasibility of recalling elected leaders on local and county level, let us know.

Drop us a line –

School District Referendum Update


There is an old standard of journalistic approach that adheres to a very American axiom. That axiom is, Who, What, When, Where & Why.

The discussion at hand surrounding the $4,000,000.00 of improperly allocated tax payer money requires in the least that we not focus on the character of the individuals involved, which given the slippery ethical slope they stand on is easy to do. Those discussions can take place later.

It requires that we address the facts as facts so that they can shine the light and let the players that cast shadow be seen of their own behavior.

So, in that interest I offer the following. We have an opportunity to bring to the light a matter that is fundamental to how we allow our local governance to transpire.

Let’s Start with the Who. In this case the Who includes, the Martin County School District, Martin County School Board, a Volunteer committee for oversight and the Union. It also includes the Property Owners of Martin County and the Voters.

Now to the What. In late 2018 voters approved a referendum. The referendum increased the amount of money taken from the property owners and it was to be given to the District Teachers. The referendum was sold as a Teacher pay raise. The referendum language follows.

    August 28, 2018 – Shall the Martin County School District increase ad valorem millage by one-half mill per year, beginning July 1, 2018, and ending June 30, 2022, to fund essential operating expenses for: School safety and security for all schools, mental health programs, recruiting and retention of qualified teachers, professional development for teachers and staff, and academic initiatives; with annual reporting to the county’s citizens to ensure fiscal stewardship?

Yes – 22,187 No – 17,586

This year voters were told that the $11,200,000.00 collected from property owners for this years allocations would go to five categories.

All Categories are to fund the essential operating expenses for:

  1. School Safety and Security for all Schools
  2. Mental Health Programs
  3. Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Teachers
  4. Professional Development for Teachers and Staff
  5. Academic Initiatives

Soon after the election a group of Martin County citizens pushed to establish a citizen oversight committee to watch our money. They were each appointed by a Board or District person.

In the course of events the committee noticed that there was an annual $1,000,000.00 allocation to a group of employees of the district that did not meet any of the criterion the voters approved.

That brings us to the Why.

Why were voters sold a story line about the referendum that the money would support Teachers and School Security only to then give money directly to non-teaching employees?

Why was the money first identified as an Academic Initiative? Money in a person’s pocket is not an academic initiative.

Why has the money been moved now to the heading of Teacher Retention & Recruitment?

The where, in all of this will be the location of the meeting in which the School Board will hold in order to officially allocate the money. Given recent lifting of virus mandates by the Governor it makes sense that we would fill the chamber with tax payer and parent alike to voice our protest.

We are going to add another step to the axiom of Who, What, When, Where and Why, the word How.

How did the money get allocated to pay people that are not even closely mentioned in the language the voters agreed to at the ballot box?

How did the committee end up reallocating the money into another bucket when many agree that it is still not right?

How is the process of negotiation being used to run cover for the School Board?

The final how is yet to be answered. How will the Board Vote when they have a chance to do what is right?

Let’s answer the rest of the HOW questions.

How did the money get allocated to non-teaching personnel when they are not mentioned in the referendum language agreed to by Voters?

After the voters agreed to take more money from property owners for Teachers, the system began its machinations of due diligence to get the money into the checkbook. The first step was dividing the four year multi-million dollars up into the five categories for allocation. To do this the District negotiated the allocation with the Union, after the fact, to determine who was going to receive the stipends and at what level.

The negotiations ended up in essence rewriting the referendum language by including all members of the union in the payout, regardless of voter approved and required credential. In the Union you are known as a Bargaining Unit. In the process job descriptions where eliminated from the picture and no longer needed to fit the referendum language because now everyone is a bargaining unit. All that was left is to determine which bargaining units fit which of the five buckets.

At first the General District Counsel argued that non-teaching personnel could be kept in the category of academic Initiatives. The foundation of the argument was weak and did not stand.

The committee decided to reallocate the non-working personnel allocations under Section Three of the referendum.  The argument presented to the committee by counsel was that non-teaching personnel were required for the recruitment and retention of Teachers.

