Amy Pritchett & The School Board


Recently TAM did a FACEBOOK interview as a guest host for KC Ingram.The show was one of KC’s exclusive Tuesday Facebook only shows.

As it turns out, our topic that day was Constitutional Government and the power of one. All of you that subscribe and follow our stories know that we are firm believers in both.

As it turns out we received a call from Amy a few short days after the interview.

Ms. Pritchett said that she liked the theme and the way we asked questions. She also commented on our Election 2022 page that hosts all of KC’s interviews with candidates for office on Martin County. A wonderful source of information. If you have not yet visited the page we urge  you to do so. After you are done here of course. Here is a link

With that said, we asked Amy if she would like to produce a message directly to you, the voter. As it turn out she sent a short video below that we wanted to share with you.

Understand, we did not reach out to her, she called us. If any other candidate would like to do a short video, we will be more than happy to share it as well. Just e-mail us here @TAM and we will be more than happy to put it out there for you.

We hope this video will help you in your decision making when it comes time to vote.

Remember ~ When one stands there is a voice. When two stand there is presences. When three and four stand, there are numbers !

No one rain drop is responsible for the flood, yet it is the rain that creates the flood. Like a rain drop it is incumbent upon each man to remain true to his nature. There are certain unalienable rights he poses by birth right. Man is born into a system of natural law

Those most well known are life, liberty and the pursuit of property, where property is now known as happiness. Another is the natural fact that all men through their birth have equal opportunity to succeed in their life journey. It is the choices they make along the way, and the freedom they enjoy, that determine the outcome. It is equally true too that all men face obstacle in their life and must overcome to succeed.

So, once a man is to understand how free he is, he can then understand that there is a government that has greatly reduced his choices. It is the same government that has lost sight of its charter and has become tyrannical in its actions.

The Power of One



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