One Down – Several More To Go !

Put one in the win column for the good guys!

Well, the sensical outcome of relative sanity seems to have prevailed in the Fire Rescue scrum that concluded last night in Indiantown. The conclusion was brought on in true self serving and ego driven fashion by the Village People too.

What do we mean?

When you review the previous meetings that Janet has Chaired as Mayor, she has a pattern. It is actually a pattern we noticed and even laughed about because of its obvious nature of selfishness. It seems to stem from a position of control.

Every meeting the Council has opportunity for each Council person to make whatever remarks that are germane to the business of the Village prior to conducting the people’s business.

As Mayor, during the “Council Comments” section young Janet has had a record of calling on her peers in the same order, meeting after meeting.

The person filling the top slot every meeting by Janet is done by calling on Susan Gibbs-Thomas first. Unless there is a topic of priority then she calls on Antony. You can see it yourself; it is all there to watch.

So, last night, why the shift to Antony as the first to speak? Well, that should be obvious to anyone that has half a clue. Antony will try and play the Fire Rescue as a positive for him in the upcoming election. He will fly the banner of being the one to ride in on a “White Horse” and save the day. That’s what makes us laugh.

The blatant nature of the selfishness to deny Susan the opportunity to make the motion was an obvious decision for the cornered and beaten Village People. At the end of the day, it was politics. Dirty, but politics.

There is another facet to this as well though outside of the politics.

Janet and Antony are not supposed to be discussing things like this between them. It is known as the Sunshine Law. So, how did the arrangements get made? Well, we have our own thoughts on that one.

What is most important though is Truth.

The truth is that the success of Susan Gibbs-Thomas is a threat to the personas being dawned by the Village People.

The truth is that between a lot of unselfish dialogue and prayer, Susan Gibbs-Thomas and Harold Jenkins held the thin thread together that allowed for Antony to grab the political spot light and try to shine it.

What was done last night by the Village people is a blatant and self-serving ploy that is deserving of the political gutter that they have to live in to assert it.

At the last Regular Council meeting Ms. Gibbs-Thomas made the same motion to accept the deal from Martin County. Because it was Susan, there were no takers for a second on the motion.

The truth, they could not bring themselves to allow Susan the role of leadership that she has earned through her behavior and outcomes.

It is not the posing with goodie bags, and painting a mural with the youth group that make you. It may be a thinly veiled marketing effort, but leadership it is not.

Leadership is allowing the hard work and the dedication you have demonstrated stand on its own merit and foundation. Because in the end it is that which we build upon the stone that lasts.

That which is built on sand will pass.

So, when the time comes, let the record reflect that we all know who was standing in the way and who was holding things together. In case anyone forgets we will be here to remind them later. Loud and clear.

Second, it is the loud and clear portion of this that needs some clarity as well.

Fire Rescue like every political matter has a beginning a middle and an end. The involvement of the People at the beginning of the matter will generally have a better chance of stopping bad ideas before they get out of hand. Like Fire Rescue did.

When the citizens are involved prior to the ideas, bad ideas are harder to plant and water.

Unfortunately, it seemed like too many were hoping someone else was doing the watching and standing up. Too many thought somebody else would make this all better for them. In the end, they were right. The few again stood for the many.

As the severity of the outcome continued to build a few braved the sticks and stones and began barking. We were called Racist, White Supremacists, Loud Mouths, troublemakers, blah blah blah.

We even stood outside the meetings, we protested, we made our voices heard, loud and clear.

Many from the Hispanic community that wanted to attend were told by so called men of God and Faith that they should not join the protestors because they would go to jail. The bullying and thuggery associated with the oppressive tactics for political victory are below the bottom. Especially for self declared disciples.

In the end the best of America showed up at the protests. People from all walks of life. People that found common ground of truth.People that together had a loud voice and made the difference.

If you looked even halfheartedly you saw what made this work.