There is again a very thin argument being made by the District on this one.

Let’s back up a second though and review the headings one more time.

  1. School Safety and Security for all Schools
  2. Mental Health Programs
  3. Recruiting and Retention of Qualified Teachers
  4. Professional Development for Teachers and Staff
  5. Academic Initiatives

Remember, the $1,000,000.00 payout annually for a group of non-teaching employees started under section five, Academic Initiative. The bargaining unit of non-employees has now been moved to Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Teachers.

The new language used for basis of argument by the District Counsel reads Recruiting & Retaining Teachers.

The Recruitment portion is only allocated 30k. The $30,000.00 is going towards recruitment fairs for new teacher recruitment.

The rest of the money for retention is going directly to the Teachers pockets in the form of Stipend.

The justification by the District is that by moving 1,000 non-teaching bargaining units to the category of retention, , it will “help retain teachers”. Thus it meets referendum criteria.

Non-teaching employees were never mentioned on the ballot. Well, not under section three at least. One could make the case that you could spend money on professional development for Staff under section four. However, to argue that money directly to anyone’s pocket based upon the referendum language takes some purposeful effort of interpretation as well as rewriting of intent to justify.

It should begin to become clear now what has been taking place. There are details beyond these blatant obfuscations that we can and will explore deeper. For this article though, it is important to understand that things are not always as they seem. There really is a man behind the curtain. This one is manipulating more than just the $4,000,000.00 of Property Owners money.

It would have been perfectly alright if the citizens committee had recommended that the District and Board reallocate the dollars to the agreed upon headings of the referendum. The committee by all rules of order in their mission could have left the one million allocation out with a big fat asterisk that said – “It is our recommendation that you put the money here.”

However, it was never offered to them that they could suggest reallocation’s. Instead they were told all they could recommend was where the pieces landed in a predetermined and modified matrix.

This can easily lead to a misconception that the committee actually gave unanimous approval for the outcome. They are not unanimous.

If the people allow $4,000,000.00 to be used for something other than what the Voters were told and agreed to, well that has some pretty far reaching implications that you do not need this author to explain.

We hope that you will continue to follow this process. Please contact your School Board Members and let them know your thoughts.

Editors Note – You will find greater detail of the matter and documentation in our first in this series: <<Part I Here>>

Open the Village up




Florida Gov Ron DeSantis announced Friday afternoon that Florida will move to “Phase 3” of its reopening plan, lifting all restrictions on bars and restaurants blocking them from operating at full capacity. The order also prevents local governments from enforcing social distancing requirements like wearing masks in public.

“We are today moving into what we initially called phase 3,” DeSantis said during a press conference on Florida. “And what that’ll mean for the restaurants is there will not be limitations from the state of Florida.”

“We’re also saying in the state of Florida everybody has a right to work,” he added. “(Local governments) can do reasonable regulations but they can’t just say no.”

The news is already horrifying public health experts who insist that the US is on the cusp of an especially brutal fall resurgence, as the virus couples with the seasonal flu.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, there are 4 main provisions to the order :

  • “It removes all remaining state-level restrictions on businesses, including on bars and restaurants, which were capped at 75% capacity in Phase 3 of DeSantis’ original reopening plan.”
  • It provides a general right to work and to operate a business. Local governments can limit and regulate businesses, but won’t be able to close businesses because of coronavirus concerns.
  • “Local governments won’t be able to prevent restaurants from operating at above 50% capacity. Under previous orders, local governments could go further than state-level restrictions, and counties in South Florida kept restaurants and bars closed after the state allowed them to reopen. Also, cities and counties won’t be able to impose any restrictions without an economic and health justification.”
  • “Cities and counties can’t collect on any outstanding fines they issued as part of their pandemic response. The order, though, doesn’t compel local governments to refund anyone who has already paid a fine.”


MCSD Voter Referendum (UPDATE)


It was interesting yesterday to see where the grievance came from the School District Employees about our story on the Allocation of 2018 Voter referendum funds.

