The New MC Fair Grounds (UPDATE)

The video below as it has been pointed out By David Hafner is over a year old. We realize that, however the Martin County Taxpayers Association was the nearest place we could find much of any other information about what is going on with the fair. It worked I guess because we have also learned from discussion with David that he sits on the MC Fair Board. That is a reassuring thought. Especially given David’s Political aspirations and his public service interest. He’s a good guy. One of us.

David has also informed us that the meetings are a 70 mile round trip and we can attend if we want. Thank you but making a day trip of attending is not going to happen for most of the people in Western County. Which leads me to our next idea.

If the Fair is coming to Indiantown – then shouldn’t you guys be meeting here too?

Former Commissioner John Haddox thinks this is a good idea too.

Shouldn’t Indiantown and even Palm City be the epicenter of discussion, planning and presences? It just seems logical I guess. I mean we are going to be the epicenter of the fair shortly.

The East Coast has decided to off load the fairground property after decades of maneuvering and financial manipulation. Now it is going to happen. Thanks to a deal between Kevin Powers, the South Florida Water Management District and the Fair.

The question we have for the residents of the area most effected by the decision are:

  1. Were you asked to begin with?
  2. Are you being asked now about design, implementation, or impact?
  3. Have you been asked and are you one of the driving forces in the process?

These are not complaints. They are adult observations. If you want to make great things happen then ask the people you are going to drop this on what they think, before the plan is done. Not after the fact. We are asking for the respect that Western Martin County has been screaming for the past several decades.

Well, you have a chance now to participate and make a difference. So what will we do? Will we just get all excited because we can have elephant ears and roller coaster rides closer to home like little kids? Or will we ask the tough questions about the fact that not if, but what and when these impacts will be felt. Not all the potential impact is negative either.

But folks, if we do not address the issues before they become issues, they are going to be real problems later. Lawsuits, crime, traffic, noise. If you do not represent your interest now then when will it get represented? See this is a group effort people. If you think electing people and then having a “give me party” is the way this works, well guess again. Those type of things only benefit one group. It is not the people either.

Is there anyone out there that thinks having a voice in their future is a good thing? That is all we are asking for is a voice. Just like every other little guy out there that feels like the system is steam rolling them for others benefit. It is our turn now.

Are you you hearing us MC Fair? Can we talk?

We would like to help arrange meetings and discussion forums with the Western County folks. Will you assist us in this process?

This is a video from The Martin County Tax Payers Association. You can see it and others here:

One of the arguments for moving the Fair Grounds is the Congestion on A1A. I can’t wait to see how Palm City and Indiantown are bottle necked and effected by loud music and other events besides the Fair.

The video is an interview with the Fair Director and explains the process and ideas that are being proposed.

Do you think we should request a Town Hall Meeting, not with the Village Government, just the folks and the Fair to discuss the project and begin asking questions before we are locked into whatever they decide goes?

Stay informed. The agenda of those in charge is not always your agenda. Keep Watching!

HERE is a link to our recent FB Discussion on the topic


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