So, let’s take a Victory lap for Indiantown and then get ready to focus on what are sure to be bigger challenges in the days ahead. Hopefully we can continue to build common ground for the common good.

Until Next time – Standby

Fire Rescue – One More Time

OK Indiantown

Time to step up one more time

Well the day has finally arrived. The Council is going to have to make a decision about Fire Rescue this Thursday at their next meeting.

Below is a copy of today’s discussion with the Martin County Board of County Commissioners and their position on the Village of Indiantown’s bullish demands. As we expected the “deal is the deal”, take it or leave it Village People.

Howard Brown asked for 2.5 million. He asked to make usage and deed changes in Booker and Big Mound Park to buildings deeded to the Village.

Howard has also added an item to the Village agenda for this Thursday to hire someone to oversee the fire rescue efforts for the Village. Just what we need, more salary and employees and worse services than what we have.

Are you waking up out there?

The county is at 1.3 million take it or leave it – they are done. Honestly it was a gracious gesture to begin with and the Village keeps spitting in their eye. They are lucky the offer was not pulled out from under them.

The Village meets this Thursday to decide whether or not to hire a person to lead the transition of the Fire Rescue from Martin. If they do hire the person, well, kiss Martin County Fire Rescue “bye-bye” in 2022.

Or they can do as Ms. Gibbs-Thomas has suggested they do and “TAKE THE DEAL”.

Will you be at the next meeting to continue the pressure on the Council to put this bad idea away and bury it?

It Starts with you.

Hello Indianwood, Are You Out There?


Last week the Village of Indiantown Planning, Zoning & Appeals Board met to hear the details that were all worked out by staff so they could be rubber stamped and given to the Council. They are set to rush through the approval with necessary formal consideration of legality, with little to no consideration of the PEOPLE affected directly by this. Well, you know what they say, “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

Guess who the eggs are this time Indianwood?

As the Clerk said “We already have it in the Minutes that way”. (prior to discussion or voting) It was their meeting, not mine. You can’t make this stuff up. It is all there.

The lead staff member, Althea Jackson, even went as far as to script out the motions for approval for the Board members. No sign of the way to make a motion to table it. How convenient. No, no rubber stamp or nose ring there. It is sad that the Village staff thinks so little of the intelligence level of their Boards that they have to script things for them. But I guess that is the case.

Not only that but when you watch the playback of the meeting and listen to the condescending tonality of Althea towards the Board members it is telling.

The Board itself did a half way decent job of pointing out most of all of the fallacy with the plan, that was to be sent forward with minor recommendations from them. Sad really. Especially when the fact of an Indian Burial Mound existing on the property was disclosed it seemed not phase a soul. Even that was not enough for the Board, of your neighbors, to say they thought it should be tabled until there is more time for further discussion. Somehow the platitudes and empty replies of “Expert This” and “Expert That” was enough to sit the self-initiated down and vote against their own judgement.

All but one, Tony Zweiner.

Beyond the news that there are real people buried out there, it was also shown that the diversity and healthy Eco environment that is about to be replaced with 4 acres of asphalt is certain to cause another Eco – imbalance in our Village as well. Just like the slash and burn operation a few weeks back that took out an Eagles nest. Then there is the remaining list of water runoff, lighting issues as well as the noise issues that will affect the residents of Indianwood and the Village as a whole.

Only one Board member voted not to approve the variances that were required to meet the Villages own LDR or building codes. That’s right, the list of special exemptions from the letter of the law (LDR/Code) had to be made to fit the project in.

This project that will displace a whole lot of known wild life, level a burial mound, get rid of over 250 trees, create light pollution and prepare for a phase two build out to cover the entire 35-acre plat one asphalt load at a time.

Not only is it not in keeping with the Village it will promote the big box store urban style pollution that is today’s urban planning. Aren’t we better than this Indiantown?

Besides, what about the existing businesses that already provide for these services? What consideration is being given to your neighbors and fellow community members over the interest of a NASDAQ listed big box profit center with no interest in you or this community beyond your wallet.

