Hear Them Speak To You – As Good Sheep


One thought on “Hear Them Speak To You – As Good Sheep

  1. Slick propaganda by the Globalist Elite. But not all are Capitalists. Most of those speaking are hired hands: CEO, President, UN or Globalist Organization Bureacrats, so what’s in it for them? I have some notions but will leave you readers to torque your brains for the possibilities! One advocate self described the Inclusive Cpitalists as seekers of ‘Social Justice.’ What does that mean?

    Who committed the ‘injustice’ and to whom? Why is that answerable by an economic system that admittedly has lifted billions out of poverty? What is the injustice? Poverty? What people are we speaking of?

    Let’s take a guess: the alleged victims are Thord World nations. The same ones that drove Europeans out of their countries when they achieved independence. They have navigated their respective destinies since taking power. I remember Boukassa the dictator of Central African Republic. My ‘mentor’ had access to him and was welcomed. In those days , Boukassa was trying to duplicate their own version of the Maoist Cultural Revolution. Years later, having failed in that, he declared himself Emperor. It ended when school kids protesting forced school uniforms were going missing and turning up in his Fridge.

    But anecdote and rumination are not what we are dealing with. We are dealing with the sinister UN game plan termed Agenda 21.

    The other contention is that Capitalism needs to be more inclusive. Of whom? How? The market place is open to all. Both as entrepreneurs and as consumers. It’s Socialist regimes that restrict inclusion. Why do the Democratic Socilist Swedes protect the big league status of SAAB, IKEA and put regulations and taxes in the way of small start up companies? My hunch is that their inclusion agenda has nothing to do with giving the little guy a leg up. Rather it’s is meant to be socially Progressive and include Progressives advocating globalization, open borders, wealth redistribution, Feminization of the Culture and Abortion on demand and a Secular….I.e., Atheist complexion to collectivist government.

    So, out Presidential election remains in dispute. Regardless if Trump loses or wins, American and Western society is already so far gone off the rails that there is no election that can fix it. What can fix it?
    A huge populist movement prepared for serious fight back.

    The Left has kept the machinery of the Blue Collar working classParty, but in name only. They are, just as Herbert Marcuse described in his seminal work of the 1950s, One Dimensional Man, not the Proletariat mobilized for armed revolution but the Technocrats and socially marginal segments of society. Their values are a jumble of Marxist, Anarchist and FDR Liberal utopian dreams of re-engineered men and women, creating a collectivist society where everyone has an assured piece of the pie and society harmonizes with the needs of Nature in a Gren Utopia.

    That rubbish will enslave us all. Our enemies abroad will rejoice when we embrace this rubbish. Those that resist will suffer consequences from black listing, to criminal prosecution, harassment and dismissal from work.

    Inclusive Capitalism! Promoted by a Marxist Pope and former bar room Bouncer and a scion of the nefarious Rothschild Family. The True Believers all flock to the Shepherd’s tune. And you? Will you fall asleep only to hope when you awaken that it somehow righted itself without any action or help from you?



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