Letter to the Editor – The recent school board election results are energizing.


The recent school board election results are energizing. We had a candidate, Liz Bernstein, hand picked by the retiring Ms. Defenthaler, who was pushing CRT, LGBTQ agenda on our traditional American culture and community. Martin County parents have expressed their renunciation of these assaults by homeschooling, seeking private and charter settings. Ms. Bernstein has no children, does not work with children, is a yoga instructor. Her credentials are over-shadowed by a mother of two experienced with and in schools. The taxpayers came out in droves to support the more experienced candidate who did run a very professional campaign and won resoundingly.

The other winning candidate, Amy Pritchett, who is a mother and grandmother, but ran a tightly budgeted campaign from the grassroots with massive non-paid support from the taxpayers. She campaigned against a man who ran almost a Biden-like campaign (from his basement)? Or was his arrogance so great that he did not feel the need to lift a finger? Was he, perhaps, resting on the laurels of his father and brother?

Reading an interview of the two candidates, Mr. Anderson, the incumbent, stated he was comfortable to “allow law enforcement and security to handle school security.” This, after Uvalde! He also stated a favorable view with “doing all we can to help with the housing problem” for teachers. Another quote: “it is no secret that racial issues are at an all time high.” (The US had a two term black president, elected by Whites, as Blacks are 13% of the population, black millionaires, even billionaires: Shaq, Tiger, Michael Jordan, rich, successful Black women: Oprah, Candace Owen.) Nowhere on earth are there any statistics anywhere near those in the USA. Martin Schools went from an A rating to a B rating, with two schools labeled D during his time in office. Amy Pritchett, on the other hand, offered suggestions to improve both academics and safety.

I applaud both newcomers, especially Ms. Pritchett, who showed others how to oust an incumbent who is not performing to expectation. This is the decade of the Parent. It only proves that we do have term limits – called Election Day. It just happened here in Martin County. It is called Vote Incumbents Out – unless they are doing a marvelous job in protecting or even extending your rights. Doc Collins did it in the city, Jennifer and Amy did it on the school board. Kudos to all three of them!

Audrey Taggart

Editors Note: Another example of the mandate election is Indiantown Two of the incumbents were voted our resoundingly because of their far left leaning arrogance and ideals. A new day in Indiantown has begun as well. Now let’s support these newly elected Liberty minded Patriots that have pledged to do what is right by Marin and America. Stay engaged.

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