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Haters are Gonna Hate

The American experience is about one team not several. It is about opportunity to succeed or fail. It is not about bringing your tribe across the finish line first. America is not a competition among her people.

We know that many of you do not want to hear a lot of what we have to say. Know though that what we say is foundational in truth and is a light exposing those things that infringe on your Liberty and greatly reduce what little freedom you have left. Whether you choose to listen to the messengers is your choice. But don’t chide the messenger just because you are to indifferent to learn and care.

Let’s talk – Join the conversation and let’s begin building common ground so we can then discuss those things we differ on. Until we do, there will be a big divide between us. I think you will be surprised to see how much we really do have in common. Care to care?  Join us and let’s begin to nurture the American spirit as neighbors and friends.

KC Ingram – Scott Watson and TAM LIVE @ 5PM

Be sure to join us for a very insightful and lively discussion tonight on The KC Ingram show.

We will be joining Scott Watson and KC Ingram to discuss all things Western Martin County

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Indiantown Wants Their Fee’s Please

The IVC came inches from raising the cost of a new $200,000 house by $18,000

Over time when we add a person’s actions, words and decisions to the big picture of who they say they are, then their true character begins to be seen.  After all, we are what we carry on our Heart. It is that which we carry that is the fuel that drives our decisions and determines our past.

This allows us and others a fairly reasonable glimpse into future behavior. That is because the past is a combination of decisions that coalesce into who we are today. We can change who we are, but we cannot change who we have been.

And not every time we change from who we were – to who we are – do we all change ourselves for the better. Like Miss KJ from KJ’s Corner says, in order to go forward, well, sometimes you have to back up & straighten out first.

So, when you see a trend in decision making from a person that is consistently harmful, how do you use that information?

As we watch an elected’s actions and words it will over time start to take a mosaic like appearance, one small tile at a time. After a couple years of close observation, the mosaic of a certain Indiantown council member is coming into a more resolute representation of what is on his heart.

According to this council persons representation of their professional resume, they have been, up to this date, solely dependent upon tax payers for their income & housing.

Let’s look

  • Army Reserve, Tax Payer funded.
  • DMV employee, tax payer supported.
  • Councilman for Indiantown, tax payer funded.
  • Schooling again Subsidized at a level with tax payer money.
  • Then there is the housing he lives in, again subsidized by the tax payer.
  • Is there a chance he has EBT and Obama Care too? More than likely.
  • The corporation he claims five years of ownership and operation over actually is defunct and has been for over two years. Tougher to make a buck than you thought I suppose.

Or was that “consulting company” just something you could “use” during election time?

Well, you have an election coming up soon, so I guess we will have to make sure we keep our eye on that too.

Tony Z & Janet Agree


The Square Footage on these HOMES is usually under 1300 sq feet. So why would a house designed for a family of Four or Five at best have four to five vehicles in the drive and the yard?

We don’t think that this is a planning issue. We know it is a problem. Now, what will we do about it?

There are some obvious questions that need to be discussed on this topic. Standby and Check back. We will have more on this topic for you in the near future.

Trees, LDR’s and the IVC


We have had communication with a group of you that are asking the question, “How did this Village get so screwed up so fast?”

The reason so many are talking about this is the recent post made by Mr. Scott Watson on Facebook. (see below)  It involves the LDR’s that are being developed by EXPERTS.

It does not allow you to trim your own tree on your own yard unless you get a permit and then use a prescribed standard and practice of tree trimming. Yep it really says all that.

Here is our first part of a multi part answer.

TONY Z has been addressing this for a while now

Who is listening?


The Year of Disguises


The following is an excerpt from a scientific source explaining the useless nature of the masks you think are saving someones life. Well, the science is in and they do more harm than good. The link below will take you too the full story and reasoning behind the masquerade we call the WU-FLU.

“It boggles my mind when there is some notion that by wearing a face covering you are actually doing a “service” to your neighbor and therefore everyone has to protect everyone by this. Actually, the opposite is true. You are now becoming an additional potential source of environmental contamination. You are now becoming a transmission risk; not only are you increasing your own risk but you are also increasing the risk to others.”

Full Story is here: The Year of Disguises

Here are some important points to consider

  1. People who have experienced this virus do NOT need to wear face coverings, period.
  2. In the open environment, no one should be wearing face coverings. This is the one place where we can get an assist from nature to help reduce the virus molecules. Considering that less than 5% of transmissions have been associated with open environments (and identifiable activities not random encounters), the risk is truly small.
  3. A face covering may be useful when visiting an at-risk elderly person or in a controlled health care setting such as a hospital or nursing home. But, I think that these should be dispensed by trained personnel and should be focused on using Surgical masks wherever possible. The protection is not so much from viruses but face coverings may be more effective in preventing the spread of bacteria and fungi.
  4. Children should not be wearing face coverings. We all need constant interaction with our environments and that is especially true for children. This is how their immune system develops. They are the lowest of the low risk groups. Let them be kids and let them develop their immune systems..  
  5. The “Mask Mandate” idea is a truly ridiculous, knee-jerk reaction and needs to be withdrawn and thrown in the waste bin of disastrous policy, along with lockdowns and school closures. You can vote for a person without blindly supporting all of their proposals!
  6. There may be other health risks associated with continued use of face coverings. While this is anecdotal, I have many physician acquaintances and they are all reporting increases in conditions that may be associated with face coverings, such as facial skin infections, nose/throat and sinus infections, even anxiety conditions. An area of concern is the change in breathing patterns that can be directly associated with face coverings. I train regularly. The only time that I wear a face covering is to gain entrance to the public gymnasium where I train (because it is required). The mask is discarded immediately when I start training, as most other people also do. The staff members do not make a fuss because they understand the dangers of doing exertion with a face covering.
  7. We also do not know enough about the possible consequences of forcing whole populations to adopt face coverings for extended periods. There may be both health and social consequences that we cannot consider at this time. Humans have developed as creatures whereby we interact with our environment. Our whole upper respiratory tract has developed immense defensive systems because of that. I am worried personally about “unnatural selection.” This is when human actions force a direction of evolution that would not otherwise occur. Often, the result is not good. But that is a whole different subject that needs to be considered.


Here come the changes

30 Year Old Oaks Tagged

After speaking with Two (2) Village Council members and several “in the know” community leaders, we are still not much closer to knowing what the road work project on SR 710 in Indiantown is going to entail. Seems a whole lot of us are not receiving the communication required to keep up to date with the Government projects in town.

We have reached out to Anthony Dowling who sits on the MPO board and should know what the story is. He unfortunately is not responding. Guess he has us blocked in his e-mail like he does on his social media accounts. So sad. Anthony has said in the past, as recent as the last workshop, that “It is easier to drag the public along than to engage them”, so that may have something to do with it. (we have the workshop audio here)

A few days ago it was brought to our attention that a “Tree Survey” company was out tagging trees the other day along side SR 710. (directly in front of W&W Lumber on the North side)  Our sources tell us that One Ribbon means “remove the tree” and two ribbons means “prune the tree”. Well the trees we saw are single ribbon. So we asked Tony Z to follow up on the project and see what he can help us learn. You  never know unless you ask !

If you know what the road project is and what it entails, drop Tony Z a line in the space below – or ask Anthony maybe he will respond to you, then you can let us know.



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