It goes to show that no matter how many degrees, pedigrees or experience, the human animal is the same. One would assume that the argument from people that received money as a TEACHER, just like they claim to be, teachers, would not have been so Defensive.

We indicated that these peoples and others received referendum monies:

Behavioral Specialist, Dean’s, Digital Learning Specialists, Instructional “coaches”, Intervention/Prob solving coaches, Lifelong learning instructors, literacy coaches, Media specialists, Occupational specialists at an alternative school, Program specialists, School Counselor’s, Speech pathologists, Bilingual specialist, Digital learning coach, Headstart program, ESE support facilitator and Transition specialist.  To name but a small few

We even showed from public record how some retained more earning than the formula the Board Set to pay the “QUALIFIED TEACHERS”.

We also have shown how 1,000 NON-TEACHING roles received $1,000,000.00.

We even advocated for the transfer of the $1,000,000.00 to be distributed to the TEACHERS.

Seemed straight forward. Well, not so much, I guess.

What we have not done is to be the arbiter of who is more equal or worthy than another. The questioned asked of us, the VOTER, never included those options. PERIOD.

We have not said that we feel anyone person for their effort or dedication should not be paid. No this is not about merit. It is about honor and stewardship. Plain and simple.

If those two words still mean anything today then that should be all that need be said. Seems like the  words don’t mean the same thing to some though. Just sayin.

The people that actually received the money in that list were more upset that we suggested they may not meet the technical definition of QUALIFIED TEACHER than the fact that there is a Million Dollars that is due TEACHERS still allocated inappropriately. It is not hard to consider  it would be more in the teachers interest to have consideration about the money on the table. Not by demonstrating an insecurity  over their certainty of their position, but by seeing the shortfall they had from the hands of others. See, it is your UNION that robbed Peter to pay Paul.

Is there a UNION member that would like to talk about what you know from the inside that others should know? We would love to talk.

We never said take the ESE and other roles money away. But if the shoe fits, I suppose.

You would have thought that the same people in the list above receiving the original Stipend would have been supporting another $1,000,000.00 into the pot for the TEACHERS. Seeing as to how they already are more equal than others and received a Stipend.

Nope, they had to defend whether or not they are teachers.


This matter is not about castigation of anyone’s qualifications or credentials. This is not a judgement on your work ethic, skill, importance, mission or anything of the sort. This is about doing the right thing as it was sold to the VOTERS.

This matter is not just about the personnel of the School District or the Union. The matter at hand is bigger than the MCSD, which is pretty darn big already.

On the other hand there was the rush of accolades from people wanting to support the effort to clean this boondoggle up.

Overall, outside of a few hot-headed ego damaged persons that received the money and are still whining, Martin County is on the side of the Truth in this matter, as are we. All the VOTER citizens of this County want are transparency, accountability and Stewardship with the MILLIONS of dollars taken from our pocket.

So, if you think getting to the bottom of this mess in the SUNSHINE is important, well so do WE THE PEOPLE.

There should not be one person in the School System that for one minute should feel a personal attack from the facts. The facts are the facts. You did receive the money, under the QUALIFIED TEACHERS moniker, did you not? So, why the uproar?

Maybe some education of the Public, a little TEACHING and less defense would help to clear this Union/District Made muddy water. When you  involve yourself with Unions, this kind of a mess is inevitable.

More to follow.

Martin School Board & The Union have pulled one over on us

If it were not for a group of Stalwart Americans, Martin County Parents United, this story would not have seen the light of day. We are proud to have the MCPU as our newest Watchdog Contributor organization.

Please help us in welcoming MCPU to the TAM – The story below is one of many we are preparing to help keep you informed. This one is big.

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Regarding the Martin County School Board & the recent Property Tax Referendums of 2018:

There are some questions that need to be asked. The questions the TAM is asking revolve around your personal wallet, voter trust and less than ethical standards of practice by the School Board and the Union.

The worst part of this story is how the referendum was sold to you as your children’s future with bright heart tugging angels smiling while putting their hands in your pocket and pulling out whatever loose change you may have left.

