Robert Burns III and Your Indiantown Council

During the previous Primary cycle in Indiantown, FL where we were blessed with what most of the green horn politicos called a FAKE PROFILE. Only thing is, it was not fake. Robert Burns III is very much real and has caused real problems for a lot of people.

Unfortunately the people affected the worst are “We The People”

This saga involves voter fraud violations, ethical chicanery and flat out immature morality. The behavior of four of the elected Politicians in Indiantown would not even cut it at a Student Council level. Their childish maneuvering is a power trip for their ego and has little to nothing to do with true governance. It seems to be more about spreading the munificence than governance.

New information has come to light concerning Randy Burns III and direct ties to at least two sitting Village Council members, potentially three and Sunshine violations as well as Federal Voter Fraud. The list seems to be growing.

Young green candidates in the last election made some very big decisions by involving themselves with Mr. Burns.

As we say here in NoMo’s world, actions have a consequence. This time the action was wrong and the consequence will be severe.

My dossier on this was nearing completion for submission to the Florida Division of Elections for review and referral. They will determine whether it is referred to the States Attorneys office in Martin or if it will be handed off to FDLE. I kind of like the second option seeing as to how there are ties between several races and Florida County. FDLE has a lot more power in obtaining the information they need.

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