For what?

The estimated 5k a year in additional revenue for the Village?

TAM has been asking The Village and Council members for over a year what the activity on the property was about. Especially the 18 oaks along Warfield that will be removed for this concrete nightmare. They knew, they refused to say. Well now we know. We also know and can say that The Village is not even close to being forth coming with information that is averse to their planning. Another Howard Brown creation we suppose.

We did not hear about how they plan to keep transient foot traffic off of the Indianwood Community Property either.

  • How tall of a wall will they have to build?
  • What kind of a fence will need to be used?
  • Are they as worried about your security as they are theirs?
  • What types of toxic chemicals and in what quantity will they keep?
  • How will a fire affect the residents?

They have openly said the overly bright lights are for Safety. It is so, people do not steal things. People like CRIMINALS that are attracted to Big Box environments. The same Criminals that can walk across the parking lot and now into your streets and homes in Indianwood.

It is OK to say no sometimes and this sure seems like one to us. Just to make clear Indianwood, your neighbors on the PZA except for Tony Zweiner, voted to tell the Council it all looks good to them.

It also meant that they told the Council it is OK to violate the light rules because it is for SAFETY. Well, glad to know you have our safety at heart while you turn a wildlife area into an urban light, sight and noise polluted corner.

What can you do?

Speak Out and Speak Up. Write to your Village Council, e-mail them, call them and show up at meetings and make YOUR VOICE HEARD! There are more of us than there are of them. Stand on common ground with your neighbors for the good of your life style and the future of those still to come.

If not you, then who? If not you, then say hello to the first of several new Urban Neighbor’s you are going to share a property line with. Don’t say nobody told you.

Until next time – Standby

Village Priority List

5  priority’s forgotten by 4 on the Council

Sometimes the things we expect to happen, because they are designed that way, don’t really work out as planned. Let’s look at the Village of Indiantown as an example.

Remember the design phase? Utopia, grand plans and Independence from the reigns of the awful Martin County. A whole lot of money and political capital was spent to form a new municipal government so the People could be served better. All the while the idea was for those who had large capital investments and landholdings in the area to be able to rapidly develop their land and do it with far fewer restrictions from government. Things were not moving fast enough for them so they had to grease the wheels a bit to get things moving.

Remember that? “The Indiantown Independence Movement”.

Promises of grandeur and streets that drain themselves. Parks, roads, buggy trails and Government lite. It was designed to make Indiantown a place of overnight increases in standards of living for all. Especially the down trodden and oppressed.

Well, that was nearly five years ago. Now look at it.

What has been done?

Well, the Council has elected a manager that was involved with a major FBI scandal in 2010 through 2015. The same manager that brings in brotherhood consultants that work directly with his own personal Municipal Consulting firm for finders’ fees and other considerations. Some of these consultants having racial scandals of their own in Orlando. The manager himself is a Social Justice advocate from the school of progressive socialism.

The same manager that does not have to drink the water, drive the flooded and pot holed roads or shop here. Why? He is not required to live here to run the place. He is two County away. A manager that has climbed in the heads of some Council members and is using them like a bad scene from Children of the Corn. Why do we say that?

Well, priorities are the reason. In life our outcomes reflect our actions and our actions are generally a reflection of our priority. So let’s take a look together at how outcome has stacked up with priority.

Here is a list of five things the people of the Village can use for its people. These were top priority of the initial effort to incorporate too. We have all been reminded about the countless hours and dollars spent making sure this whole thing worked. Or did it?

(1) Roads / Drainage. We would all agree I am sure that there are some real issues with the water run off in Indiantown. We can also agree that there are a lot of holes that need filled too. A couple years ago an initial micro asphalt had been placed over a small portion of the roads just weeks prior to the last election cycle. It served as the best campaign sign for an incumbent that she could get. This was a wasted tax payer expenditure that did nothing but make things look pretty and give incumbents a chance to declare their fitness for office. It was more a ploy that wasted tax money and did very little to improve the roads. It sure was visible though.

