Too Negative

Haters are Gonna Hate

The American experience is about one team not several. It is about opportunity to succeed or fail. It is not about bringing your tribe across the finish line first. America is not a competition among her people.

We know that many of you do not want to hear a lot of what we have to say. Know though that what we say is foundational in truth and is a light exposing those things that infringe on your Liberty and greatly reduce what little freedom you have left. Whether you choose to listen to the messengers is your choice. But don’t chide the messenger just because you are to indifferent to learn and care.

Let’s talk – Join the conversation and let’s begin building common ground so we can then discuss those things we differ on. Until we do, there will be a big divide between us. I think you will be surprised to see how much we really do have in common. Care to care?  Join us and let’s begin to nurture the American spirit as neighbors and friends.

Let your voice be heard - join the conversation

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