Village of Indiantown Fire Rescue Plan ~ U P D A T E

It is time for a win by the good guys

It is the proverbial fish or cut bait time with the Village Council in Indiantown. In this update we are going to set the stage for your opportunity to score a big win for the good guys!

How? Well Standby because we are going to give you all the details as we take a look at the current state of affairs in Indiantown with the Martin County Fire Rescue. This discussion has nothing to do with anybody owing anybody else anything. It does not have to do with long black hair and the color of your skin. What is does have to deal with is the fact that residents, business owners and neighbors have made their voice very clear about the Howard Brown proposal for fire rescue changes in Indiantown.

At the last Council meeting Ms. Susan Gibbs-Thomas introduced a petition into the record of over 535 signatures of local residents and business owners that do not want a change in Fire and Rescue Service. That is a really big statement.

Given the fact that 900 to 1200 people typically vote in Indiantown elections, that is a significant block of voters to upset going into a new election cycle. Three of the Five will be up for re-election and we already know one of those Council persons are admittedly against any change in service delivery. We only need three votes to stay or go.

Your voice has made it clear too that the behavior of insulate tyrants, will not be permitted.

Over the past few months, the people of Indiantown have demonstrated and spoken publicly to the Council. They have said NO to a change in Fire Rescue. For everyone of the 500 plus signatures on the petition, there are easily double the amount in the Village that given the opportunity would vote for no change.

Two things strike us as encouraging here at TAM about the next Village Council Meeting.

Before we get there let’s give you some information you may not have heard yet.

During the past couple of weeks, a certain Village Council member, Ms. Gibbs-Thomas, has been taking extraordinary effort to continue to repair the fractured dialogue caused by the Mayor, Howard Brown, Jackie and others with the County Commission. In a spirit of true American grace, the County has once again extended an olive branch to the Village Council.

This time their offer is final. It is an offer that will help secure more grant dollars for infrastructure development, water, roads and economic development. The first caveat is a 300k for 5-year arrangement that will distribute grant money to the Village for the purpose of improving the delivery of water. Things like dead hydrant replacement and pressure upgrades. Something a fire truck needs when your house is burning to the ground. The funds will amount to 1.5 million dollars for the Village to use over 5 years.

Further concessions from the County are also being considered like taking the deed restriction off the Booker park fire house. That way, instead of being used solely for parks and rec, it may be used for general public use, excluding fire rescue. Others are “feel good” administrative concessions like reporting.

Here is the best part of all of this. You, we the people, made it happen. That’s right you made it happen. By signing the Petition, by being at the Village Council meetings, by telling the elected NO. YOU have made the difference.

How do we know? Good Question.

Here is how we answer that for you. The next Council meeting will include Fire Rescue as a discussion item one more time. Thank You Susan Gibbs-Thomas for making sure this topic stays alive.

Why is that a big deal? Well, this time the rubber is going to meet the road. Each of the Council members will be asked at the next meeting to either vote to reject Martin County, or to use them for 5 more years.

If they decide to can Martin County, we will use them for one more year, spend nearly two million in the same year on a questionable consultant and planning. Then in October of 2022 walk away from Martin County Fire Rescue and spend another 6 million for the first year of local sub-par service. That is if Howard and The Consultant have estimated everything properly.

If they vote at the next meeting to use the County Services for another 5 years, they will receive 1.5 million from the County as income not expense. We will also receive other concessions that make this a positive win for the people of the Village.

You still have a role to play, it is not a done deal yet.

Here is what you can do. While no one likes conflict, sometimes we have to stand to defend our freedoms and our family’s safety. Just like we have done at the last couple Village Council meetings.

On the 13th we all need to gather again. This time, the covid emergency orders will be scrapped and we can fill the Council Chambers with people and signs. We must gather one more time to let them know we are still watching and that their political skin is in the voter’s sights.

If they are too scared to vote one way or the other then maybe they should hold a referendum on the matter. Let the people vote on it. Or they can act like the Adult we elected and they can do your will! Much easier really and less expensive in the long run.

We are winning and we can end this bad nightmare. We will win it the way it is designed. By standing up and speaking out. In numbers. Remember, when one stands it is easier to dismiss them.

But when two stand they encourage two more and then 4 beget 8 and 8 16 until we, the people, send a loud message to those that work for us. If they fail to heed our desires and wishes then we will make sure that at the next election it is not forgotten.

If you are tired of feeling like no one listens. If you are tired of being bullied into things you know are wrong. If you want to make a difference. Join your neighbors and fellow Americans for one more rally at Village Hall to help seal the deal and keep Fire Rescue in Indiantown. It is time for a win. This time for the good guys! It starts with you! So, Stand!

And as always, we hope you will like us on Facebook and be sure to follow TALK About Martin .com on our web page for TAM Alerts notifications and access to all of the news that is news in Martin County. We are working on several more items that are going to raise your eyebrows and blood pressure too.

So……. until next time, Standby.




One thought on “Village of Indiantown Fire Rescue Plan ~ U P D A T E

  1. The tide is turning! Thanks to the voice of the People and our intrepid Council Member, Susan Gibs-Thomas, we are now able to counter the delusional scheme with real incentives made possible by the County Commission. The Commission is holding out an ample invitation to retain our excellent Fire Rescue services. Rather than squander money on consultants and a Hooterville Type local FD on training wheels, we can maintain continuity of service and also gain additional resources that are badly needed.

    It’s obvious to us that people need to turn out on Thursday and in even bigger numbers to peacefully rally in support of the County proposal and demand that each Council Member not only cast their vote one way or the other, but explain why! We want accountability. The People are disgusted with the apparent Cronyism and the self serving scheming of outside consultants eager to profit at your expense.

    The democratic rights embodied in the US Constitution and reflected in FL State Statute are our strength. The Progressives trying to ram rod this hoax of a privatized hybrid FD should remember the oath of office they took. The hundreds that signed the petition are not phantoms from another world. They are you and I. They are neighbors, friends, family and above all Taxpaying Citizens of this State and County.

    We applaud the solidarity of those that have been vocal in opposition to this Cronyism.mwe applaud those like Commissioners Jenkins, Ciampi and Smith. We applaud County Administrator, Trayn Kryzda. We applaud all who have advocated for sanity and the dream of Thelma Waters and so many others. The dream of a sovereign Indiantown with small government and low taxes. A community where ALL PEOPLE are treated fairly, with dignity, respect and compassion.

    People need to rejoice at this turning point. Is is the will of the People. Keep Martin County Fire Rescue and let’s put this to rest!


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