Now we have a Two Million Dollar Federal Grant that is repairing roads in the next up for re-election incumbents’ areas. While the timing seems very convenient, there can be no argument the road work was needed. Where is the next improvement and when is it planned? Next election?

Meanwhile, the Village could have spent a whole lot on roads and nothing on consultants, commissions and soap boxes had they never considered the Fire Rescue. Ask yourself, who has the most to gain from the outcome of removing fire rescue? Is it you?

All of this while we, the people, continue to fight to prevent the number one priority from being replacing Fire Rescue with a less effective and more expensive service. Why should you have to fight your own elected to do what is in your interest?

The action of four of the Council do not match the priority unless you are in it for yourself and see opportunity for strengthening a base or a personal bank account. Who is telling them this is a good idea?

Or, maybe they think that the EXPERTS know more about what the people want and need than the PEOPLE do. Sound familiar? Lines like, “Well we have been listening to staff” and “we have been told by experts”. So, while you scream for roads & drainage, they are wasting your time, money and attention on something that is not even on the top 50 list right now? Why?

(2) Water Plant. The water plant needs 20 million in repair work just to be capable of handling what it should be able to handle already. Why did the Village pay 500k over market value for it? It is limping along with only one of three pumps working and no fail over for the old worn-out pump that is in service. When it quits like it did a few short weeks ago on a Sunday, well, you will see another outage and boil order like before. Hopefully it will come back up next time.

Not only that the system does not have enough pressure to supply water for a large fire if there was one. Then you look and see that there is no tanker truck in the plan for Fire Rescue changes. So where are these so-called experts? Who is saving? With savings like that you might as well be broke. We see the outcomes, so what is the priority?

Oh, and the fire hydrants attached to the under pressured water system. Well, more are inoperable than operable. But you still have Antony, Guyton and Janet all screaming about how the experts know better and that Fire Rescue is somehow a priority. All the while your water system, that fire trucks need, cannot handle it without a tanker truck for backup.  Where is the priority?

(3) Additional Housing. Well, with early information about proposed projects the rents start well above the median income in this market. That was before material shortages and inflationary pressures from the White House. Several months back the LOW end is estimated around 1,800$ per month. Affordable? For who? So, who are they looking out for? You or someone with more money than you?

Sad too the first attempt at it is going to take out a micro-oak hammock of rare environmentally sensitive lands. It will be placed in a residential area that it is completely incompatible with as well.

Another developer that is already greasing the skids behind the scenes wants to put in 850 more houses. They will bound Indianwood on two sides. This group has left their calling card at the door. The large portion of land North of Indianwood that was scorched for over 2 weeks causing respiratory issues for their neighbor’s smack dab in the middle of pollen season is theirs. If that is not enough, they destroyed an Eagles nest in the process as well. But they promise to be the best neighbor to the hood you have ever seen. Priorities?

(4) Retail / Commercial. Well, there is a plan for a Tractor Supply to go in at 609 and 710. Some 18 Oak Trees that line 710 will need to be eliminated as a starter. It is the same land that has what are said to be Indian Burial Mounds on them. Will anybody care to look?

All 15 or so of the jobs this standalone store might create will be low paying retail sector jobs and most of the upper-level jobs will be brought in from the outside. It will also create a great deal of unwanted traffic and outsiders. Not to mention the unwanted urban environmental impact that is not in keeping with the rural atmosphere of Indiantown. It does demonstrate the scorched earth effort though to radically transform the Village. For what? For who?

Besides, we already have all the services that a Tractor Supply furnishes. What is the rush to displace the locals and bring in the box stores? I guess we are supposed to be like the rest of South Florida. Nothing unique here. How about trying that old home town feel and enlisting the Chamber of Commerce for a little help on the insights of the needs of the existing small business owners that are struggling to serve the market before you lop their heads off and bring in Tire Kingdoms, Public, CVS, and Tractor Supply. Way to look out for the local’s gang. I bet if the Manager and a couple of the Council Members actually lived in the boundary of the Village they might think differently.

