One Down – Several More To Go !

Put one in the win column for the good guys! Well, the sensical outcome of relative sanity seems to have prevailed in the Fire Rescue scrum that concluded last night in Indiantown. The conclusion was brought on in true self serving and ego driven fashion by the Village People too. What do we mean? When […]

Fire Rescue – One More Time

OK Indiantown Time to step up one more time Well the day has finally arrived. The Council is going to have to make a decision about Fire Rescue this Thursday at their next meeting. Below is a copy of today’s discussion with the Martin County Board of County Commissioners and their position on the Village […]

Hello Indianwood, Are You Out There?

HERE COMES TRACTOR SUPPLY Last week the Village of Indiantown Planning, Zoning & Appeals Board met to hear the details that were all worked out by staff so they could be rubber stamped and given to the Council. They are set to rush through the approval with necessary formal consideration of legality, with little to […]

Village Priority List

5  priority’s forgotten by 4 on the Council Sometimes the things we expect to happen, because they are designed that way, don’t really work out as planned. Let’s look at the Village of Indiantown as an example. Remember the design phase? Utopia, grand plans and Independence from the reigns of the awful Martin County. A […]

Got Gas?

Welcome to President “Applesauce Brains” woke and brave new America. COMING TO A PUMP NEAR YOU  And just like that, the Southeast of the US is heading down a dark path similar to one of the 1970s gas shortages from Virginia to Florida to Alabama following the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. Even with Colonial set to […]

A Learning Moment

OK Uncle Joe “YOUR RACE CARD IS CANCELLED” Did you know that 360 law enforcement officers were shot and killed last year?   Did you know that 17k plus were injured because of violence against them?   Did you know that cops killed 13 Blacks in 2019?   Care to take a guess at how […]

Listening Tour

Talk About Martin is considering a Listening Tour in Indiantown Recent strong arm tactics of intimidation and threats, Bullying from the Dias during meetings, reported threats of blocking money for grants and well documented malfeasance on the part of Howard Brown and four of the Village People while dealing with your life and livelihood seem […]