This article will show you what can happen once you vote to give a government agency more of your hard-earned income. We will talk About how the “Ask for Money” by the Martin County School Board (MCSB) that we Voted on in 2018 was sold to us as one thing, and then the money is used for things other than what We THE PEOPLE agreed on. Our goal is to demonstrate how actions by the few can greatly affect the many.

If you think that integrity in the electoral process and honoring commitment by those elected is important, well this is your story.

The Story

On a ballot referendum in 2018 that was presented to the voters in Martin County there were promises that were made about how the School Board would spend the money if the referendum was approved. This story will show you how those promises have been broken to the tune of $4,000,000.00 over the course of the four year payouts.

August 28, 2018 – Shall the Martin County School District increase ad valorem millage by one-half mill per year, beginning July 1, 2018, and ending June 30, 2022, to fund essential operating expenses for: School safety and security for all schools, mental health programs, recruiting and training qualified teachers, professional development for teachers and staff, and academic initiatives; with annual reporting to the county’s citizens to ensure fiscal stewardship?

Yes – 22,187 No – 17,586

When the TAM investigated how the money was actually allocated, we found ourselves with a lot more questions that need answered. One is how your school Board arrived at their allocation levels of spending after YOU and I gave them 11.2 million dollars of the Martin County Property Owners money. Which was purposefully peddled as a TEMPORARY “Raise for the Teachers” for our Children’s Future.

Once you see how over a million dollars was allocated to non-referendum expense for this fiscal year alone, you will surely be as upset as are we. After you see how the MCSB got into your pockets and played deflection games you will see why It is just flat out smoke and mirrors as well as wrong on their part. They have violated a trust.

The Martin County School Boards decision to reallocate Voter approved funds to ‘Bargaining Units’ other than what was on the ballot, is even worse yet. This is a major violation of Public Trust, especially after the tax payers and Voters approval via a ballot referendum. This all came about after the referendum was passed.

Let me explain, once the millage vote passed any monies designated for TEACHERS were required by law to be negotiated by the teacher’s union. So the pot was broken up into the five buckets that were specified on the referendum. 77.43 % was allocated for TEACHERS.

Enter MCEA, Martin County Education Association.  It was this negotiation between the Union President and the MCSD representative that the language was changed from “TEACHERS” to “ALL MEMBERS OF THE BARGAINING UNIT”.

We were told before the vote that this millage would “RETAIN” our qualified teachers and that this millage increase would allow us to keep these teachers here in Martin County.  We were sold a story that the counties to our North and South paid their teachers a significant amount more and we needed to do the same.

Let’s peek at a few examples of who did receive portions of the 77.43% of the millage allocated for Teachers.

Behavioral Specialist, Dean’s, Digital Learning Specialists, Instructional “coaches”, Intervention/Prob solving coaches, Lifelong learning instructors, literacy coaches, Media specialists, Occupational specialists at an alternative school, Program specialists, School Counselor’s, Speech pathologists, Bilingual specialist, Digital learning coach, Headstart program, ESE support facilitator and Transition specialist.  To name but a small few.


*(editors update: 09/15/20 – Two persons on the list above to  remove their names from it. They have indicated the information is not accurate. The information you see above is public record. A request has been made more than once of the System to provide updated numbers to show this was corrected. To date they have failed to do so. This is the last SUNSHINE document that was provided.

We have been told that LAST YEARS numbers and corrections are coming to a conclusion and that this years would be forth coming.When we receive them we will update you accordingly.

The information is public record. If there is a change to this record that anyone would like to provide to reflect that the numbers have been corrected then please e-mail us here – We will be the very first to advance the Truth and let everyone know we are making progress towards the Truth)

The MCSB, during workshops, came up with a payment to Teachers based on years of service:

  • 0-5 years of service gave a stipend of $1,800
  • 6-9 years $5,000
  • 10 or more $7,800.

Posted above are payments in excess of what was negotiated. Can anyone at the MCSD or MCSB show their math on this Common Core nightmare? We are asking that you show us the public record documentation reflecting the numbers if these are wrong. Because, this is all you have on record that is available.