(5) Reduction in government. One of the TOP priorities of the “Founding Fathers” as they are so over the top referred to was in their own words; Government lite. You now have 25 plus full-time people and a large pool of consultants being paid to create more work for themselves at your expense. The idea was supposed to be benefit for the people.

Less Government, including code enforcement. More freedom to do what the people wanted to do. No one asked for a central polit bureau of elitists to run our day-to-day world. There is enough in the mix already without the immature and corrupt crew in charge making things worse.

The angst and blood pressures are culminating into what is sure to be a well-orchestrated and combined financial effort to make sure that two of the incumbents are removed and the other fully supported in the next election cycle. If Howard Brown is not gone by then we feel confident he will be gone after the next election.

Walking on the backs of Church groups for PR stunts and micro pavement is not going to work this time for young progressive clad candidates. Your actions have shown your priorities.

Many within are already combining and enlisting attorneys to assist in the possible Abolishment and dissolution of the Village all together. For those that think that is not possible, well, see you in the morning, sleep tight.

Currently less than 300k of the Villages revenue, outside of grants, come from residential roof top taxes. You have heard certain Council members crying that 300k a year was not enough. It was too small and there was nothing that could be done with so little money. They feel they are owed more because of their racial heritage. Well, tick FPL off and that is all you have left.

I bet if they gave you and I the 300k, we could find a few things that need repair in town! How about we start with new pumps for the water plant, then connect the loop so we get some real pressure and fresher water. Estimates are the cost of that is two million. Well, you said it would take 1.8 the first year you start fire rescue and 6.5 the year following. So, scrap fire rescue and use that money. Now add 300k to it a year from the County and you actually have more than you started with. Amazing isn’t it. You found the money for Fire Rescue – now find it for the real needs.

Oh, and one last note before we leave you. We would like to address a question that was raised by Guyton Stone at the last Council Sandbox play time get together.

He said that he was no longer able to remain quite and had to ask Council woman Gibbs-Thomas which crew she was supporting, the County Commission or the Council?

Here again folks, priorities. You see, he did not say the people of Indiantown. No, he made enemy of the Commission and cast Susan from the sandbox of the Council.

Given Ms. Gibbs-Thomas is serving” The People” neither of your derogatory assumptions are correct Guyton. Why? Well to begin with, as you and your Council Crew have demonstrated many times over, you do not include her as part of your little click. We are sure she wears that as a badge of honor.

Second, your priority is seriously skewed if you think that her loyalty should lie with the Council and Not the people. Whose side are you on Guyton?

We know most people do not like protest, strong actions, or even controversy. At some point someone has to shout though. But those shouting cannot be expected to carry the ball over the line alone for you. You still have to participate. It is part of being an American. It is a part greatly missing today. We can however affect our local world though.

You have to make your feelings known whether it is with a hallmark greeting card, a letter, e-mail or a protest sign and a bull horn.

This is your home. You have to protect it from those that want to take it from you. Get informed, get involved and be counted. Stand with your neighbor on common ground and be heard.

Tell the Council to get their priority in line with yours. Or you can sit back and get ready to go for a ride to wherever they want to take you, we have a feeling you will not like the ending if you give away your freedoms and let others greed and corruption guide your future.

So, Until next time – Standby

Got Gas?

Welcome to President “Applesauce Brains” woke and brave new America.


 And just like that, the Southeast of the US is heading down a dark path similar to one of the 1970s gas shortages from Virginia to Florida to Alabama following the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. Even with Colonial set to restore systems by the weekend, shortages have already materialized as people panic hoard.

The real panic has yet to begin as millions of Americans are waking up for work, hopping into their vehicle across the Southeast, and are hearing fuel shortages on the radio or reading push notifications on their phone. Driving down the street, they see rising fuel prices, signs at pumps that either read shortage or pump restrictions, or even see some gas stations closed.

