45 Million @ stake with Commission vote

Martin County is considering a Request For Proposal (RFP)  for garbage hauling and they need to hear from you.

Let your voice be heard

The RFP effects all unincorporated parts of Martin county as well as the Village of Indiantown and Sewells Point.

This item is scheduled to be on the Sept. 15th agenda.

You actually pay a whole lot more than the numbers below. The county has an abnormally large Franchise / Administrative fee they charge us to have a third party take care of everything. We are working on a larger article based on this fact. For now though. We need to save some money. hard economic times are on the horizon and we need our money more than the government does.

So here is your chance – make your voice heard with hundreds of others – take a stand – make a difference with us.

By the Numbers

Residential Rates:

As a property owner your Current Residential Rate: $16.08 per month for garbage pickup.

Waste Managements proposed rate: $21.87 per month (36.01% increase)

FCC proposed rate: $16.29 per month. (1.31% increase)

Commercial Rates:

Current Commercial Rate: $11.83 per C.Y.

WM proposed rate: $16.15 per C.Y. (36.52% increase)

FCC proposed rate: $12.70 per CY. (7.35% increase)

So we are going with FCC?

FCC was ranked #1 by County staff in qualifications/service and price

FCC along with WM are both top 5 Waste companies in the world. Either one is qualified.

FCC will have more trucks and personnel

FCC will save taxpayers $45m over the 8 year contract. 

Of the proposals, the current provider was the most expensive.

Martin County Administrator states in the 2021 budget that COVID has resulted in revenue shortfalls and a downturn in the economy causing great future uncertainty. The current provider has been a good local corporate citizen supporting many organizations. FCC is committed to doing the same.

FCC is the largest waste hauler in unincorporated Palm Beach County with an excellent and proven track record . If it was a couple of percent difference in price, that’s one thing but it’s 36%, $5m to $6m annually or $45m over the life of the contract. FCC will provide same great service, use local employees with huge cost savings. Commissioners need to hear from the Voters.

The Commissioners work for We The People



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