The Race Card

Black Supremacy



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4 thoughts on “The Race Card

  1. Excellent post. Well constructed argument. But do we fall into their trap by tackling this Marxist ploy as Black Supremacy when it is actually the old Communist tactic of divide and confuse? By debating the Race ploy, do we miss the real issue which is the manipulation of race tension by the Left? Should we not refuse to get sucked into the Race discussion and expose the hand of the true Puppet Masters: the Globalist Left and their gullible, Liberal dupes?

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    1. I find meeting the argument head on generally fractures the facade of the narrative well enough to do as you have, see behind the mirage. I do still feel that Antony especially and a couple of others just from their comments really feel superior and that their race is what makes them way. Sad but true.- Thank you for your insight – it is nice to know intelligent people still exist in this crazy chaotic world we are in. Stay American Stay Strong


      1. Thank you for your reply. Your clarification is undoubtedly drawn from first hand experience with Mr. Antony and others espousing this unfortunate propaganda of victimization and identity politics. I find the current debate over supposed White Skin Privilege, or White Supremacy, if you like, to be reminiscent of a radical Marxist group from the 1970s.

        Back then, many of the radicalized New Student Left and ironically, some radicalized Vietnam Combat Vets, moved into organized Labor and sought to promote working class militancy by seizing control of unions through rank and file movements. At that time, one radical group that venerated the Abolitionist, John Brown, dubbed itself Harper’s Ferry in honor of his violent raid to spark a slave revolt.

        I remember their pitch: white skin privilege was blinding the white workers from supporting the struggles of Black and Hispanic workers. Only when white workers recognize the problem and repudiate their white skin privilege, will American workers be able to unite in a revolutionary workers movement and overthrow the system by violent means.

        Other radical groups dismissed this idiocy and barred them from their meetings, strikes and rallies. But here we are in almost 2021, some 46 years later and surprise! A new crop of gullible saps have imbibed this tired old rant.


  2. Black Supremacy manifesting itself in Indiantown? Or is it the cover for Globalist Marxist objectives of social transformation which is what Onama sought? Inasmuch as BLM further divides society with the Race card, so do we, unwittingly, who repudiate their lies, divide by falling into the trap of seeing their ploy for the real menace masquerading as Racial Activism: Socialism.

    This will be a bit lengthy. Something as profoundly troubling as this issue does not lend itself to brevity.

    First off. The issue. Perceived Racism. I will cease using the term Racism. Here’s why: there is none in the US.We have bigotry,or prejudice, because it is the human condition. Malcolm X said it himself. Racism, is the systemic socio economic exploitation of one or several groups based on their perceived difference for the economic and political advantage of the Ruling power. In the US, we do not have laws condoning this exploitation. It’s illegal.

    Black Americans represent 12.5-13% of the total population. Perhaps 37,000,000 Americans. That figure has hovered there for a couple of generations due to many reasons, among which we count the almost 1,000,000 Black Babies aborted annually, alcoholism, drug abuse, poor life style choices, violent crime, incarceration, certain health issues such as hypertension, Type Two Diabetes and Obesity.

    Within that population, some 3-4 million are criminals. Unlike the vast majority, the criminal demographic is inter generational. Uncles, Aunts, siblings, parents, grandparents. And yes from Compton, to Meriden to Ferguson, there are literally, communities of Felons. The reason an estimated 80% of the Prison population is Black does not reflect the vast number of productive, law abiding and generally integrated Blacks in America. The criminal element is the issue.

    After Ferguson, an elderly Black store owner, that saw his shops burned and looted, observed:
    “What Obama did was give the criminals a voice.” Hence the rise of BLM and the permissive madness calling for defunding the Police, abolishing the courts and opening the jails as DeBlasio did in NYC.

    Obama, the product of Communist grandparents in Hawaii and similarly Marxist indoctrinated Kenyan Father and Hippie Dippie Mother, vowed to ‘transform America’. Why? Because he saw that the ticking time bomb in the heart of American Society was the race issue. Over the years since a great civil war emancipated the slaves, it has been an ongoing struggle to demolish the vestiges of oppression. And we witnessed legal integration. But what was missing and stil is missing is SOCIAL ASSIMILATION.
    Obama sought to remedy the dilemma with the Browning of America. To open the immigration to millions of migrants of Color and to defuse the ticking time bomb. To accelerate a process that would make America look more like the rest of the non White World. He also sought to window dress our society and his Administration by selecting people based on multicultural parameters rather than their merits. If you were a Martian and watching American TV, just from the commercials, you would think Americans were 85% Black instead of 12.5-13%. It’s deception. It helps no one.

    It’s more than a question of bigotry. The real dilemma is the presence of millions of criminals in stir and walking freely about preying on victims that coincidentally happen to be Black. It was from the criminal element, that Marxists and the Democrat Party recruited their squads of street brawling marauders that followed the lead of BLM and ANTIFA and other groups most are ignorant of.

    BLM! Patrisse Colours and Sean King allegedly self describe as ‘trained Marxists.’ Susan Rosenburg, allegedly handling their Finances was a convicted radical and terrorist bomb maker pardoned by Obama.

    The Left has in the past used Racial tensions to recruit followers and cripple society. America is a Legalistic society. The Left uses the laws and the streets, legal and illegal means to force their agenda on an unprepared society. BLM activists harassing ordinary people simply enjoying a meal in a cafe is reminiscent of Hitlers Brown Shirts demanding Germans to salute Hitler or catch a beating!

    The US is governed by the Constitution. What it assures us is simply this: Majority rule and protection for the rights of the Minority. Politics is not an invitation for the winner to take all and destroy the vanquished. We gain nothing by smears, destroying monuments, removing long held holidays and changing names of schools or sports teams. This was the tact taken by the Comunists in the Rusian Revolution. We are determined that the Left will not succeed. All who stand for love of God, America and the dignity and value of every individual life will fight for those values.


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