This is beginning to look like the 1970s gas shortage. If the panic just started hours ago – just wait until tomorrow. People will freak.








A Discussion with MC Fire Rescue – a four part Special Report


The following is a four part special report recorded by Tony Z. When Ms. Susan Gibbs-Thomas had a meeting with Fire Rescue, she wanted you to hear what they had to say. So Tony went with her to record it and get you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Indiantown Fire Rescue FAQ Answers and Analysis – (Part One of Four)

Indiantown Fire Rescue FAQ Answers and Analysis – (Part Two of Four)

Indiantown Fire Rescue FAQ Answers and Analysis – (Part Three of Four)

Indiantown Fire Rescue FAQ Answers and Analysis – (Part Four of Four)


Village of Indiantown Fire Rescue Plan ~ U P D A T E

It is time for a win by the good guys

It is the proverbial fish or cut bait time with the Village Council in Indiantown. In this update we are going to set the stage for your opportunity to score a big win for the good guys!

How? Well Standby because we are going to give you all the details as we take a look at the current state of affairs in Indiantown with the Martin County Fire Rescue. This discussion has nothing to do with anybody owing anybody else anything. It does not have to do with long black hair and the color of your skin. What is does have to deal with is the fact that residents, business owners and neighbors have made their voice very clear about the Howard Brown proposal for fire rescue changes in Indiantown.

At the last Council meeting Ms. Susan Gibbs-Thomas introduced a petition into the record of over 535 signatures of local residents and business owners that do not want a change in Fire and Rescue Service. That is a really big statement.

Given the fact that 900 to 1200 people typically vote in Indiantown elections, that is a significant block of voters to upset going into a new election cycle. Three of the Five will be up for re-election and we already know one of those Council persons are admittedly against any change in service delivery. We only need three votes to stay or go.

Your voice has made it clear too that the behavior of insulate tyrants, will not be permitted.

Over the past few months, the people of Indiantown have demonstrated and spoken publicly to the Council. They have said NO to a change in Fire Rescue. For everyone of the 500 plus signatures on the petition, there are easily double the amount in the Village that given the opportunity would vote for no change.

Two things strike us as encouraging here at TAM about the next Village Council Meeting.

Before we get there let’s give you some information you may not have heard yet.

During the past couple of weeks, a certain Village Council member, Ms. Gibbs-Thomas, has been taking extraordinary effort to continue to repair the fractured dialogue caused by the Mayor, Howard Brown, Jackie and others with the County Commission. In a spirit of true American grace, the County has once again extended an olive branch to the Village Council.

This time their offer is final. It is an offer that will help secure more grant dollars for infrastructure development, water, roads and economic development. The first caveat is a 300k for 5-year arrangement that will distribute grant money to the Village for the purpose of improving the delivery of water. Things like dead hydrant replacement and pressure upgrades. Something a fire truck needs when your house is burning to the ground. The funds will amount to 1.5 million dollars for the Village to use over 5 years.

Further concessions from the County are also being considered like taking the deed restriction off the Booker park fire house. That way, instead of being used solely for parks and rec, it may be used for general public use, excluding fire rescue. Others are “feel good” administrative concessions like reporting.

Here is the best part of all of this. You, we the people, made it happen. That’s right you made it happen. By signing the Petition, by being at the Village Council meetings, by telling the elected NO. YOU have made the difference.

How do we know? Good Question.

Here is how we answer that for you. The next Council meeting will include Fire Rescue as a discussion item one more time. Thank You Susan Gibbs-Thomas for making sure this topic stays alive.

Why is that a big deal? Well, this time the rubber is going to meet the road. Each of the Council members will be asked at the next meeting to either vote to reject Martin County, or to use them for 5 more years.

If they decide to can Martin County, we will use them for one more year, spend nearly two million in the same year on a questionable consultant and planning. Then in October of 2022 walk away from Martin County Fire Rescue and spend another 6 million for the first year of local sub-par service. That is if Howard and The Consultant have estimated everything properly.