A weak kneed MCSB negotiation was had with the Union President. It began rewriting the outcome of the vote by finding places to place the money other than where you said it was supposed to go.  The ballot clearly says “TEACHERS” and that is who should have received the 77.43%.

Let’s break the language down for a second from the referendum.

There are (5) Five potential categories the money could have been divided among according to the verbiage that “We The People” agreed to:

All Categories are to fund the essential operating expenses for:

  1. School Safety and Security for all Schools
  2. Mental Health Programs
  3. Recruiting and Training Qualified Teachers
  4. Professional Development for Teachers and Staff
  5. Academic Initiatives

Here are how the allocation allotments turned out:

So, on the surface this all looks great. 77.43% of the Money was allocated to increase the pay of Teacher Recruiting and Retaining Teachers.

What does that mean though, exactly? What is meant by Recruitment and Retention?

Well as it turns out they meant what basically amounts to a pay raise but they can’t actually ask you the Voter to use it for a pay raise by Law. So, they use this category to pay the money out directly to the Teachers in their pay check as a “Stipend”. I guess recruitment means a signing Bonus?

These are some of the cute little backdoor gimmicks that are used to manipulate your generosity for their benefit.

Wait, this gets even worse. As it turns out the $1,000,000.00 line item under Academic Initiatives provided “Stipend” to all non-instructional Personnel (approx. 1000) in the Union. Wait What? Under a category of Academic Initiatives?

Notice also that the reallocation is scheduled to take place for two more years. So, a total of $4,000,000.00 will be kept from the TEACHERS pockets over the course of the process.

From Merriam-Webster:

Academic – of or relating to performance in courses of study

Initiative – an introductory step

So, programs like the Foundational Reading Skills Program that received $116,000.00 is an Academic Initiative. I think we can all see the truth in that as being under the classification of Academic Initiatives. At least according to our common language.

Wait until you see the New Speak used by the MCSB General Council to infer that a NON-QUALIFIED TEACHER was receiving a paycheck stipend under the guise of Academic Initiatives. Initiatives are programs and they relate to academics. Not peoples take home pay.

The worst part of this is that if the $1,000,000.00 had been allocated for the Teachers or Security, we could have bolstered both a little bit more. But what was done in reality is sad.

This all has a bad taste and seems really wrong.

While reallocating the money in and of itself is a blatant disregard of your trust. It is equally a violation of the honor of office holders title to not honor their own Voter Ballot initiatives verbiage.

Talk About a break down in rule of law and trust in the electoral system. At a time that we are already causing great stress fractures of confidence in our County governments and practices, this action just adds fuel to the fire.

This is why each of us has to be a part of the equation of Liberty. This is why you and I, in the light of day, each of us must speak to matters that affect us. We must ask questions. We must be informed of the elected ruling class and what it is doing in “our Interest “. Their agenda is not always our agenda.

Again, our YES vote gave 11.2 Million Dollars towards School Safety & Security, Mental Health Programs, Recruiting & Retaining Teachers, Professional Development of Staff and academic Initiatives, in the Martin County School District. There was never a mention of money going into any one’s pocket directly in the Referendum, let alone to people other than “Qualified Teachers”.

Even though the Referendum language required oversight of the expenditure, the MCSB wanted to keep that oversight internal. Among strong protest from the School District and one Board member, a group of Stalwart individuals demanded the School Board establish a Citizens Advisory and Oversight Committee to observe the process of fund distribution in the Sunshine. This Committee of Citizen Volunteers has been working to make sure your interest is served. We all owe them a big thank you. Great Job you are Great Americans.

Shortly thereafter a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was presented to and signed by the Teachers Union President and The Superintendent of Schools Ms. Gaylord. The Union President accepted the MOA out of hand from the School Board.

The MOA obligated the union to nothing and it allowed the Board to re-allocate the money to other areas of the School system based upon the Unions Negotiated Agreement. Not your Voted upon agreement.

