Who is governing you?

Who have you elected?


At the most basic element of humankind, it is apparent that we need a set of rules of understanding to allow us all equal opportunity for a safe and reasonable passage through life.

We have developed the concept of ownership as one of these basics. If you worked for it, earned it, it was given to you, it is yours. You own it. If someone takes it that is called theft. And for theft there is to be punishment as designed in our rules, laws.

These rules exist equally for all. In doing so they provide a way for us all to know how to navigate the world in front of us in a responsible way. In our civic agreement, these rules are to be derived from American Constitutional precepts.

Marxism, republicanism, fascism, progressivism, critical theory and other ideas of thought exist on how man should be governed. They are real. They are necessary. They are not just contrived meme blasts on socials. They are quite real. When you understand what the ideas are, well then, you can begin to find your place.

The sphere of governance outside of self is opportunistically filled with ideas and ways. They are there for you to choose. The extent of which allows you to decide how much of your Liberty and Freedom you are willing to abandon for civil rule.

Even if you decide not to choose, you will be led by those who have. If you do not know the foundation of belief of your “leader”, well, you may not like the results by blindly following them.

Be sure though – when confronted with a choice between the American form of Constitutional government, republicanism, and others, doing so will instantly put you on a path.

The path you chose is your equal right to do so. It provides a means of deciding if you are to be an enemy of the Republic or an American.

For those who have sworn oath to protect the American Constitution, the answer should be clear. That is unless you took an oath and are gutless.

There is a point of progression in Trojan wars that the horse is opened. Well, the enemies of America have been flooding from the horse for nearly a Century. Now they hold office in your backyard. No longer do they run to gain ground. No now they have removed their masks and are fully showing their colors.

So, when you choose what ideology you will allow to take your community down the path of governance, make sure you know the destination of those asking to be elected to govern.

You can know by evaluating their principles and ideology. Their actions and outcomes will paint the picture. Their values and principles not just their words are vital to know.

First though we each have to know where we stand and what we stand for. Then we can decide what we will tolerate and that which we will denounce.

Semantics aside, it is a natural occurrence to form governance. How we allow ourselves to be governed is up to each of us. We each have to be involved in the basics. Or be governed by those who do take the time.

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