A Learning Moment

OK Uncle Joe


Did you know that 360 law enforcement officers were shot and killed last year?
Did you know that 17k plus were injured because of violence against them?
Did you know that cops killed 13 Blacks in 2019?
Care to take a guess at how many had weapons on them and threatened a cop before they died? So did we. So we looked it up. The number will not surprise anyone. Look it up.
Did you know that there are 800k police in America. 350 million people. 12 million of which are Black. and 13 were shot and killed in 2019. This does not scream systemic Racism. It is math. A Science.
In one weekend Chicago records 86 plus shootings and death by shooting. almost 100% percent of which take place in the minority drug ridden neighborhoods. This is not racist. This is factual. It is Science.
In Baltimore, right now, the scream to de-fund has left people without EMS to respond to life and Death calls.
This is as matter of fact as it gets. I do not know this Policeman in the video attached to the link below – however I would like to thank him for his taking a stand in a way that was used as it should have been. As a learning moment for everyone !
So what is my point? It is this. Critical Race Theory, Social Justice, BLM, Progressive leadership like AOC, Omar and others are poison. We need to reject the idolatry of the left and face toward God as our source of faith.
Ask yourself and answer honestly in your own heart and mind –> Who benefits from removing protection from the innocent?

This Officer Received a suspension for this and is now back serving the people.

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