If they vote at the next meeting to use the County Services for another 5 years, they will receive 1.5 million from the County as income not expense. We will also receive other concessions that make this a positive win for the people of the Village.

You still have a role to play, it is not a done deal yet.

Here is what you can do. While no one likes conflict, sometimes we have to stand to defend our freedoms and our family’s safety. Just like we have done at the last couple Village Council meetings.

On the 13th we all need to gather again. This time, the covid emergency orders will be scrapped and we can fill the Council Chambers with people and signs. We must gather one more time to let them know we are still watching and that their political skin is in the voter’s sights.

If they are too scared to vote one way or the other then maybe they should hold a referendum on the matter. Let the people vote on it. Or they can act like the Adult we elected and they can do your will! Much easier really and less expensive in the long run.

We are winning and we can end this bad nightmare. We will win it the way it is designed. By standing up and speaking out. In numbers. Remember, when one stands it is easier to dismiss them.

But when two stand they encourage two more and then 4 beget 8 and 8 16 until we, the people, send a loud message to those that work for us. If they fail to heed our desires and wishes then we will make sure that at the next election it is not forgotten.

If you are tired of feeling like no one listens. If you are tired of being bullied into things you know are wrong. If you want to make a difference. Join your neighbors and fellow Americans for one more rally at Village Hall to help seal the deal and keep Fire Rescue in Indiantown. It is time for a win. This time for the good guys! It starts with you! So, Stand!

And as always, we hope you will like us on Facebook and be sure to follow TALK About Martin .com on our web page for TAM Alerts notifications and access to all of the news that is news in Martin County. We are working on several more items that are going to raise your eyebrows and blood pressure too.

So……. until next time, Standby.




A Learning Moment

OK Uncle Joe


Did you know that 360 law enforcement officers were shot and killed last year?
Did you know that 17k plus were injured because of violence against them?
Did you know that cops killed 13 Blacks in 2019?
Care to take a guess at how many had weapons on them and threatened a cop before they died? So did we. So we looked it up. The number will not surprise anyone. Look it up.
Did you know that there are 800k police in America. 350 million people. 12 million of which are Black. and 13 were shot and killed in 2019. This does not scream systemic Racism. It is math. A Science.
In one weekend Chicago records 86 plus shootings and death by shooting. almost 100% percent of which take place in the minority drug ridden neighborhoods. This is not racist. This is factual. It is Science.
In Baltimore, right now, the scream to de-fund has left people without EMS to respond to life and Death calls.
This is as matter of fact as it gets. I do not know this Policeman in the video attached to the link below – however I would like to thank him for his taking a stand in a way that was used as it should have been. As a learning moment for everyone !
So what is my point? It is this. Critical Race Theory, Social Justice, BLM, Progressive leadership like AOC, Omar and others are poison. We need to reject the idolatry of the left and face toward God as our source of faith.
Ask yourself and answer honestly in your own heart and mind –> Who benefits from removing protection from the innocent?

This Officer Received a suspension for this and is now back serving the people.

Listening Tour

Talk About Martin is considering a Listening Tour in Indiantown

Recent strong arm tactics of intimidation and threats, Bullying from the Dias during meetings, reported threats of blocking money for grants and well documented malfeasance on the part of Howard Brown and four of the Village People while dealing with your life and livelihood seem to suggest, we need to Talk Indiantown.

TAM has witnessed a lot of passion, energy and desire to right this listing ship called The Village of Indiantown. Some of the ideas being offered are Recalling Sitting Council Members. Pressing for an AG investigation into possible corruption, Dissolution of the Village all together and New Strong Adult Candidates for office.

We have seen petitions of over 530 signatures against Fire Rescue Changes and have seen some Politicos double down on the bet. How can you make them listen? We can help.

We would like to cut through the hype and share what know to be fact and listen to your ideas on the matter. So let us know if you think it is worth your time.