KC Ingram – Scott Watson and TAM LIVE @ 5PM

Be sure to join us for a very insightful and lively discussion tonight on The KC Ingram show.

We will be joining Scott Watson and KC Ingram to discuss all things Western Martin County

Here are the links that will allow you to listen and chat live

Be sure to click the Microphone to listen  <<Link Here>>

Or on KC Ingram’s LIVE  Facebook page <<Link Here>>




2 thoughts on “KC Ingram – Scott Watson and TAM LIVE @ 5PM

  1. Look forward to hearing from KC Ingram. The power of an articulate and well informed Spokesperson is critical. These are tumultuous times in America. We have political, social and regional divisions that are confounding our ability to exercise sovereign governance. The Progressive agenda is a quicksand pit. Everything that sounds good but comes at the price of individual liberty, the loss of familiar values and comprehension. We need a sober voice like KC Ingram and indeed, many of the voices actively posting here on TAM. Indiantown is a microcosm of what has led to the demise of other places in America.
    Fight back with TRUTH.

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