Actually, it is near Orwellian and definitely a look at a real-life Animal Farm when you see how some are more equal than others in the Union. Each person in the Union is valued as a “Bargaining Unit”. It must be great to know your skill set is reduced to the value of a bargaining unit. No wonder our schools are in so much turmoil. Some Union Members have a greater Unit value based upon formulas that determine where you are on the scale of equal distribution of funds.

Now, the District, Board and Union was to become the intermediary decision maker for the Board as to how the TEACHERS MONEY that we voted on and approved, was spent. It also determined who else, if anyone, would get a slice of the pie and how much of the pie would go where. A cozy and convenient way to enrich both classes of the ruling elite and fleece your pocket book and wallet.

As it turns out the Teachers slice of the pie got a whole lot smaller than what we agreed to in the Voter Ballot Referendum. Now it seems that the same advisory Council the Board so eagerly tried to discourage is being used to cloak the measures of the Board and the Union President.

We have to ask, why?


The initial Ballot referendum asked for you the Voter to give more of your hard earned over taxed income to pay for recruiting and retaining qualified teachers, professional development for teachers and staff, and academic initiatives.

Once the MOA was introduced though the pay window for the Union as Concession was opened.

There was never a mention of the District/Board and Union getting the money to spread the love as they saw fit in the referendum, no that came with the MOA. Now your money for the categories above is making its way directly to the pockets of people not even inferred in the initiative. Remember, over 1000 non-teaching personnel or Bargaining Units received stipend too.

The referendum was discussed in great detail and the board and district made it very clear that the money was to go to teacher pay, and those group’s that worked towards passage had a goal to raise teacher pay, this millage was there answer to their protest.

The millage was sold as a pay increase to be able to get and keep our qualified teachers. This is the main reason so many are so very outraged, the district board and union did what they wanted with it.  It was on all the material, all the meetings, workshops and TV interviews. It was very clear it was for teachers to get a better pay for 4 years. That has never been an issue.  We were all aware.

Did you Vote for Non-Qualified Teachers to receive “Financial STIPENDS” from your tax dollars?

During a televised workshop, before the millage passed, Tina McSoley, then a sitting board member, giggled while she introduced putting 1 million under academic initiative for non-instructional personnel.  She introduced it and li Roberts and another board member approved it.  The non-instructional personnel, or AFSME was not even present during the meeting, Tina filed it as a board member and introduced it.

That’s the board.  And we as citizens could only sit in the audience and listen as they decided and dictated.

No union, just them, The Board and the District.

All of the non-teaching personnel play an extraordinary behind the scenes role in our children’s educational system. That being what it is, they were not included in the Voter Ballot Initiative language. We were not asked if we wanted the money to be spent on these other areas of budget. No, we were told all the 11.2 million would reach the teachers Development & Retention as well as the other (4) Four categories specified on the ballot.

Well, as it turns out there is an effort to rewrite the intent after the fact. History on the other hand will prove to be the final arbiter on this one. Claims by the School Board General Council that there were not enough words allowed to include the other positions is laughable. He infers that through definition of regulation and quasi statutory definitions that a “Qualified Teacher” can be a Dean, Media Specialist, program specialist, speech pathologist or some other non-teaching role. The language stated QUALIFIED TEACHERS. It did not state Qualified Teachers and others.

The award of $1,000,000.00 to non-qualified teaching personnel diluted the amount intended to reach the Teacher by One Million Dollars. Not only that, it violated an ethicacy of responsibility, accountability and confidence of the people’s trust. This is not what we voted for.

While this may seem like a semantic argument and it is. That still does not preclude the fact that the semantic if allowed violates Principles and Tenent of our electoral system. It also erodes trust from the process of Governance in the Sunshine.

This is why “We the People” have to remain vigilant in our effort to ensure the integrity of our governance.

If you want the right thing to be done with your money please e-mail the entire School Board below with a single click below and tell them – you are watching and that they need to honor their request of us, just like we are honoring ours by having the tax removed from our pockets.

There is no right way to do the wrong thing.

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