Council Corner Review

You will not want to miss a minute of this Council Corner review

“The Village People”

Additional Background on the Columbus Day –> In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Oceans Blue


3 thoughts on “Council Corner Review

  1. Very good! Excellent job! Truth is plain to see. Obvious that certain Council Members are motivated by alien ideas popular with Leftist agitators seeking division.

    Thank you for sharing this vivid reflection of how Globalist rhetoric pollutes even local politics. What’s next with the Commissars? Replace Law Enforcement with Ombudsmen?

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  2. Excellent post and commentary. Thoroughly enjoyed this material. Shudder to think how naive some elected local officials are to think that replacing a long established, national day of recognition for the Great Explorer, Columbus, is advancing unity or American pride. It’s obvious that some proponents of Indiginous People’s Day forget that this is the United States of America and not Guatemala or Peru. We celebrate Columbus and that’s all there is to it. Nobody benefits from divisive actions to alter national heritage.

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  3. Incredibly revealing. The move by Council to marginalize Columbus Day was nothing less than a hollow gesture at political correctness as defined by the most indoctrinated Leftists strutting about in various parts of the country. Why should there be an Indiginous People’s Day? To atone for European exploration, settlement and civilizing of the Western Hemisphere? And what do we say to the people of Cuba, Jamaica, Panama, Dominican Republic that still revere Columbus? They have no problem, but predominantly White, Liberal and Leftist Americans do! Why? Because the Progressive agenda is to destroy the values that hold this democracy together and replace them with alien values steeped in Marx, Lenin, Mao. To indoctrinate a people, the sinister protagonists even at local government, strive to divide and discredit the very system and culture they belong to!

    The closing commentary was precise, factually accurate and its insight correctly placed in historic context. Outstanding job! The truth was direct and thorough in its details and scope.

    We assert that Columbus Day is integral to the heritage of MODERN DAY America because the courage of those early explorers opened a New World and brought the civilizing influence of Christianity, civil law, literacy and development. Hispanics honor Columbus or Colon as they call him, by celebrating the discovery of the New World as “Dia de La Raza” or Day of the Hispanic Race.

    Indiginous peoples did not transform a Hemisphere. They were clueless as to where they even were on the Earth! Columbus may not have found Japan or India, but his bold discovery of another hemisphere transformed the Americas and ultimately, the World.

    Excellent post! Thanks for defending Columbus Day and for showing us how Progressive indoctrination is seeping into local government.


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