Who is Running Indiantown? pt1

Part One of a Two Part Special

A reoccurring theme from TAM has been to detail the obvious role that Howard Brown is playing in the “transformation” of Indiantown. Either by design or lack thereof, it really doesn’t matter.

So, let’s take a quick stroll through a little bit of yesterday – today & tomorrow.

As we go down the rabbit hole – one – more – time!

In part one of this two-part report I would like to propose to you that Howard Brown and his Social Equity & Social Justice colleagues have ceased a moment in time. He is making a pretty penny from it too and he is doing it with our money. Even if you do not live in the Village borders you pay State and Federal taxes. Howard is an expert at redistribution of wealth and that is what he is doing.

Then there are the taxes the citizens of the Peoples Republic of Indiantown pay day in and day out.

You see, by dominating the “marketplace of ideas” and playing follow the expert it has given him inertia to move whatever agenda he develops forward. It allows him to channel contracts to whomever he wants because he wants to. It allows him to set the table for dinner every time the citizens drop by for a feast at the feet of the HUD trough. He decides what gets considered. Does that sound safe?

Would it be safer if say maybe one or two of the Council members were in on it? Nah – me either.

Many that TAM has talked with have indicated that they would like to see a copy or hear a real well thought explanation from any of the Council Members or Howard on what the agenda that is being driven really is. That way the people can help keep track of progress in that direction instead of listening to a progressive cheer leading squad.

What is it that you think each Council Member is using to guide their decision-making process?

As we have seen from Susan Gibbs-Thomas it appears to be critical thinking and servitude to office. As we have seen from Janet and Antony it seems to be whatever the experts tell them.

Of course, Jackie does whatever her ACLU left leaning HUD level grant grabbers tell her to vote for or against.

Then there is Guyton. What can you say? It appears he has been openly neutralized given the level of lawsuit and ethics investigation that are underway with his name attached.

Then there is his and Antony’s blatant association with Robert Burns and Kenny Johnson. And of course the ever popular Brian West as well as others.

So, let me ask you, who is in charge if the minority of the Council is not listened to or even given consideration to allow ideas to be heard before you the Citizen?

Who is the oppressor of your voices if they are not allowed to see the marketplace of ideas in front of the Council and The Citizens for consideration in the Sunshine?

Many are fearful that left unchecked that this abuse of power will sadly end in an economic mess that will make DC look good.

Who is driving this agenda? Is it the Council? Really?

Listen, in the end the Council votes and decides – period. That is the simple part. But outside of maybe one or two on the Council, who is deciding what even makes it to the table for discussion or consideration by all five?

How can you vote on something if it is never considered?

That which is left out of consideration is equally as important as what is put in for consideration.

Ask yourself this; If the Council is not the one providing the ideas available for consideration, who is?

The experts?

In the Sunshine?

The same experts that wanted to raise impact fees 9%. It turned out these high priced “experts” made a little clerical error with a decimal point being a couple positions in the wrong direction on the final cut and paste revision. Oopsie!

Antony was ready to steam roll the errant number through while Ms. Gibbs-Thomas continued to demonstrate with math how big the error was. That is the correlation we are seeing.

What of policies. We have discussed them several times here at TAM.

The first that was resisted by Antony was a communications policy. He would have to conform and that was going to cramp his style.

Why isn’t there a Council policy of guidelines to instruct Mr. Brown on how he is to handle the agenda?

TAM has offered a starting point and did not even charge them tens of thousands of dollars to do it either.

Why is it that Council does not develop a policy for Howard to follow when hiring and firing “consultants”?

In the least a stipulation of guideline to put out for RFP and share it publicly.

But to allow Howard to slice up the grant and taxpayer pool as he sees fit is wrong. There is too much opportunity for fiscal overreach and graft. As a Council member you are complicit in any act that does occur simply by not taking action to guide the Manager otherwise. Lack of a policy is still policy.

How about a policy instructing him on how he is to deal with information that has been given to him and how it is to be disseminated, discussed and archived easily for public retrieval?

Like this message from the Martin County Administrator to Howard:

[ Howard – I was sent the presentation that was presented to your Council on Saturday on Fire Rescue and options for service. I am not sure why you continue to provide inflated numbers to your Council on what the County collects via ad valorem taxes from the taxable values in Indiantown. It is roughly 5.3M not the 5.9M that your consultant is reflecting in his presentation. Could you please use factual numbers instead of inflated ones. Thank You – Taryn G. Kryzda – County Administrator McBOCC]

Does that really sound like the way your American form of governance that was adopted for this Village is what you wanted?

If the answer is no then you have a choice to make. Making no choice is still making a choice. To change the outcome, you have to engage. You have to be involved. We have provided and will again in this article a link that you can send a private message to each of the Council with the click of a button. Let the hear from you.

<< E-Mail Village Council Here >>

If you can take time to go to the meetings, even if you just sit there, it matters. There are eyes and ears on them. We bet that in a very short period of time it will become obvious to you, the casual gallery member and citizen, of the gamesmanship and mishandling being conducted by some you have elected and others you did not. Within YOUR Village.

If all you want from your “Elected Council Members” is a Publix and paved roads you probably have not made it this far into the discussion anyway. So please allow me to say that I like you can see there is a problem.

For me, the nucleus of the cancer is Howard Brown.

There are more than one Council members that have metastasized to him as well.

As long as you sit there and take it you will continue to feel like you have no power. When you engage and are repelled, do not stop. Is this your Village? Are you willing to sit down, shut up and give it away to the highest bidder?

They cannot win unless you tell yourself that there is nothing you can do. You are exactly what it will take to turn it around. One by one until there are two. Then four, eight, sixteen and more….

As we can all see by the Gas prices and refuge surge at our borders, elections have consequence.

Indiantown is about to find herself in a new election cycle in just months.

Will you engage?

Will you fight to replace the cancer and illness that has plagued our beloved Indiantown?

Or will you sit quiet and do nothing as others decide your outcome?

It is your Heritage, no one else is going to protect it if it is not you.

Stay Tuned for Part Two.

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