Indiantown Wants Their Fee’s Please

The IVC came inches from raising the cost of a new $200,000 house by $18,000

Over time when we add a person’s actions, words and decisions to the big picture of who they say they are, then their true character begins to be seen.  After all, we are what we carry on our Heart. It is that which we carry that is the fuel that drives our decisions and determines our past.

This allows us and others a fairly reasonable glimpse into future behavior. That is because the past is a combination of decisions that coalesce into who we are today. We can change who we are, but we cannot change who we have been.

And not every time we change from who we were – to who we are – do we all change ourselves for the better. Like Miss KJ from KJ’s Corner says, in order to go forward, well, sometimes you have to back up & straighten out first.

So, when you see a trend in decision making from a person that is consistently harmful, how do you use that information?

As we watch an elected’s actions and words it will over time start to take a mosaic like appearance, one small tile at a time. After a couple years of close observation, the mosaic of a certain Indiantown council member is coming into a more resolute representation of what is on his heart.

According to this council persons representation of their professional resume, they have been, up to this date, solely dependent upon tax payers for their income & housing.

Let’s look

  • Army Reserve, Tax Payer funded.
  • DMV employee, tax payer supported.
  • Councilman for Indiantown, tax payer funded.
  • Schooling again Subsidized at a level with tax payer money.
  • Then there is the housing he lives in, again subsidized by the tax payer.
  • Is there a chance he has EBT and Obama Care too? More than likely.
  • The corporation he claims five years of ownership and operation over actually is defunct and has been for over two years. Tougher to make a buck than you thought I suppose.

Or was that “consulting company” just something you could “use” during election time?

Well, you have an election coming up soon, so I guess we will have to make sure we keep our eye on that too.

2 thoughts on “Indiantown Wants Their Fee’s Please

  1. Disturbing. Yet, this is familiar. We’ve seen this tax gouging elsewhere. All part of the action plan by so called Progressives. Once great cities are crippled and hopelessly mired in debt and stagnation because of these avaricious attempts to squeeze revenue from Taxpayers. Your money is not the Politicians’ harvest. You are not their livestock! Resist! Rebuke! Reject the greed.
    This is not right! Indiantown deserves better.


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