Can’t do this in Stuart !


Way to go Ladies & Good luck !

One thought on “Can’t do this in Stuart !

  1. Some of us are baffled at the recent reference to ANSI standards in regard to whT homeowners choose to do with their trees on their own property. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private, non-profit organization based in NYC. Their VOLUNTARY CONSENSUS safety standards address many things, mechanization, electrical safety, and yes-landscaping. But are you aware that these are NOT laws or regulations? They have no enforcement beyond what EMPLOYERS or public entities, like school boards, have in addition to these standards. Let’s take OSHA for example.

    OSHA is a federal safety enforcement branch of the Labor Department. They are authorized to enforce workplace safety by law, William-Steiger Act. The OSHA safety standard for eye protection is found in 29CFR1910.132. Subpart I Personal Protective Equipment. The safety glasses must meet the manufacturing standards for safety as defined in the consensus standard, Z87.1.

    ANSI Is a consensus standard adopted by reference or endorsement. It is not a law.

    ANSI standards exist for pruning and landscaping but not for homeowners to comply with. ANSI Provideds the safety details relevant to Public Works, Facilities, or Country Parks nd Recreation.

    It is an absurd abuse of the ANSI standards to burden homeowners with guidelines that pertain to Employers, not individual property owners. ANSI Is a voluntary consensus designation intended for products, services, employees and businesses in the USA.


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